Liu Qiu criticise and then at the eye next to the small topped "how to water this thing again? What have you planted? "

Liu Chen smiled and scratched his head. "I also forgot to get into the habit of watering every day to see if it can germinate."
"Nervousness is really bad in the mountains. You’re too old to ask for a wife in the mountains?"
Liu Qiu was dissatisfied and looked at the mouth. The other party would come to water the small topped every day. He wanted to dig several times to see what Lu Chen had won.
Lu Chen and his father walked the mountain and Nakakoji turned to look at the little topped before going home.
Say … What did I plant again?
What the hell is buried there? Lu Chen seems to be thinking about this problem for the first time, and there is an irresistible impulse in his heart to dig a small earthen bag to see what is planted in it.
"Did you hear what I said? Why is this child talking about god?"
Liu Qiu patted Lu Chen’s head to let Lu Chen during the meeting.
"ah? Dad, what did you just say? "
He really didn’t hear you clearly
"I said it’s time to get a wife."
He looked at Lu Chen’s hand. "You don’t have a hand to force, do you?"
Liu Chen confused about "what do you mean? In the mountains, it’s just our family, dad, and your son doesn’t love to pack to force. "
Liu Qiu some remained "forget it, just be your dad. I didn’t say it was all bad habits in the military camp. Don’t tell your mother."
Liu Chen confused nodded his head.
"I’m serious. Don’t tell your mother about it or I’ll beat you if she hits me."
Liu Qiu threatened to feel that he had just gone with the wind in educating children.
"Dad, don’t worry, I won’t snitch."
Liu Chen is serious
"But to tell you the truth, it’s really time for you to go to the mountain. Dad doesn’t expect you to make contributions in troubled times, but you should also leave a legacy for me. After ten years, your father and I will marry your mother at sixteen, and you will still be a bachelor in the mountains."
Liu Qiu sighed with emotion and pointed to his white hair on his temples. "Just listen to Dad Mountain and find a job. Don’t go to the barracks and be a secret blood fighter. Secret blood fighters are short-lived."
"Oh …"
Lu Chen was absent-minded and told the truth that he wanted to go to the military camp, because when he was studying at home, he found that he seemed to be much stronger than normal people and was a military material.
In particular, it is often seen that the tigers captured alive in the mountains of Lao Niang are very powerful, which makes him even more fascinated.
When I arrived at home for lunch, Liu Chen was a little absent-minded and wondered what was buried in the mountain and the small topped.
"Eat more behind the mountain, but it’s not so good to eat delicious food. Besides, I don’t know if your father told you not to bring a daughter-in-law back to Niang."
A woman with a soft brow and heroic spirit showed Lu Chen a dish and looked at her with expectations.
"Mom knows, don’t worry, your son will definitely make a name for himself."
Liu Chen replied with a smile, staring at his parents’ hearts, suddenly he didn’t want to go to the mountains.
It seems that the mountain is a terrible thing. Has he been looking forward to it for many years, ten years? I think so. After all, I am ten years old this year.