in other words

If Mark wants to, he can become that lousy second-rate broker Clark Kent again during his vacation in Los Angeles …
In an hour!
Dressed in a casual suit, Mark strode out of the Hilton Hotel with a backpack and got a taxi. After that, Mark reported an address.
Not long!
Mark hid his single-family villa in the San Antonio mountains and took out his cell phone to call Pepper Potts!
"Pepper, it’s Mark!" After the words were connected, Mark looked thoughtfully at the iron gate in front of him and suddenly said, "Has Tony Los Angeles Peak Villa been replaced?"
"Yes!" Far away from new york, Potts said, "The villa there was visited by thieves in May last year. I replaced the security system. What happened?"
"I said that I entered the password incorrectly."
"… you are in Los Angeles?"
"Yes!" Mark smiled and said, "Come and get ready to find a car from Tony’s garage."
"Well," Potts smiled and said, "If you call the day after tomorrow, it’s estimated that you won’t be able to do it."
"What?" Mark slightly one leng!
Potts said, "Tony has upgraded Jarvis series since early this morning …"
Mark immediately laughed. "That’s my luck!"
"I think so!"
After a while!
Mark hung up and re-entered the password Potts just sent!
Bang one!
On both sides of the iron gate instantaneous automatic contraction in the wall …
Five minutes later!
The sound of car engine starting came from the garage not far away with a beam of lights!
A fiery red sports car with perfect streamline like a flame flashed out of the garage like a flash!
One second!
In the driver’s seat, Mark will directly shift the gear, step on the steering wheel and turn …
Sudden braking and smoke!
Mark drove the sports car directly to a drift turn and aimed the front of the car at the door of the straight villa …
Chapter 233 Mark and Tony’s friendship witness
Just like Mark said!
Mark Lewis used to be good friends with Tony Stark, the super-rich successor of Stark Industry …
Although the relationship is broken now!
There are still some things that can prove that Tony and Mark used to be good friends.
for example
Mark is now driving the red beauty on fire.
There is also a sports car in the garage. Its sky-blue appearance is named by Tony Stark. Blue Beauty …
These two cars were also produced in Stark Industries Los Angeles Design Laboratory, although some materials in them have passed now.
The core engine and car chip are top-notch even now because of Stark’s blessing.
The core chip is a fusion of Tony Stark and Jarvis’s core algorithm.
The car engine was also designed by Tony Stark, who mixed the advantages and characteristics of Boeing engine for ten days.
I’m not just saying …
But …
Mark broke up with Tony just after the car arrived at the villa in Los Angeles …
This car is his first time driving.
Feel …
The car roared and felt the scenery on both sides of the window quickly becoming ghosting.