"Ji Xinghe!"

When the limp roars out again, his mecha also crash and move, but to his shock, he can’t catch up with Ji Xinghe. Mechs are all in stealth mode. What, their speed will be slower than Ji Xinghe’s? Isn’t Ji Xinghe a stealth mode?
If you don’t ride the Milky Way, it’s stealth mode, and there is no smoke. Is that because the mecha of the Milky Way has brought two short knives?
The short-wave communication channel showed that the new mecha was connected. Ji Xinghe took the initiative to connect the blind mecha. Then he asked the blind man who was launching a death charge, "Do you believe me?"
In fact, he asked whether he was blind or lame, but he didn’t believe whether he was blind or lame. He fought because it was armor-piercing, because it was the first time that Ji Xinghe fought in armor-piercing, because it was three against three, or even two against three.
"Lao Ji, are you crazy and lame?"
"Don’t look for me, Lao Ji. He doesn’t listen to orders. Lao Ji, stop."
"I actually got points in those two exams."
Suddenly chaotic, the short-wave communication channel suddenly became quiet because of Ji Xinghe’s words. Blindness and lameness instantly reminded me of which two exams Ji Xinghe said.
Mecha driver’s license subject 1 and subject 2 are both practical tests, and the full marks are 75 points. Ji Xinghe got 699 points in subject 1 and 7 points in subject 2, which is lower than 73 points. Three points in theoretical examination subject 3, Ji Xinghe got 75 points.
"What did you say?"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Blindness and lameness are all angry, and some people don’t speak freely. Because this kind of business is likely to make all three of them die. There is no value in dying here. There is a great chance that two against three will beat one, and they need to worry about it. How can Ji Xinghe have a chance to win?
"I said … forget it."
Ji Xinghe said forget it, but he didn’t forget it. Instead, he suddenly started the power mode. The engine roared and exploded, and the speed increased with the rise of the mecha, making a loud noise.
Three planes rushed to the blind mecha and found Ji Xinghe at the same time. The lame radar behind Ji Xinghe was lost due to anti-radar painting in special environment, but their mecha cameras were not affected and their hearing was not affected.
It’s over!
Blind gave up the death charge without hesitation and turned to charge. He knew that saving Ji Xinghe was not the most suitable choice. He should seize the opportunity to try to break them one by one while Ji Xinghe attracted the attention of the imperial mecha, but he still wanted to save him because he did not listen to military orders. Ji Xinghe was his comrade-in-arms
This is the battlefield, there should be no women’s benevolence, but it is an important factor for human beings.
Even if he is full of anger at Ji Xinghe, he will lag behind Ji Xinghe and start the power mode one step later than Ji Xinghe. How can he chase Ji Xinghe?
And the three imperial mecha in addition to the original should bear the most brilliant blow before she died, the other two mecha have also completed the sharp turn and smashed them, brought up smoke and rushed to the Ji Xinghe at the same time.
Break them one by one and understand that they know more about the Ji Xinghe mecha, and there is no Venus. This mecha must be the weakest of the three federal mechs.
Knock, knock, knock …
Six mecha ran blindly and limped in the shock. They looked at Ji Xinghe mecha and an imperial mecha getting closer and closer and collided with each other.
Can Ji Xinghe live?
If you can’t live, even if you hide from the deadly attack of this imperial mecha, because another imperial mecha is very close.
You can hide from the first day, but you can’t hide from the fifteenth.
"Old man!"
"Ji Xinghe!"
The short-wave communication channel didn’t sound blind and lame because they exclaimed in their hearts. They were afraid that it would distract Ji Xinghe, although they thought it made no difference whether Ji Xinghe was distracted or not.
There is really no difference in fact because Ji Xinghe can’t be distracted.
Power state machine armor, he manipulated it like an arm, and when it was about to collide with the imperial mecha, two mechanical legs suddenly stopped running. The huge inertia did not make the mecha fall, but continued to let the mecha charge forward, just like people sliding on the ice. Unlike here, there was no ice, and the ground of Xinghe Mecha plowed a deep ditch.
Imperial mecha spears hit as high as 42 meters. This speed is impossible to avoid. Xinghe did not choose to avoid the mecha. There is a limit to the bending of the knees, not to the bending body limit, but to the control of the balance of the mecha when the knees are bent. It is impossible to hide from the imperial mecha in a short way.