Mark gulped down the wine in his glass, got up and immediately looked at Andrew and said, "Hurry up the trial. I’m under a lot of pressure."

Andrew Meng circle
What the hell
This is what you asked to check
But Andrew can also say this in his heart, but on the surface, he is trying to maintain his expression.
Mark was very pleased when he saw it.
This is his territory.
half an hour later
Mark took Debbie directly to the small airport where obadiah Stein finally appeared.
There is a runway, and there are many small flying fields.
New york alone.
This kind of small airport has three figures.
After all, the earth plane is not a luxury. Farmers scatter pesticides by their own planes.
The person in charge of the airport here didn’t play any scenes that would rather die than surrender or refuse to admit it.
To be precise,
Debbie took out the golden eagle badge to show her identity for a second. The person in charge here directly called the staff on duty last night from home with one word.
In less than a moment.
After hearing this question, the young man in his twenties who was on duty last night looked at the photo of Debbie raising her hand and obadiah Stein, nodded directly at Debbie and Mark and said, "Of course I remember this guy."
"What did he tell you?"
"Nothing," said the young man with a wink. "It was about 9: 30 yesterday when I was on duty in the tower. I just helped him beat our protective door and let him in."
"That’s it?"
"Of course," said the young man with a sudden smile. "By the way, after I called, this guy wanted to go into the tower and said that he wanted to thank my brother-in-law in person. I didn’t let him come. I refused him directly. I followed the rules that our workers can enter your work in the tower."
The young man looked at the person in charge of the small airport with a look of taking credit.
The person in charge looked at Debbie with an awkward expression and tried to explain, "Haas has a license, and I absolutely didn’t …"
Debbie smiled and interrupted, "Don’t be nervous, sir. We are FBI, not FAA."
The person in charge was relieved.
Mark is a facial expression.
Thank you in person?
But can this be regarded as a fool with a blessing?
Mark shook his head and then looked at the young man and asked, "Go on."
The young man obviously heard Debbie just froze in the FBI until his brother-in-law stabbed him. He wiped his face and said, "Of course, of course, there is nothing to say about him. I refused him to come to the tower and left by plane."
"Which airline?"
"A company’s private jet"
"What’s your name?"
The young man thought for a moment and then pointed to the high tower not far from where they stood and said, "I forgot, but I registered in and out of the management manual according to the regulations."
Debbie looked at the person in charge.
The person in charge wiped his forehead, sweated his eyes and warned him. His little brother immediately said to Mark, who hasn’t said much, "Of course I’ll get it now."
After mark nodded.
The person in charge walked quickly towards the tower.
Mark turned to look at the walking posture of the person in charge and frowned slightly.
Debbie also looked.
But Debbie didn’t read anything from the walking posture of the person in charge.
A little while
The person in charge came by the ladder and said with a smile, "I found out that the departure route at 9: 55 last night was a South American route …"
Debbie stretched out her right hand at the person in charge with an expression on her face.
The person in charge was stupefied and immediately handed the manual to Debbie.
Debbie took it and checked it herself.
Mark looked at the person in charge and said, "I speak English well."
The man in charge of one leng immediately smiled and said "thank you"
Just then.
Debbie’s eyes lit up and said, "Boss found the plane that took off at 9: 55 yesterday. It belongs to a company called Green Planet …"