Thirty fame, dust, thousands of miles, clouds and moons

In the winter of Shaoxing, Yue Fei went to see Gao Zongli’s criticism and policy. Since then, Qin Gui has secretly hated Yue Fei for nine years. Please send a letter to observe the actual situation of the Jin people, and don’t allow the Jin people to renege on the contract for ten years. In May, Yue Jun defeated Jin Bing in Wanting County.
Thirty fame, dust, thousands of miles, clouds and moons, cleaning up old mountains and rivers from scratch …
Yue Fei entered Mi Shu, invited Gao Zongjian to the Northern Expedition II, and ordered the armies to move northward to order Wang Gui, Niu Hao, Dong Guang, Yang Zaixing, Meng Bangjie and Li Baobing from Shaanxi East; The distribution of counties in Xijing, such as Ru, Zheng, Ying Chang, Chen, Cao, Guang and Cai, ordered Liangdu to meet the Yellow River, and the counties in Hedong and Hebei responded to the Northern Expedition, then ordered Yue Jun soldiers to meet each other in the river and sent troops to help Liu Qixi grant Guo Hao control of gold, the merchants rushed to Yingchuan, and Yue Fei, a Shaanxi division, led troops to drive the Central Plains.
Thirty fame, dust, thousands of miles, clouds and moons, cleaning up the old mountains and rivers from scratch.
Yan fanatic is a savage hero, but he gives his life to fight for Yue Fei, a real country and nation, but he admires Chen Yan fanatic who claims to be a madman against the sky, but he respects what Yue Fei has done in his heart. Now Xiao Qiushui is so angry that he is an upright man.
"You are right!"
Everyone personally heard Xiao Qiushui incredibly dare to speak against the emotional character Yan fanatic. His heart was dark. He pinched the staff and saw Yan fanatic’s face was a new one. Xiao Qiushui was about to suffer, but he saw Yan fanatic suddenly smile and frankly admit that he was relieved.
Compared with several Wulin figures outside, you look at me and I look at you, and you all feel that people will be killed at any time. If you can’t make a profit by yourself and others, it’s better to sneak away and count, so the multiplier will sneak away when thousands of people don’t know it.
Who knows just a step Yan fanatic a pair of eyes and then shot at those who want to slip away. Those people all feel that their eyes are as cold as sen’s, but they look at their hearts. I feel that this time it’s over. The devil saw me … Everyone’s legs are weak and dare not walk half a step.
Four have greater courage and higher martial arts. When desperate, they can’t hold back and run to listen to Yan fanatics say with smile.
"I dare you to slip away …"
When two people first heard this, they were afraid to run again. The other two thought that they would be a donkey. Anyway, they would throw caution to the wind and dare that madman to catch up with the crowd … when desperate, they rushed around layer by layer.
Yan fanatics laughed. "Run? See if you can run! "
Two people in front of the palm of your hand.
The first two people didn’t run away, but they saw that Yan fanatics had to deal with themselves. Where did they resist the "bang"? Both of them were hit in the heart.
Those two people dare to be so close to each other in such a situation. The martial arts are naturally not low, but Yan fanatics suddenly make moves to defend themselves by the root method. Once they are hit, they will die, but they don’t feel painful. A huge force comes to their chests, slamming back and hitting the people behind them. That huge force leaks out and becomes a trace …
Just before, two people leaned back and hit two people behind, two people behind and two people behind and then hit two people behind … The crowd was very dense and packed, so as people hit people, the juli was picked up and instantly reached the outermost two people.
The two men still don’t know what happened, and they felt that one person after another was followed by a row of people who seemed to be hit by a blow on their chest and flew out three feet away, just hitting the back door of the two people in Chiang Kai-shek’s escape …
The two men who were inexplicably bumped into each other’s eyes danced around with Venus, only to find that each one was dead behind them …
Yan fanatics laughed. "It’s called’ pay all the fire’. I can’t escape whoever I want to die."
A few people have seen such an incredible skill, and they are simply stunned. Even if they order him to go, they will not be able to move half a step like a stone pillar embedded in the ground.
Yan fanatics suddenly very sad tunnel "since the battle I left half capability if that year …" Suddenly look proudly way
"Even so, if I talk about martial arts, I am still against the sky."
Xiao Qiushui suddenly added, "The real enemy will never kill the benevolent enemy."
Yan fanatics can be furious this time. "Who is the benevolent? There are false benevolence and false righteousness in the sky, and the real benevolent people are as early as the Yellow Emperor, Yao, Shun, Kong and Meng! "
Xiao Qiushui faintly said, "China’s lifeline depends on a stream of righteousness. There will be one in the future … and it will definitely continue!"
Yan fanatics anger extremely the laughs "who can continue? Who? With your mouth? "
Xiao Qiushui laughed face upwards in front of Yan fanatics. He pointed to his hand stained with blood tokens and laughed.
"With this token, four of the five words are heroes!"
Yan fanatics stared at him for a long time mumbling tunnel "teach me to really see the heroes in Wulin for decades …" Suddenly laughed coldly.
"You can’t scare me! Su Qin’s time is over with one mouth! It’s easy for me to kill you today, but you have good qualifications and I’m willing to accept you as an apprentice. "Speaking of this, I’m also kind-looking because someone has inherited the mantle."
"Fast old things like frank, you can take advantage of the old mood to have a three-kneeling and nine-knocking gift, and the old man won’t argue with you except to teach you martial arts."
Xiao Qiushui quietly said, "I don’t kneel."
All Wen Yan fanatics actually want to accept Xiao Qiushui, and some people feel lucky for him. Some people secretly envy Zhu Shunshui, which sounds even more on pins and needles, but Xiao Qiushui flatly refused.
Even Yan fanatics are shocked. I don’t know how many samurai are willing to sacrifice him at all costs to teach him a trick and a half, but they will never accept disciples. First, he doesn’t want to be tied down. Second, he is so lonely and has a sense of martial arts. He has been so shocking in the world since ancient times, so it is unnecessary to have a second person to replace his disciples. Third, he is afraid of ingratitude or clumsiness. He has no patience and consumption. Now he has to see Xiao Qiushui’s unique gift and is shaken by words. He has always done things his own way, and his willfulness is born.
Yan fanatic’s life is full of joy, kindness and enmity. He can fight and kill as he likes, and he can do as he likes. Today, with his enemy in the Jianghu, he can’t find a young apprentice. This is something that even he can’t believe …
Yan fanatic was surprised and said, "am I not as good as your master?"
Xiao Qiushui answered "No"
Yan fanatic asked, "What is that?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "I kneel down to be a sage, hero, hero, hero … You are just a madman when you shoot."
Yan fanatic upturned his neck and laughed wildly at the sky. "What a’ crazy’ word … I don’t think you will kneel!"
When the voice drops, the two fingers reach out and point to Xiao Qiushui’s legs and smell bursts and bursts, and two extremely strong fingers fly to Xiao Qiushui’s knees to "jump around the hole"!
This pair of fingering ling flies over the eye master, which is really pleasing to the eye. It turns out that this fingering is the "Ananda Finger". In the past, Liu Suifeng was captured and his eyes wanted to kill this fingering, but it was not easy to gather strength, so the speed was very slow. If the speed was fast, the esoteric fingering was applied. Now it is easy to see Yan fanatics making it, and the barrier is handy. Although it is not a Buddhist middleman, it is hard to stop the "Ananda Finger" accomplishments.
The old man Dayong wanted to take advantage of the master of the earth’s eyes to find a bargain, but he didn’t look for Zhu Tianwang and Zhao Shi, but he was killed by Yan fanatics. Although everyone was shocked, Yan fanatics played with black magic. Many people later saw his strange power and killed them. Only then did he sigh that he was now applying "Ananda Finger" to really speak.
Yan fanatic shot Xiao Qiushui’s "jumping around the cave" every other time, which asked him to kneel down, Xiao Qiushui’s body, Xiao Yi’s face was cut and wounded by his brother, and there were five darts. But his martial arts were not as good as before, even if Da Yong’s old man and Master Di Yan fought together, he was not an enemy of Heaven, and his Zen skills could be side by side. After all, he had great masters in the present age and had the profound power of "the first Dan". Seeing the wind hit his plate, it was staggered, flashing and jumbled, and Yan fanatic
Yan fanatic said with a sigh, "Oh, it’s the Shaolin leopard elephant’s’ 100 steps to avoid mistakes’"
Said the cross legs swept away. How Xiao Qiushui jumped and dodged must be swept away by him.
Xiao Qiushui know perfectly well that you can’t dodge. Suddenly, the sword stabbed Yan fanatics with feet and backs. Yan fanatics suddenly closed their feet-said that they would close as if they had never been out of the leg-Xiao Qiushui stabbed Yan fanatics with a sword, and their curiosity was blazing.
"good! There is also a silver bottle "jade pot diarrhea"! "
People grab Xiao Qiushui’s sword with a sudden snatch!
Yan fanatic figure such as fast Xiao Qiushui heart fiercely a palm out.
When I saw the figure in front of me, I suddenly saw a fanatic like I didn’t make a move, but I split it myself. Listen to Yan fanatics
"Hey, I’ve learned enough about Zhang Residual Gold!"
This is not only that Yan fanatics feel that the rare people are also great. In recent years, Xiao Qiushui, a famous young man, has become a master of Shaolin and Wudang, and the elder Zhu Tianwang has lost his studies!
Zhu Shunshui face with the back tight frowned.
Yan fanatics shot again. This time, Xiao Qiushui was forced to use Bai Dan’s sword to force Yan fanatics. Yan fanatics laughed.
"It’s Dong Yijian." Dong Shiyi works "! "said even attack three recruit forced Xiao colchicine use blue clear" west hold heart "to cope with the past Yan fanatics long way.
"Where did you steal so many martial arts?"
Even Master Zhao is sitting up and taking notice, helping the two dharma-guarding swordsmanship clubs make this young man come out …
This is really puzzling.
Yan fanatics repeatedly made moves, so they dazzled and learned one by one. Xiao Qiushui’s martial arts still had ten thousand broken jade palms, iron riding power, and Konoha hidden weapons even used Liang Dou’s knife method, Du Yueshan’s sword method and Xiao Xilou’s moves department in the end.
Yan fanatics suddenly yelled at one.
With a bang, Xiao Qiushui stepped back ten steps, and if his face was purple and gold, he vomited one mouthful blood.