One second!

The strong wind swept around and directly blew the red corner of the piano, which also shook the champagne table with the shape!
But the weird thing is that the champagne shape is actually stable.
Mark drew back his right hand and looked at the undercover secret service agent who appeared directly around the lawn.
A long time!
Smiled at Chin and said, "Tell Aurora and Scott to leave quickly. Don’t arrest them when I arrest them."
with this
Mark turned on the headset again and said hello to the head of the secret service team from Washington
Go straight to the outside of the venue!
I just walked out of the meeting and saw it. I’m going to run to the helicopter not far away, Stryker!
Mark smiled.
A touch of cold light instantly bloomed across the distance and nailed Stryker’s toes!
Stryker turned to look at Jack and Debbie and followed him. Mark!
"… General Stryker, what are you going to do?" Mark said with a smile, "General Stryker is ready to leave just after the riot at the venue?"
"I’m going to visit Liberty Island!" Stryker said sullenly!
Mark laughed and nodded directly at Jack!
The latter knowingly went straight to the door of the helicopter cockpit and the pistol was aimed at the pilot’s head!
Debbie also pulled out her weapon and pointed it at a soldier beside Stryker!
"Louis, what do you want?" Stryker face a big drink a way!
Mark laughed coldly. "Shut up if you don’t know the status. When can the military intervene in federal cases?"
"… what?"
"Freedom Island is under the jurisdiction of the Federation, not the military, and there has just been a riot in the venue. General Stryker is so eager to wait. I wonder if General Stryker knows anything?"
Stryker suddenly face a change!
Before he could speak, Mark looked at Stryker with a sarcastic smile and said, "Either General Stryker is safe in his country or General Stryker is absconding. Guess which answer I choose?"
Not long!
Kerry relf, the secret service office in Washington, DC, sank out and looked at Stryker with a look on his face and said, "General Stryker, please come with us!"
"What?" Stryker said in disbelief, "What a joke! I want to go to Liberty Island to check the security problem!" "
"You are the guest general Stryker!" Carey woke up. "And I told you that when the white light just appeared, you went outside …"
Mark smiled next to him.
The system is bound by the system. If Mark doesn’t do this, Stryker’s move will be praised by the White House.
But Stryker is a guest, not a security guard!
This involves the Vietnam problem!
The FBI and the Secret Service are responsible for the security of the venue tonight.
According to the rules, when the white light caused the riots, Stryker should go to the room like other generals and wait for the FBI investigation results and the Secret Service report.
Instead of getting ready to board a helicopter to check it out!