quite a while

After breakfast, Kate cleared the table and asked curiously, "Didn’t Julia say she would be here at seven?"
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said, "I think I should get some sleep. Didn’t Julia interview the people who gathered in Rockefeller Square last night to celebrate Christmas Eve?"
Just as Mark had just finished speaking.
Suddenly there was a horn outside the door!
Lailisi went to the window and looked around. She turned to Mark and said, "Julia is here. I’ll go first!" "
"Take me to give you a wolf spray," Kate said as she walked into the kitchen!
Lailisi patted the red chihuahua with a small head sticking out of her backpack and said, "I’m not afraid of it!" "
Mark glanced at the chihuahua sticking out his tongue like Erha.
Think in your heart!
These two meats are not enough to plug the teeth.
The daughter actually likes this chihuahua with short legs and hair variation, and the father Mark naturally didn’t want to say anything …
Follow lilith out of the door!
Mark couldn’t help glancing at the garage door and looking at the bumblebee parked inside.
Strange. Didn’t you have a garage door last night?
Mark scratched his head and thought!
Walking to Julia’s car, Mark smiled at Julia in the driver’s seat and said hello, "Hi!"
Julia gave Mark a dirty look directly and told the co-pilot Lelix, "Take a seat belt!"
Leslie glanced at Mark, gave him a look that I would help you, and then put on a seat belt!
One second!
Julia started the car directly, took Leslie to travel to her hometown in New Jersey …
Mark touched his nose in situ.
Then I laughed and walked towards the garage!
In half an hour!
Kate saw the bumblebee lost in thought after cleaning up the kitchen. Mark asked curiously, "What are you doing?"
Mark recovered and then said faintly, "There was a thief at home yesterday!"
"What …" Kate was surprised!
Mark pointed to the hood and pointed to the brand-new engine and said, "I used to replace the bumblebee, but now the heart that claimed to have an airplane-powered engine has become original."
"Really?" Kate leaned in and took a glance, then said, "You remember it wrong. To be honest, I think it’s a miracle that you haven’t changed your car until now."
Say that!
Before Mark could explain, Kate patted Mark on the back and urged, "Hurry up. Helen just called and asked where we were."
Mark nodded until Kate came into the room again.
Feel for it!
Thoughtfully, it still looks like a bumblebee in the 1970s.
Do you want to take a big look at …
Chapter 246 George retired after success
Drive to George’s home in Brooklyn!
Mark suddenly raised his eyebrows and seemed to say to himself, "There is a tunnel in front of the bumblebee. Give me a model of the latest sports car this year!"
Bumblebee "…"
Kate "…"
Ten seconds later, after Mark drove the bumblebee out of the tunnel, Kate turned to look at Mark in the driver’s seat as if he were watching a real idiot, blinked and asked curiously, "… what are you doing?"
Mark glanced at the car decoration and sighed faintly, "I also learned to drive my own car because of the bumblebee awakening talent."
Mark is very sad!
I once wondered if I had changed the bumblebee for an airplane engine heart …
What did he love about this bumblebee for so many years?
I thought that one day my own bumblebee could automatically evolve into a 365-year-old and drive its own bumblebee!
I can’t drive my own car. A car is not a good car!
Kate gave Mark a supercilious look and said grumpily, "I told you that it’s not worth a hundred dollars to sell this broken car, and … do you think any thief would go to the FBI bureau chief’s house in the middle of the night to dismantle the engine and change it for you specially?"
"There is one truth!" Mark’s eyes said firmly
Kate was stunned. "What?"
Mark pulled the car to the side of the road slowly and pulled the handbrake, then looked at Kate and said, "Bumblebee will change it for himself."
Kate "…"
After three seconds’ silence, Kate withdrew her eyes from Mark’s body, pulling them away as if they were looking at a mentally retarded child!
"I still think it is necessary to take Bumblebee to the car factory to do something …"
"Shut up!"
Kate turned directly to Mark when she walked out of the stairs.
After seeing Mark shut up, he nodded with satisfaction.