"Then Mr. Chen is so powerful?"

"I haven’t seen it." The answer from Ambassador Shen Yuan comes from the daily dialogue for foreign workers written by the archives research office of "Media Manual".
Iwasaki really looks back at four rows of nearly 100 students. If they are all so good, it really makes people reassess the strength and value of Chen’s martial arts school.
Guang Lai Koryo, who graduated from Dongda University, is full of Japanese saying, "The modern world is a scientific world and martial arts is a backward thing."
Iwasaki is really good at shaking his head slightly. "A martial arts person reminds me of the recent trouble in Jiangbei Port, where there were so many gangs."
"Do you think they did it?" Guang Lai Korea one step behind hurriedly asked.
"I don’t know, but they are really good." Iwasaki Shin-san thought about it himself.
Shen Yuan secretly laughed in front and took them around twice before saying, "Mr. Chen’s office is here."
"Oh, good" Iwasaki is really good, not too stupid. After more than ten years of business career, he made a white deal, either to satisfy himself or to satisfy himself.
Now it seems that it is time to flatter yourself.
I want to know that when Chen Yi’s office door was pushed, Iwasaki was immediately bowing to the end and shouting "Mr. Chen, please sell us the Jiangnan shipyard debt."
Japanese believe in blood and sincerity.
There are too many resources in their lives, which makes people have to overcome material things by spirit, which makes them more realistic in making decisions than Americans, but more convinced of false spiritual power than Americans.
Sometimes spiritual power can really play, and when it can’t, they have nothing to lose-face loss is the least important, although it seems that they are the best.
Chen Yi naturally hung up and listened to the scrolls, chewed green berries and said with a smile, "Sit down and talk slowly."
"Mr. Chen, please give the Jiangnan shipyard debt to our Mitsubishi company. This is … this is the expectation of our colleagues."
"Good talk, good talk" Chen Yixiao passed.
Iwasaki Shinji gritted his teeth and took the lead in offering the price. "Is it ok to pay a premium of%?"
Chen Yi shook his head and said nothing.
The office fell into silence, and Chen Yi tapped the keyboard and mouse to reply to the email.
Iwasaki is really good at secretly recalling all kinds of scenes after entering Meijiang Building today and wondering what methods can impress Chen Yi.
Mitsubishi group has a lot of overseas investment experience, and Iwasaki really knows that it is easy for a bureaucratic brother like Chen Yi to make money, so he has to bleed out if he wants to be impressed by the price, so he needs to think of a way to make less money.
This thought is that for more than a minute, Iwasaki really seemed to have some thoughts and asked, "Mr. Chen, we still have some large real estate in Jiangning City. If you are interested, you can add it to the contract."
"Not interested"
"Oh … Do you like Handway?" Iwasaki is good at guessing the importance of the martial arts school to Chen Yi, so he squeezed out a smile. "I have a lot of experience in promoting martial arts every day. If you want to enter the ball market, Mitsubishi can help you succeed."
Chapter four hundred and one Conditions
I have to admit that Iwasaki’s good advice is still very tempting.
It’s still very good for professionals to promote the martial arts school, which can make the martial arts school expand rapidly and increase the number of talented students at the same time.
Chen Jia’s current development trend will not be long before Chen Yi can increase the number of students in the western continent on a large scale without arousing suspicion-even if it arouses suspicion.
However, Chen Yi has a definite demand, so he shrugs regretfully. "I don’t intend to enter the ball market in the near future."
Iwasaki really felt that Chen Yi’s hesitation was an opportunity to hurriedly say, "We have the best promoters in the world who are familiar with all countries in the world …"
Chen yi gave a way "not interested"
"So what are you interested in?" Iwasaki really good asked
Chen Yi plays with the desktop mouse like a mouse and cat. "I have to evaluate the assets of Jiangnan Shipyard before I can tell you what kind of requirements I can meet."
Iwasaki’s face changed greatly.
Guang Lai Koryo’s lips are as white as a candle sausage after listening to the translation. If the assets of Jiangnan Shipyard are reassessed, not to mention the criticism, even if they are sold at a low price, their benefits will be greatly reduced.
Of course, from Mitsubishi’s overall point of view, if you can buy Jiangnan Shipyard, it will be a victory, but Iwasaki Shin-san has been planning it for so long, and Guang Lai Koryo is also warmly requested by the headquarters to come to China-a cheap purchase will definitely make them label it "energy".
"Chen! We really want to buy Jiangnan Shipyard. "Iwasaki Shinji bent down deeply. If he has cleavage, he must show it now."
"I understand your mood …"
"12% premium Mr. Chen"
"It’s not about money."
"Is it in the Chen group? If you need seiko technology, I can decide to transfer the part. "Iwasaki really knows that China people like technology. They believe that technology changes the world. The 19th century may be correct, and the 2nd century is good, but in the 21st century, it will change the world.
Developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have already turned the technology industry into a second-rate industry. There are too many elites who can innovate and develop technology. The only limitation of technology is capital. Therefore, who is more advanced in technology is no longer the only requirement for technological progress. Adapting to the market is an important proposition of life and death. Unless there is another world war or something that threatens mankind, technology will be the younger brother’s step by step, and it will never be out of its control. It is only a matter of time before we have capital and technological development.
Chen yi hesitated again, but in the end he still shook his head.
"Mr Chen!" Iwasaki is really anxious.
"Come back after the evaluation."
"No, Mr. Chen’s evaluation is not good for us," Iwasaki said quickly. "If the evaluation price is low, it will be bad for you. If the evaluation price is high … we will all encounter challenges."
Chen Yi shook his finger and said, "We have never participated in the evaluation. Even if the evaluation is wrong, it should be borne by Jiangnan Shipyard, right?"
"Mr. Chen, this is … this is discriminating against you for using your own government resources to blackmail foreign companies!" Guang Lai Koryo is angry with Chinese and Japanese.
Chen Yi shrugged and said, "Drop your phone or we won’t talk about it."
Iwasaki is really good and fierce. He turned back and growled, "Guang Lai Jun!"
"I didn’t do anything." Guang Lai Koryo took out her mobile phone and dropped it.
"Chen Yijun, I want to apologize to you." Iwasaki Shinji gave Guang Lai Koryo a hard stare. "I will punish him when I get back."
He was angry that the recording didn’t succeed, not Guang Lai Koryo recording line.
China’s political structure is slightly different from that of Japan, but the quality is the same. The chaebol politics and China’s political inheritance model greatly enhance the bureaucratic power. Both chaebols and bureaucratic enterprises have hard-to-shake resources-this is not to say that they are legally shaken, but just like the bookmakers, they have the right place at the right time and from resource discrimination to judicial discrimination.
Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan is a profiter of commercial discrimination, and they have a lot of means to deal with competitors, while Mitsubishi Corporation of China is also a profiter of commercial discrimination, and tax discrimination alone can make them get 5% more profits.
However, compared with the Chen Group or Jinsheng Securities, Mitsubishi Group has become a victim of commercial discrimination, and can submit to the rules specified by Chen Yi unless the evidence is conclusive. It is conceivable that even if Mitsubishi Group is forced to withdraw from the shares of Jinsheng Securities, it will not be affected.
Thought of here, Iwasaki is really good at holding down Guang Lai’s Koryo and Yamabonin’s head and bowing hard to apologize.
Chen Yi said, "Suit yourself. Don’t make any more trouble."
Iwasaki breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked, "So what do you think of the 15% premium plus the promotion of Chen’s martial arts school?"
Chen yi shook his head and said, "details."
Iwasaki was so tired and sweaty that he had to think again and finally guessed, "Is it because of the German regiment?"