Mark took one look at the girl who was stroking Cerberus’s hair and finally withdrew her eyes from the stupid dog who buried herself like a quail.

Mark said, "Let’s go."
Coulson looked at the invisible tunnel and was about to say how to get there.
One second
Mark directly wrapped in hades mind high-handed Coulson and Allen area and then directly jumped into the pyramid channel that is not straight.
Coulson and Allen exclaimed loudly.
Lailisi looked at the high-pitched voice over there, and Allen couldn’t help but flash a trace of worry, but then it was well hidden.
Lailisi opened her dark little wings and quickly jumped into the passage.
A little while
Mark fell lightly with thick snow.
place behind sb
Coulson and Allen slid out directly along the passage.
Holding Cerberus, Riley put her wings away firmly and looked around curiously.
Coulson patted down the snow and said to Mark, "Director Lewis, can you say something before so that we can be prepared?"
Mark turned his head and took a meaningful look at Leslie. Then he didn’t look at Coulson’s way. "No"
Coulson "…"
Lai Lisi "…"
Mark said that with his right hand, he repeatedly took out the self-sufficient luminous sphere that had appeared in the ancient tomb of Egypt.
Mark throws
The suspension of that luminous sphere instantly illuminate the surroundings and turn this place into a day like the outside.
Not far away
The luminous body shines on a high step and goes straight to the most stone entrance.
"Wow, it’s magnificent." Agent Allen, who is as old as Lailisi next to Coulson, could not help admiring.
Coulson also said, "If this is announced, it will be found that there are enough people here."
Mark listened and said simply, "You can do this if you want to die."
Coulson is not white.
However, there is a better object to be puzzled than Mark Coulson at the moment, but when Coulson looks at Lelix, the latter keeps his head down and doesn’t know what to think.
Lailisi wondered at the moment.
It’s not more than 30 minutes since she got here. Where did she have a flaw?
"Cerberus, I’m not that obvious."
"The great keeper of the underworld can see what is happening at the edge of the universe with one eye, and nothing can hide it from the great keeper of the underworld."
"… kiss-ass. Mark can’t hear your flattery when you talk on our channel."
"… well, shall I say it again outside?"
"Silly dog, shut up."
Asking Cerberus failed, and Leslie was even more confused.
Lailisi was sure that she had fully considered all possible situations and made adequate responses before coming.
But how?
At the thought of the meaningful eyes that Mark just handed me, Leslie felt as if she had been buried deeply and had stolen several locks and secrets, and she was pried open.
Lai Lisi is a little annoyed.
But the more so, Leslie dared not reveal his flaw. After all, she was not sure whether Mark knew or not.
Lailisi is very uncomfortable.
Take the stairs and walk into the entrance
Quack quack!
That kind of tooth collision echoes every corner of the hall.
Coulson consciously pulled a gun at his waist.
But I jumped on one
Coulson once again remembered that the gun she had loved for many years had turned into an oval broken iron.
Coulson twist a head to see Allen handed Coulson his gun.
Mark looked at Allen and asked curiously, "Do you like to give your gun around so much?"
Allen scratched his head and said, "I’m a terrible marksman …"
Mark nodded his head.
This kid is good.
It seems that few young people can reach a clear understanding of how much they weigh.
Say that finish
Mark’s right hand repeatedly threw a perfect golden Glock seventeen pistol to Allen and said simply, "Don’t put yourself in other people’s hands at all times."
Allen took the pistol and smiled, then prepared to launch a magazine to check.
But …
Get out of the magazine.