half an hour later

Mark hung up and continued to look up to the sky, to be exact, at the moon that was covered by dark clouds overhead.
It was Debbie calling.
There is indeed a pet shop called Happy Dog Family in Chinatown.
But it closed a month ago …
So what the hell is this?
Mark frowned slightly.
You handle your affairs?
You can’t say that the bald woman can’t hide behind the scenes and create death. Death is the underworld, right?
And …
Whether he was hades in his previous life has not been decided yet.
The only thing that can confuse him is that Jiumei doesn’t know what she was sprayed with to travel, but she hasn’t returned yet.
At the thought of this, Mark felt sad from his heart.
At ordinary times, I think Jiumei will add poison to her tongue.
quite a while
Mark sighed at the full moon. "People always regret when they lose time …"
With his little arms and legs to stiffen this?
He is not ill.
No need to take medicine!
Anyway, I’ve fooled SHIELD into going to the top.
Mark felt that there was nothing wrong with staying out of it.
Got a fake, fake, fake, fake, unreal past life?
But is he stupid?
The god of death is used to making all kinds of accidents to kill people.
Do you want him to be in a state of mental tension 24 hours a day?
This is bullshit.
Second floor!
A woman and a dog looked at the full moon in the courtyard, chanting Oriental language, and Mark blinked and fell into a dull mood.
For a while
Lailisi silently closed the window as if her own underworld power had enveloped her room. Then she looked at Cerberus and said, "You said that you have found a way to deal with this fleeing evil spirit mage. What is the way?"
Cerberus "…"
Chapter 415 The initial belief of the birth of every superhero
second floor
Lai Li si Fang
Cerberus stood with short legs and explained the origin of Menallo to Riley.
"Menageakamana, Saruwa, Talomati, Tauwei and Surisha are called the six demons living in the six realms of the underworld."
"Six magic realms?"
"The Six Devils’ Realm is the place that adults divided for them to live after collecting the Six Demons."
Lilith flickered her eyelashes and asked curiously, "How big is the underworld?"
"Very big!" Cerberus said, "The underworld tries its best to control the death in the star field. Seventy-two fiends suppress the connection channel of the underworld. Six demons patrol the underworld to prevent rebellion, and the zodiac of the underworld stands high in the core of the underworld-the underworld."
"The guardians of the zodiac don’t usually go out in the palaces of the adults and the afterlife. I met them when my adults conferred the guardian of the zodiac."
"Seen one side?"
Cerberus nodded and got down to business and said, "I could feel Menag’s law fluctuating when the explosion just happened-if I could get closer, I might find the location of this damn necromancer."
"How do you find it?"
"The plane must be lucky."
Lilith looked at Cerberus in disbelief and asked curiously, "How do you know?"
There was no lucky story in the breaking news just now.
Even when I called Julia before, Julia said that the plane was lucky.
How come there are lucky people here in Cerberus?
Cerberus, a chihuahua with a little red tongue, seems to be cute, but he says insidiously, "It’s stupid for the necromancer to escape alone."
"Although Menager is in control of a premeditation of death, this is not the underworld. With the reduction of power and Menager’s consciousness, he will definitely find a way to contact me."
Beside Lailisi Cihu, her long eyelashes sparkled.
Although she is not very white.
But there is a … What did Mark say that time?
it suddenly occurs to me that
The next morning.
Mark sent his daughter to the school gate and hitchhiked to the Federal Building.
He made up his mind to throw the pot to SHIELD.
Naturally, it is necessary to go through the handover procedures.
Ding Rinrin!
Carrying small backpack with Chihuahua Riley a pull to prepare for class in the classroom, Gwen ran towards the empty corridor not far away.