"Ghost servant told me privately-you are the young master of Qingyao City," Yang Tie whispered. "Father, are you really the young master of Qingyao City?"

Less duke is different from ordinary public flow, which represents the inheritance of the duke of Yiqing Yaocheng. Yang Tie was once as big as a bucket after knowing this problem. If Yang Muyu is a grandfather of Qingyao Yaocheng, he would like to discuss with Mr. Mo even if he does not hesitate to start work, but he is not.
No family will give up an heir unless the heir does something against the family’s interests.
But even if Yang Muyu really did something out of line, he wouldn’t let go because he was afraid of Sunny Yaocheng-the ghost servant implicitly said that he was the only direct descendant of Mohism, and if anything happened to Yang Muyu, Sunny Yaocheng would be finished.
"My surname is Yang, not Mo!" Yang Muyu shook his head. "I want to see that girl again-"
"Father, although I don’t remember the previous events, I vaguely know this picture-it seems to be like the inferno a long time ago." Yang Tie frowned.
"inferno?" Yang Muyu puzzled and asked, "What race is that?" "I don’t remember having such a word in my head … and these things are absolutely mysterious to that race, but I really can’t remember it." Yang Tie whispered, "At the beginning, Hao’s family-it was said that it was contaminated with demons that would kill them."
"What?" Yang Muyu couldn’t help exclaiming.
Yang Tieli knocked on his head and immediately helped Yang Muyu to sit down in the chair. "I don’t remember much, Father. I will let Mr. Mo come as soon as possible. Now it seems that things are beyond my control. Anyway, you have to leave safely or I won’t let go."
"good!" Yang Muyu nodded. It is true that he will be delayed if he stays here.
Yang Tie added, "I’ve talked to the ghost servant these days. He said that the Winner Gate is mysterious. They are the core members of Winner Gate, and the outer gate is the so-called Winner College. After thousands of years of operation, Winner Gate has proudly established five families, and their proteges are all over the mountain and sea. Now that some of them are mysteriously lurking in Jinsha Bay, you know some of their secrets and are afraid that this matter will become more and more troublesome."
"Do you think that Dongfang Zhouding will hook up with Tianyi Gate at the same time as you and me?" Yang Muyu frown way
"Not bad!" Yang Tie nods, "I want to think about it. If this is the case, then-Tianyi Gate came here and dragged the Oriental family, so the only picture is not Jinsha Bay but Hao’s home in those days."
"Hao Jia?" Yang Muyu asked inexplicably, "What happened to the Hao family at the beginning that first led to the annihilation of the door and now it is stared at by Tianyimen?"
"It is said that …" Yang Tie suddenly shut up and looked at Yang Muyu with a little upset. "Father God had better not ask."
"Ha ha ….." Yang Muyu smiled at himself. The man who kept calling him "Father God" treated him like a child in his heart.
"Father God!" Yang Tie saw that Yang Muyu looked pale and was busy devoting himself to saying, "I am worried about my father’s safety."
"I know!" Yang Muyu ordered heaven, "You are my good, but you think it’s really my good that you keep everything from me?"
"Father, it’s not that I want to hide it from you, because I know it’s not that detailed." Yang Tie frowned. He did forget a lot of things, but he didn’t know what. When that wretched guy claimed to be Hao’s family, he suddenly remembered-wasn’t Hao’s family that year when the immortal figure was killed by five big families?
And the Oriental family also has room to rise. The four families have a certain agreement with the Oriental family vaguely, and he doesn’t know what the specific agreement is
Yang Tie privately asked the ghost servant a cold sentence, "How do I know this alone?"
I want to come, too. Anyway, there are some things that ghost servants shouldn’t know. If it weren’t for the fact that ghost servants used to wait on Mohist masters, they might not know Hao Jiahe Dongfang.
"Is it true that there are no descendants left in the Hao family?" Yang Muyu once again suspected that Hao Nan said that he was really surnamed Hao or was he just shooting the breeze?
Yang Tie shook his head and said, "I don’t think I heard the father say just now … He should be a winner to test the father’s chess. If the father knows how to ask the fairy, he will be interested in Hao’s family."
Yang Muyu nodded indeed, but-what is the fairy figure? What happened to Tianyimen and Dongfang Jia?
"Things are getting more and more complicated. Father God must hurry!" Yang Tie wry smile way "late father god back to crescent island first"
"All right!" Yang Muyu nodded and was about to speak, but he heard a ghost servant at the door.
"Here comes the second male from the East," the ghost servant reported at the door.
Yang Muyu adjusted her clothes and nodded, "Good for me!" Speaking others have got up and looked at Yang Tie.
Yang Tie knew what he meant and nodded, "Don’t worry!"
Yang Muyu went outside, and Li San sent tea to Dongfang Zhouding early. He gathered up and sat still, watching him come out and said, "You cheated me so hard!" "What did I lie to you about?" Yang Muyu was puzzled by Zhang Er’s monk.
"Is Gong Zhen surnamed Yang?" Dongfang Zhou Ding sneered, "Just now, our master came to take a message that the Lord of Qingyao City visited Jinsha Bay, so let’s have a good reception."
Yang Muyu looked up at the ghost servant, and the ghost servant also stayed for a while. At first, he tried to tell the Oriental Yang Muyu that he was from Qingyao City several times, but he was either stopped by Yang Muyu or choked back by that proud man who had lived in the East for three years. Now he wants to know his identity.
Oriental state tripod saw Yang Muyu leng leng coldly youdao "less duke want you to come to jinshawan mesh is not to get a few two Huang Jinhua flowers? Isn’t the money in Qingyao City enough for you to spend? "
"Two male this meal can eat this words can’t blather who told you that I am fine yao city to less duke? It’s really funny that I only met Mr. Di Mo of Qingyao City once, and he just linked me with Qingyao City? " Yang Muyu sipped his tea slowly and sneered coldly. "We just want to find an excuse to dump us when we are both good?"
Oriental state tripod face slightly discolored it seems far more complicated than he imagined.
It turned out that he really wanted to borrow Yang Tie and Yang Muyu to kill the old man, caught the boss and asked him what he wanted. He was trying to kill Yang Muyu and Yang Tie by borrowing the winner’s master, so that the Oriental family was still in his hands and he had to handle others without any trace.
The fact is that things really went according to his imagination, but-what shocked him was Yang Tie’s strength. He actually cleaned up the whole Golden Shawan Oriental House overnight, and now most of the day has passed. If Dongliuhuacheng has not received the news, it is impossible.
Sure enough, the master of Dongliu Huacheng, that is, Grandpa Ding of Dongfang Zhou, can’t sit still.
But it happened that at this time, the East Flower City received another amazing news that Mo Qing, the contemporary master of Mohism, actually came to Jinsha Bay, and the reason was that the Lord of Qingyao City was less in Jinsha Bay …
"Do you really want to deny it?" Dongfang Zhou Ding sneered, "You should know that this is, after all, Jinshawan, which is our Oriental home site. Even if you have a superior guard around you, it is definitely not difficult for us to capture your hostage."
Yang Muyu couldn’t help sneering when he heard this. He knew that the Oriental tripod was unreliable. He got up immediately and walked slowly to him, squinting and sneering, "Will your winner listen to your command?"
"What did you say?" Dongfang Zhouding can’t help but be frightened to disgrace. How did he know Tianyi Gate?
"Don’t be smart and think others are fools!" Yang Muyu smiled faintly and didn’t take his threat to heart at all. Now he’s settled down. If it weren’t for the fact that he happened to have seen 6 surprises, if it weren’t for Hao Nan and Tianyimen, he couldn’t sit still and betray himself. He really couldn’t figure out what Tianyimen and Dongfang Zhouding had.
The secret passage of Tianyimen presumably deliberately lent to the Oriental Ding layout-Yang Muyu always wondered why Tianyimen had been hidden in Jinsha Bay for three years and didn’t even know about the East Flower City? So there’s an Oriental tripod to cover for them?
Now, if Jinsha Bay is not controlled by Yang Tie, it is naturally controlled in the hands of the Oriental Ding, and Tianyi Gate wants to come here for this purpose, which is also a plot in Jinsha Bay.
But Yang Muyu squeezed his brains and couldn’t figure out what it was to escape during the day. It’s just a coincidence that he and Yang Tie came here. Is it really that elusive question?
Chapter 25 You did a good job
Dongfang Zhou Ding is staring at him intensely. If he is really sunny, the Lord of Yaocheng is less, but he can’t be killed. Otherwise, even if he kills the boss and the third child, he will sit safely on the throne of the East Flower City Lord. Sunny Yaocheng will never give up.
"I don’t care what agreement you have with Tianyimen!" Yang Muyu looked at Dingdao, Dongfang Prefecture, and said, "I advise you to kick down the ladder. You’d better not do it or you’ll be treated as a fool-it’s Jinsha Bay."