Maman: "You are the real leader of the new alliance, not something happened to the big head gang site of Shire, so I noticed and found you."

This handwriting is a little too much, so Mann wrote it a little long. She praised Hua Zhen and felt a little more embarrassed and a little proud at the same time.
It seems that he is not strong to write with a pen again, so he simply put his hands behind him. That pen is still hanging in the water. Can’t it be a marker at the moment?
The marker’s ass is crooked, but the nib is controlled very stably, just like a magic pen that can write automatically, leaving a neat handwriting. "You must have something to say!"
Maman "You are really strong!"
Although the rain shows the words, you can’t see the tone, but Hua Zhen can also feel the other party’s reaction. He consciously stood up and cooperated with his back, and his posture showed the strong demeanor. At the same time, he was also worried. Isn’t it just such a short distance to get a pen to write? The other person’s waterbending is exquisite, and he still thinks he is strong?
Isn’t this girl a little silly or … seriously eccentric and can hardly play anything but water?
Thinking of this, Hua Zhen took the pen back and directly said that it was a local dialect. "Don’t praise me, your water control method is also very subtle. I am far from it!"
Girl Manman was obviously shocked that the glass didn’t show her handwriting for a long time before she continued to write, "That’s amazing! You are a big witch!"
Hua Zhen’s trip was almost amused, but he was still very reserved and strained his expression. Manman was not very good at translating his oriental language. Hua Zhen’s trip thought that the word was "a big witch and a strong man" and sounded like a "big dirty wall", just like a certain artist who became very funny as soon as he felt it.
Chapter 72, Xiaohua is very busy
Hua Zhen’s trip can draw a conclusion that it would be so surprising to judge the other party’s god knowledge, although it is exquisite, but she can’t know the sound of god knowledge. So who did she learn waterbending from?
Hua Zhen’s trip again said, "If you have something to do, you can say something." This distance has almost reached the limit of Hua Zhen’s trip by penetrating the rain curtain and directionally casting the sound of gods.
The glass handwriting showed "We want to join the new alliance". Mann finally noticed that the grammar had changed, and this time the word was us instead of me.
Hua Zhen trip "Who are you?"
Mann Mann "can’t say yet"
I still want to hide Hua Zhen’s trip and ask, "Since I want to join the new alliance, what can’t I say?"
Maman: "Because the Golden Gang is going to hit you, we will not join the new alliance until you knock out the Golden Gang. If the Golden Gang knocks you out, we will not join."
Hua Zhen Bank really wants to complain. If the new alliance is destroyed, why don’t you join in? This girl is very sincere, even if she thinks so, she can’t say so! It seems that it is really silly and in line with the local people’s minds.
Hua Zhen trip "your plan is very reasonable, and you have thought of both possibilities. You must have your reasons for wanting to join the new alliance, but why should the new alliance allow you to join?"
Maman "How can I join the new alliance?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "observe the discipline of the new alliance, but we can talk about it then, but since you want to join, you can’t watch whether the new alliance can destroy the gold gang and hand over the warlords."
The word "warlords" is Hua Zhenxing, which is an imitation of the pronunciation of Manman in the Eastern Mandarin. "What is’ through the bed’?"
Hua Zhen trip "You want to wait until the new alliance destroys the Golden Gang before joining, so you have to help now."
Maman, "I can help. I can’t let them help. I’ll die."
Hua Zhen trip "with your help"
Maman: "I’ve helped. What else can I do?"
Hua Zhen picked up a pen and glass, wrote a line of numbers backwards, and said, "This is my phone number, so I’m not so strong. Just call me directly if you have anything to do. Do you have a connection method?"
Maman "I have nothing to say"
Hua Zhen smiled. "If I didn’t send you a mobile phone, I wouldn’t even send you a phone card. You can handle the number yourself, right?"
Mann paused when he said, "I’ve seen it and can learn it." When this line of handwriting disappeared, a new line of handwriting appeared, "Poseidon said not to take other people’s things."
Hmm? It seems that Yang Lao-tou didn’t make a mistake. She really came from the Poseidon Sect and should be the leader. I just wanted to hide something, but now I’m disappointed. But what does "Poseidon say" mean?
How could the Poseidon gang let a young girl be the leader? Perhaps the Poseidon Sect should be an organization that believes in Poseidon, while Maman is more like a priest 2.
Hua Zhen trip "I didn’t send you without you, but you helped me. It’s convenient to send you a mobile phone. It’s like asking you for help digging and giving you a shovel first."
Maman: "I see. All right."
Hua Zhen line "how can I give it to you? Where to send it? "
Maman, "You bury it in the beach in the middle of the night and I’ll get it myself."
Hua Zhen line "no, no, no, what if someone else picks it up? I can send someone to your designated person. "
Maman: "I also have a little gold mine here. I will send someone to the old man’s shop to sell it and bring back my mobile phone."
Hua Zhen line "ok, it’s a date! You should pay attention to the fact that the mobile phone can’t get water, and it has to be filled with a signal place to make a call. "
Mann Mann seems to be some unhappy "I’m not stupid to know! You are a big witch, but I also have something. "
Hua Zhen trip "Yes, yes, yes, I admit that you have something very important! Then wait until the day you get the message and take the initiative to give me a message. You are really not stupid. Let’s call it a day. You have to go back to rest. "
It’s not that Maman has to go back to rest, but that Hua Zhen can’t hold on by himself. Today, he is busy from morning till night. First, he went to the grocery store to buy ore gold, and then he went to the East Bank to complain that Jason and his gang were chased by five assassins on their way back. He personally killed three of them.
During these processes, he was blessed with knowledge, although the intensity was not great, but it was intermittent for a long time, so Ji kept a natural state and did not feel tired.
When he arrived at Palm Manor late, he didn’t have a chance to rest in the kitchen to cook, sit with me after dinner and "delve into" divine knowledge. He was exhausted and prepared to repair the glass after a little self-restraint. As a result, Manman came here after a long talk, and finally he used the divine knowledge and sound technique from a distance, and it was such a long time to talk.
Why did Hua Zhen suddenly think of leaving his mobile phone number and sending the other party a message? It is because I was too tired to talk just now! But since it was in the eyes of the other party when the strong man ended the conversation, Hua Zhen still showed some superior means
Mann Mann withdrew his vision of God, and through the rain curtain, he could still see the figure standing behind the floor-to-ceiling long window on the third floor of the distant building.
In the wind and rain, a slender and gentle thing suddenly floated to the manor and gently scratched her cheek, then turned around her neck and scratched her cheek on the other side very naughty … It turned out that Hua Zhen was struggling to imperial things and a blade of grass teased her.
Mann Mann inwardly exclaimed, "Wow, so strong, so powerful! It turned out that he had already found me. If that blade of grass had been a sharp knife just now, I’m afraid I would have died! It seems that I am not barking up the wrong tree. He will certainly be able to abort the Golden Gang and shelter the Poseidon Gang … "
Mann turned away from the manor wall and left from the beach. The close-fitting clothes were blown by the wind, and the light water mist gradually dried up. The raindrops also brushed off along the body and even the hair was no longer wet.