"It’s just a verbal agreement. It’s still unknown whether this competition will be held or not. Today is for you to test."

Cave Longzukou seems to be indifferent to these.
Today, there is no oath between the two sides. If we really want to fight in a year’s time, we will make insurance first.
"Has Lord Longzu confirmed it?"
Aoxing shines at the moment when he hears Longzu’s words. Solve the problem
"I’m sure all these conditions are not important."
Longzu’s tone was dull and he was not surprised at all. Today, four elders died in this test of Gulong Cave.
Today, things have gone so far that not only Aoxing and Tianhua Lu are in tit-for-tat with Gulong Cave, but also the strong Wu Shenshan has been blocked, and even Longzu has sent a murderous threat to Wu Shenshan.
Only Tianhua Lu, a talented person from Suowu Shenshan, came to help because his elders could not get out of the mountain even if they noticed the movement in the original mine.
It is such a tense situation that Xue failed to show up for days!
It is true that there is something wrong with Xue’s training.
In 211 AD, the Kunlun Mountains of SHEN WOO Empire.
In the ancient ruins, the people who painted pears and clothes kept moving forward.
Now they don’t know what the outside world is like. Because they entered the original mine, the communication device left by Lu Ai has failed. They can dim the mine and keep moving forward.
"How much is a bit wide of the mark?"
Sailor girl Lu muttered at the figure in front. At this time, the red-haired girl was facing a wall to study how to dig out a large piece of iron, which is obviously an immortal forging material.
Come on, sister, we’re fleeing. Can you stop walking all the way to pick it up? ?
"Please keep it."
Wang Tiezhu respectfully handed the magic iron to the painting pear clothes. He is a professional and he can dig even the original mine wall.
Painting pear clothes is very heart-warming, because she heard Gdzilla say that the back of regicide also needs the help of divine iron to recast this mine, which is also fruitful.
"I think it is better to hurry up? And we can’t keep these things. "
Xia Mi looked back at her eyes, and she could feel more keenly that there were creatures behind her, which should be the ancient gods outside the country.
If they don’t directly absorb things into their bodies, when the world boundaries change, these things will disappear and return to their original positions because of the world line’s binding force.
This is also the reason why the supporters are miserable. They want to bury themselves in the abyss as soon as possible and go home after the execution, but the door can’t be dug in.
After a month or two of hard work, once the world line changes, it will directly return to before liberation.
That’s why they came to the original mine to dig, because bearing crystals can make them have special skills to absorb bearing crystals and improve their proficiency in life skills.
"That makes sense … then I won’t dig."
It’s meaningless to return what you have found at present when you are lost in thought and awake from joy.
"Two big brothers, I said, should we not go any further?"
A supporter in HarmonyOS said that he felt that the original mine had gone a little deep.
The slow spewing of black fog can be seen in some cracks, which is barely comparable to today’s painting pear clothes and Xia Mi, but almost dead to the weaker supporters.
"These ancient gods are sick? Why must we go in the same direction? "
Xia Mi frowned. They didn’t go the same way. There were many branches in the original mine in Heiyuan. They had changed many roads, but they were always followed by ancient gods from outside the country.
"Maybe they want to follow us to find something?"
"Live without kowtowing" analysis.
Xia Mi mused, "It feels like Brother Lu’s pot …"
Lu Chen’s situation will of course communicate with modern teammates from time to time. Xia Mi listened to Lu Chen’s original mine experience