Ink Shang Tong slightly changed his face "is a dream, is a child brain hole have what not? A prerequisite for achieving the goal is that others can always control the process until it is completed. "

Ke Mengchao "How can it be completed?"
Yang Tehong interjected, "If it is completed in stages, it can be like a new city, such as a real state …"
Ke Mengchao "invested so much to do a dream experiment?"
Mo Shang Tong asked, "Why not?"
Yang Tehong high-five way "can! Isn’t money a flower, and people don’t have to do things? "
Hua Zhen line some meng motioning with his hand, "you don’t quarrel this vanishing thing first! Let’s talk about how to plant that 10,000 mu of farmland and how to fence 300 square kilometers of land with barbed wire, but there is not so much money to buy! "
Hua Zhen just got 50,000 meters of gold and gave away 10,000, leaving 40,000. Although the wilderness can buy a large piece of land, a few square kilometers can’t do such a big project.
The three old men stared at each other for a long time and suddenly smiled. Shang Tong nodded, "It’s true that the three of us taught together, and one person can’t teach this kind of brain hole alone! Xiaohua, I’ll give you this sand table later. It’s ok if you have a good study and have fun. "
Hua Zhen line some at a loss to frown, "are you just talking?"
Yang Tehong shook his head. "Of course, it’s not just talk. This is your plan. Are you willing to do it?"
Hua Zhen trip "How did it become my plan?"
Ke Mengchao "even if it wasn’t just now, isn’t it now?" Your mind may not be clear before entering the house. After this discussion, you have a forming plan. Isn’t that what you want to do? "
Hua Zhen trip "Yes, but I have 40 thousand meters of gold, even if I sell that manor, it’s not enough!"
Yang Tehong twisted his beard and said, "A while ago, you bravado and insisted on escorting Dr. Luo alone. It was not without gains. Later, you found out that Golden Head wanted to kill Dr. Luo. I remember that Dr. Luo recommended a stock for you. I and Lao Mo also saw the information he brought with him, but it was too valuable!"
Mo Shang Tong simply said, "Rothschild gave you 50,000 meters of gold and a manor. I have to give you a message after doing something with those materials. How do you want to spend 100 million meters of gold?"
Chapter 44, My name is Feng Zibin.
The first thought of Hua Zhen trip is not a lot of money, but the unification of "four" and "eliminating the big head of gold and controlling and transforming the big head gang". The reward is "You will make yourself more secure, maybe your future ideas will be easier to realize or another 100 million meters of gold"
Although he killed the big head of gold, four is not completely completed, but think about it again. The fate of the big head is set, but I didn’t expect the 100 million-meter gold reward to appear in this way
However, he has gradually adapted to the "unified" urine, which is often unexpected but reasonable. The so-called reward is never based on change or real things.
He took out his mobile phone to check the information and said, "100 million meters of gold can buy 50 thousand tons of wheat at the current international food price. This is the warehouse price excluding transportation and tax … huh? I can’t find a few miles of data. "
Mo Shang Tong took over the saying, "Considering the inflation factor, the overall trend of international food prices has been falling for seven or seven years, which has had a great impact on food production in many countries … food is also a strategic weapon."
What will impact agriculture in many countries when international food prices fall for a long time? Examples of several major grain exporting countries in Mizhou Mainland; They have the most suitable Yuan Ye in the world, the most advanced technology, the most abundant assets, and the low success rate, and they can also enjoy huge subsidies.
However, countries like Guinea lack technical funds and backward agricultural free trade background. The monetized production is far beyond the international market, and the grain price is not competitive at all. If the market is oriented, let alone developing modern large-scale agriculture, the grain industry will continue to shrink and be destroyed.
Speaking of subsidies, many countries have policy subsidies for grain production. The more developed industrial countries, the greater the subsidies, but several countries obviously do not have this ability.
The advantage division of labor in the theory of free trade is characterized by the situation that the winner takes all the advantages in reality, and the background of economic globalization. Countries like several miles can hardly decide what they can produce, and often they can sell their resources, or they need cheap production to produce international capital.
If grain production is hit, self-production is not as good as buying, then it will inevitably rely on imports, which require foreign exchange, and foreign exchange comes from exports. The normal situation can be maintained, but once an economic recession occurs, it will trigger a series of crises, even if this recession does not come from itself.
For example, the background is the global economic recession, and the overseas demand for livestock owners’ export products in Guinea is decreasing day by day, and the production price is also suppressed to a very low level, so that Guinea does not have enough foreign exchange to import food.
The deterioration of the balance of payments will also lead to a sharp depreciation of the national currency. At that time, even if there is no shortage of food in the international market and the price of food in foreign exchange calculation has not risen, the residents of the country will still face the situation of food shortage and soaring food prices, not to mention the situation that port transportation is blocked and food cannot be bought because of riots and other reasons.
This shortage is often structural, but food is different from other things. Without it, it really kills people, and it can’t be produced by self-production in a short time.
This knowledge has been "widely read" since childhood in Hua Zhen, and I have learned it from Uncle Bumo. Say more about it. The concept of screen page has now become a problem that he is about to face in reality. Even if the political change in a few miles, it will have little impact. Once the social order collapses, it will be a disaster for everyone.
Ke Mengchao also asked, "Even if you can buy 50,000 tons of wheat, what will happen?"
Hua Zhenxing explained, "That’s not what I meant. I haven’t finished talking just now. It’s much more cost-effective to spend 100 million dollars to get this plan than to buy food directly!"
Yang Tehong’s "Looking at the problem of grain here from another angle is to engage in this planning opportunity"
Hua Zhenxing looked up and said, "Can there really be so much money?"
Mo Shang Tong "Of course, I can’t give you everything. The first budget is 10 million meters of gold, mainly to buy land."
Hua Zhen trip "can’t buy so much land?"
Mo Shang Tong "shouldn’t have extra money to spend elsewhere, but how can I buy such a large piece of land?" What form and name should be carefully considered. "
Is it "I don’t know much about this" in Hua Zhen?
Ke Mengchao "doesn’t know how to study! You can’t do everything by yourself. You need to set up a group and divide it into various project teams to complete it … I’ll leave it to Mr. Dong to go through the formalities later. "
Yang Tehong interjected, "There is still a problem. Xiaohua’s age and identity need to be repackaged."
Ke Mengchao said, "If we have to keep the manor, we will let Xiaohua be known as a successful overseas investor. People here like to kneel down and lick such people."
Mo Shang Tong was somewhat dissatisfied. "That manor is too extravagant!"
Ke Mengchao: "It’s a status symbol. Although I hate it, people here eat it. Think about what our purpose is and do things in the most suitable way. Who do you think will believe him, buddy in the grocery store? I am afraid it will cause trouble! "
Yang Tehong flatly said, "Of course, the manor has to be kept not only in Xiaohua’s apartment but also in the project headquarters. Many companies, including some associations and foundations, can be registered. Xiaohua can appear there when necessary, and he can continue to be a clerk in the grocery store at ordinary times."
I’ve made up my mind about my identity. I’m a 25-year-old ethnic Chinese born in Somalia. He holds a passport from several countries. He made a fortune doing business with the East, and he made a fortune investing in the United States and Xiluozhou. Now he’s back in an ostentatious manner. He doesn’t live here often, but he often spends holidays in Somalia. There are industries he invests in here. "
Mo Shang Tong "What’s the name of the passport?"
Yang Tehong "asked Xiaohua himself"
Three old men are going to apply for an alias passport for Hua Zhen Bank. It is either a fake passport or a real passport. This place in Guinea does not have the nationality management and census system of Dongguo. Many people don’t even have an official ID card. It is very simple to spend some money and know the way.
Shang Tong looked at Xiaohua and said, "Is he like twenty-five now?"
Yang Tehong’s head is almost the same as the five senses. Mr. Meng, you have to teach him that set of easy skills.
Ke Mengchao’s "appearance can be fine-tuned but temperament is still too tender"
Yang Tehong: "You can’t look at it by your standards. Don’t forget what this place is. There are so many people in this generation. This is nothing!"
Mo Shang Tong "Have you thought about Xiaohua’s name?"
Hua Zhen bank also don’t know how to think unexpectedly blurted out "call the wind from the guest".
The three old men looked at each other and nodded slightly. Ke Mengchao waved and said, "Come with me and I’ll teach you how to sculpt."
In my dream, the wind is the founder of the country of happiness. In reality, it is not that happy country. It is impossible to lie at home and fantasize about a beautiful world. Simply give yourself an alias and call it the wind. The more he thinks about it, the more interesting it is, and none of the three old men object.
Come to the floor Hua Zhen daily work Kemengchao pointed to the chair, "you sit down! Lao Yang just said that Yi Shu was a joke. I want to teach you that Yi is not in the novel, and it is not called plastic in the hospital. "
As soon as I heard Hua Zhen’s tone, I knew that Kefu wanted to get down to business. Whenever this time, this husband was always unsmiling. Although his heart was full of curiosity, he still sat down and looked up and asked, "What is plastic?"
Kefu didn’t answer conveniently copied the mouse pad on the next table. When he shook the soft pad, it became hard and flat like a board. Then he turned the board over to face Hua Zhen, and this side became smooth as a mirror … No, this is a mirror!
Today, what’s going on? Several old men in the family have shown off their skills to show off all kinds of unique skills that are hidden in the weekdays. Old man Yang just came to pick up noodles with one hand. At this moment, Cove shook the mouse pad into a mirror.
Hua Zhen’s trip is very calm, but the surface is very calm. Who is he? That’s to say, the kingdom of China and God has gone back and forth with a unified person! Isn’t it more beautiful to say that Mr. Ding has become a magician? Hua Zhen told himself so in his heart and tried to hold it steady.
Kefu inserted the mouse pad mirror as if there was a framed mirror in it, and then he looked at Hua Zhen’s face half-way. Then he glanced at Hua Zhen’s face and looked serious.
Hua Zhen line inexplicable heart fiercely realized that his response was wrong. Kefu rarely showed this skill. How can he behave so calmly? That’s too embarrassing. He immediately showed a shocked expression and looked at Kefu with admiration.