Mark looked.

A small bottle.
Mark looked up and asked Father Bert, "Bottle?"
Father Bert, however, said with a smile, "This bottle used to be a sacred water vessel for Jesus."
"… haha" Mark shook his head after one leng. "Very funny, Father. This joke is very interesting."
Father Bert’s expression did not change.
Mark laughed and looked at Father Bert. "… are you kidding?"
"Of course," Father Bert looked at Mark and said, "What do you think this is a joke?"
Mark shrugged. "Because there is no emperor in this world."
This is Mark Keke’s affirmation.
If there were an emperor in this world, would the earth be in the nine realms of Odin, Cyclops?
The priest didn’t say anything about Mark’s explanation.
The question of whether Yu Di is or not has already been demonstrated by the extraordinary world …
Father Bert didn’t go on with this topic too much, but looked at Mark with a few memories and said, "I knew you were extraordinary from the moment you were born."
Mark smiled and said, "Father, I have a good memory. You don’t have it in my birth memory."
"Oh, your memory tells you?"
"Of course"
"Then tell me about the children."
"I was born and held by my mother, Anglis …"
Mark frowned here and looked up at Father Bert.
Father Bert still smiles.
That’s weird
He remembers …
Mark looked down thoughtfully and quickly searched his memory palace.
He was reincarnated with memory.
It stands to reason that his memory of this life should be renewed from the moment when he was born and came into contact with Qi.
It is …
What is the starting point of his memory in the palace from the moment he was held in his mother’s arms by Anglis?
Mark thought about looking at Father Bert, and then his eyes fell on Father Bert, who said that he once held a vial of Jesus’ blood.
Father Bert noticed Mark’s eyes and immediately said in a soft voice, "I’ve never seen such a strong breath in a newborn before you, full of arrogance, jealousy, exposure, laziness, greed, gluttony and lust. At the moment you were born, my neck and cross directly decayed, and my hands became powder. At that moment, I was a demon Lord, a demon king, and evil finally came to people …"
Mark "…"
Chapter 737 Wings
Ma’s eyebrows are beating.
Father Bert gave Mark an impulse to tear this guy apart when he said the first half of the sentence.
But the second half?
all right
Ma is the keeper of the underworld, the king of the underworld, the emperor of life and death, …
Although the title of demon king is suspected of lowering the level, Mark feels that he can barely accept it.
After all, people here are bumpkins and have no idea of the underworld and hell. They estimate that the underworld is equal to hell in their hearts.
soon afterwards
Mark looked at Father Bert and asked, "Then what did you do? Father "
Father Bert glanced at Mark and continued, "When Mayor Budd and I smelled the smell and rushed to Louis’ home, the sky was full of morning stars …"
Mark interrupted, "Father, I remember this. I want to ask if it is connected."
Father Bert glanced at Mark and continued, "When we realized that the devil was coming to man, Bud and I wanted to kill you. There were colorful lights coming out of your body, which made Bud and I hesitate. Maybe your birth was the main arrangement. When you were born, I was invited to protect this bottle of Jesus blood and tried to evolve and hover around you. Unfortunately, I drove away the four demons of jealousy, laziness, gluttony and greed. You still have arrogance, rage and lust …"
When Mark heard this, it seemed like an epiphany. He looked up at Father Bert and asked, "Father, where was Chris then?"
"Your father?"