Hua Zhen trip "Of course, even if you don’t say it, I will."

Ke Mengchao is kind and interjected, "Lao Yang, don’t always say that Xiaohua is a promising child! No matter who teaches something when you are young, you can’t teach it when you are young. You must reach a certain age before you can get started.
The two of them are already monks of the four kingdoms, even if they can be traced back to the ancient capital, it is rare. "
Yang Tehong: "You are right. This is mainly because my old man is powerful!"
This sentence, which is obviously suspected of boasting, is rare for Mo Shang Tong and Ke Mengchao not to refute Yang Laotou’s claim that he is powerful. It should not be how high others are, but how to cultivate the yuan.
Nourishing Yuan is a set of extremely simplified cultivation techniques. Simplification of physical fitness is the really extremely high means. Old man Yang was definitely not practicing Nourishing Yuan in those days. The first person on this foundation was Hua Zhen.
Hua Zhen gave Manman and Locke the skill of nourishing the Yuan again, but his repair was still the skill of the Fogen family.
Locke’s body proves that there is no conflict between the duality or inclusiveness of nourishing Yuan and the fact that Locke is a yogi in another body.
The situation of Mann and Locke is different. She is very lucky to become a new generation of "priests" of the Poseidon, risking her roots and not realizing the danger
Later, she chose to practice Yangyuan from scratch and break through the four realms. She has finished the foundation of Yangyuan.
From Manman’s body, another thing is verified. Nourishing Yuan is not only suitable for all kinds of spiritual practices, but in a sense, it actually includes all kinds of so-called secret methods, among which Yang Lao summarized the common parts.
Without Locke and Manman’s trip to Hua Zhen, he was not sure to promote the art of nourishing Yuan. He first experimented in the sea protoss, and now he has begun to promote it in the high-level industry.
Hua Zhen Xing, Manman and Locke all learned the secret method not only for cultivating Yuan, but the Poseidon people never learned his secret method, which was very simple. Many people can get started and have proved the success of cultivating Yuan.
Of course, did Hua Zhen know when Dr. Rothschild Brussel Life Club helped him complete another part of the experiment, which fully proved the suitability of nourishing the body?
Almost all Poseidon people are born in abject poverty, and most of them are illiterate, which is one of the most primitive aborigines in the world. The members of the vitality club are all the best educated in Bailuozhou’s famous, rich and developed civilized society.
In this way, it is enough to say a lot of things that the two kinds of people want teachers to teach them the law and students’ understanding ability meets the requirements, and they can all get started in cultivating yuan.
Yang Laotou’s attitude towards Manman is obviously different from that towards Hua Zhen’s trip. After Huazhen’s breakthrough in the four realms, Yang Laotou left him a mental impression, including all kinds of cultivation cores, and of course, nourishing the Yuan.
Mann today also broke through the four realms, and Yang Lao-tou neither asked her what she had experienced, nor paid attention to her mind, but told Xiaohua to continue to teach Mann.
It can be inferred from this detail that no matter how much he praises Manman, he also believes that Manman’s diligence will not surpass Hua Zhen’s every step in the future, so Hua Zhenxing can teach her what she can’t teach.
Ink Shang Tong and carrying a teacup, "when I taught you the wooden magpie technique, I guided you to practice as you saw it with your own eyes."
Mann, don’t say that people have different foundations, but Xiaohua, you are one step behind. I didn’t expect Locke to take the lead in breaking through the four borders. "
Hua Zhenxing retorted, "What can we do if we break the boundary first? You never look at how old Locke is and how long he has studied. "
Kefu nodded. "Xiaohua is right. Xiaohua was not born when Locke was in contact with divination. Learning early doesn’t mean that he is better."
Yang Te Hong Mo Shang Tong stared at him at the same time, and Hua Zhenxing interrupted, "Don’t talk too much, but Mann is also a teacher?"
Yang Tehong walked over and took out something that was actually a small embroidered sachet with pink, light green, lake and blue interwoven faces and small tassels.
I used to wear this sachet when I was a child in Hua Zhen. It’s not so fancy. It’s just a small cloth-wrapped pin. I don’t know what medicine is in it, and it has a special fragrance to drive away snakes and insects.
Perfume bag is a tradition in the East China, mainly because realgar, musk and other medicines are often found in sachets around the Dragon Boat Festival, and a Niuhuang Angong pill is directly put in order to dispel wind, exorcise evil spirits, soothe the nerves and pray for blessings.
This sachet takes Hua Zhen’s knowledge in Yang Lao’s hand and can’t penetrate it. Listen to Yang Lao’s smile. "Man Man, you follow Xiaohua to learn Yuan Shu, which is also my old man’s house. I will also send you a quasi-artifact named You Shui Xiang."
Things will be easier when we get to Manman. Many three old people took out the magic weapon without turning around to amuse themselves. The name has already been decided.
Accompanied by the voice, the fragrance of water was branded. At the same time, the magic weapon of staying in Manman and Hua Zhen was given to Manman, but the brand of water was also given to Hua Zhen and Hua Zhen when necessary
Youshuixiang is an artifact that needs to be branded when it is inherited, but Yang Laotou said that it is a "quasi-artifact". Perhaps it is because his old man’s house is modest or has another view.
The artifact is not a sachet, but a bead in the sachet with a diameter of a little more than two centimeters. This bead is actually a kind of Dan medicine named Wuqizhu.
Mr. Feng gave the wind ring fan to Hua Zhen, but it was taken away by Yang Lao-tou, because the fan pendant is a nine-turn purple-gold pill. According to Yang Lao-tou, it is both a pill and an artifact. There are nine-turn purple-gold pills in this world.
Yang Lao-tou has also heard of another kind of Dan medicine, Lu Wu Shenlun Dan. Although it is not an artifact, it is also a treasure that can combine body and mind.
Perhaps it was inspired. Old man Jiayang is refining five-qi Chundan recently, and even churning out a five-qi Dan with dual attributes of Dan medicine and magic weapon.
Five-qi elixir is not five-qi spring elixir, it is also a magic weapon. The so-called spring elixir is wonderful.
Is the Five Qi Dan wonderful? First of all, you can adjust your temperament, moisten your face, and adjust your tune. When you wear it, you will feel better when you do exercises.
Next, it has another more important wonderful thing, that is, healing can not only heal yourself, but also heal others, help others to balance the five qi, and restore Ping Shu’s viscera to a healthy state.
What’s more, it can also perform the healing magic. If the emissary is proficient in the healing magic, it can greatly increase the effect of the healing magic. No one needs to teach Maman in this respect. She has already received it from Locke.
This five-qi Dan body is a magic weapon for self-restraint and nourishing the face, and it can also be used for healing and healing, but it is also a Dan medicine in special circumstances.
For some elixirs, the so-called concept of ""is not to directly eat this five-qi pill, but to urge and transport it to absorb its efficacy or help others.
If this five-qi pill is regarded as an elixir, it is equivalent to being consumed in very special occasions, such as if someone has been seriously injured and can’t come just by treating the magical power, then it is good to sacrifice this magic weapon.
This five-qi pill can be used as a magic weapon to beautify the face and heal the wounds. It will not be worn out, but if it is used in an emergency, it will become smaller and smaller and disappear
This five-qi Dan is a magic weapon, but it has not reached the realm of artifact. Old man Yang called this pearl fragrant with water and said that it is a quasi-artifact because it is very special, and it was wrapped in a blue sacred stone named Shui Xin.
There are six kinds of sacred stones, which are said to be treasures left over from ancient times. Now they are extremely rare, and they are also made by polytheists who make instruments and inlaid staves.
All the sacred stones are the same size and shape, and the diameter is a little more than one centimeter. They are regular dodecahedron, and each face is regular pentagon. Ordinary sacred stones are transparent in color.
The golden stone is called Tears of the Gods, which means that few people have seen it. It is said that it is an artifact.
The white sacred stone is called the wind charm dance, the blue sacred stone is called the deep blue Shui Xin red sacred stone is called the flame elf brown sacred stone is called the earth pupil, and these four special sacred stones are all artifacts. The core of Locke Feiyun boots is a wind charm dance.
Yang Lao-tou got a deep and remote blue Shui Xin package from somewhere, and Shang Tong, the Chinese ink in Five Qi Dan, helped to sacrifice and refine such a special quasi-artifact, named You Shui Xiang, and decorated it into a small sachet.
This is not simply a five-qi Dan wrapped in a deep blue Shui Xin, but a whole sacrifice. It has the characteristics of an artifact, but it is always a Dan medicine sample. This is different from the ever-changing hidden gun. Old man Yang will say that it is a quasi-artifact.
Many wonders of the fragrance of water are due to the deep blue Shui Xin or the deep blue Shui Xin gain.
In addition to healing and beauty, the fragrance of water can also help to display various water gods or water control spells, which is simply tailor-made by Manman!
In extreme cases, such as the five-qi Dan on the outer layer of Youshuixiang is exhausted, there will eventually be a deep blue Shui Xin left, which can still be added to assist various water control spells.
Good stuff, even the "well-informed" trip to Hua Zhen was amazed. He was either jealous and fragrant, or he should give this magic weapon to Manman, which is also of great benefit to him.
Yang Lao head handed over the sachet. Mann didn’t stretch out his hand to pick her up and go around the stone table. Hua Zhen line just saluted as before, referring to the ceremony of giving and receiving the utensils by the Godsworn Dong Guo.
It’s not that Kefu sent her a divine message, but that Hua Zhen’s trip in the kitchen just now taught Hua Zhen’s trip. He had guessed that Yang Lao-tou was going to send Manman a magic weapon today, but he didn’t guess that it was so precious and so wonderful.
When Mann got up with joy, she almost jumped up with joy. Although she knew what this baby was like after she got the brand, she couldn’t help but take out the pearl from a small sachet and see for herself.
The surface of the round bead is agate-shaped five-color grain. Mann tried to use magic to promote the flow of five-color luster, but it shone with soft white light, which enveloped all the big umbrellas.