But when she thought that it was because of him that she was separated from Liu Yin for five years, she was a little scared.

Life is short. They don’t have many five years to go …
"You … hello …"
I heard that they seemed to be saying that their Ling Shui nodded at Jiang Xue Bud and smiled sweetly. "I … my name is Ling Shui, but you can call me Shui Shui …"
Jiang Xue bud also smiled at her [
It seems that this woman is very simple and lovely …
She didn’t expect Ji Yue Liuji to like this type of woman.
She has always felt that a gentle and skilled woman like Ruoyun is more suitable for him.
But now that I think about it, it’s good to have such a simple and lovely woman around him …
People like him are always calculating this and that.
Maybe you just need a simple person around you
In that case, he will feel more relaxed.
A group of people entered the house, and the official Yu asked Xiao Ruoxi to take some children to other places to play.
Xiao Ruoxi is naturally familiar with everyone, acting like a hostess.
Pull the fox and smile and say, "Brother and sister, will you go to play with Ruoxi and take you to my little garden?"
Fox blinked and smiled and said, "If you cherish your sister, do you have roast chicken there?"
Xiaoruoxi paused, "Roasted chicken?"
"Yes, yes, delicious roast chicken is my favorite …"
Small if cherish satisfied head smug way "brother likes to eat if cherish can let a person do for my brother …"
She’s in charge of the whole house now
What she wants to wear, eat and play …
It takes only one order …
"Well, well, well, let’s go to your little garden now …"
Clap your hands when you hear that a fox who likes roast chicken best smiles [
Xiao smile has never liked other children very much.
Although she also has many cousins in the fox kingdom, she never likes to be with them. Section 44: Your father is really good to you.
Although she also has many cousins in the fox kingdom, she never likes to play with them
But I have an indescribable affection for Xiao Ruoxi.
Especially when I hear Xiao Ruoxi calling her sister.
The soft waxy sound …
It suddenly occurred to her that it would be nice if she really had such a sister [
Yunluo is more sexual than some …
He looked at the little fox and the little smile, both willing to go with Xiao Ruoxi, and followed them silently.
"If you cherish that beautiful uncle, is it really your dad?"
A few people came to a small garden with a small smile and a small hand smiling and asked.
Small if precious little face immediately revealed that kind of proud look.
"Yes, my dad is very good-looking, isn’t he, sister?"
Small smile nodded "well, it looks good …"
She was … The first time to see such a beautiful person.
Although dad is actually very beautiful …
But she had to admit that Xiao Ruoxi’s dad looked better.
But her mother is not so beautiful …
Besides, she thinks it’s strange that Xiao Ruo cherishes his mother …
Seeing her and her brother makes me want to cry …
I really don’t understand what’s wrong with her
"You see, you see, this is a small garden specially built by Dad. There are all kinds of flowers in it …"
"This little swing is made by Dad himself …"
Small smile touched the swing smilingly and said, "Your dad is really good to you …"
Small if precious little proud eyes smile became a crack …
"Dad hurts me the most. If Cheryl wants something, whatever it is, Dad will buy it for me …" [
Looking at Xiao Ruoxi’s triumphant smile, I couldn’t help showing off, "My dad is also very kind to me …"
"I have my own small garden, too. Will you come and play with me sometime?"
Small if precious little blinked "elder sister, where do you live ….."
"I live in the palace of the fox world … Section 443: Woo-hoo monsters have monsters.
I live in the fox world palace … "
"Ouch, we are different from you …"
Looking at a small smile with a confused face and a young lip angle, I stretched out my hand and touched my ass and said with a smile, "You see …"
She touched her hand on her ass twice, and …
Small if precious little wow shouted a face of panic, pointing to the little smile behind the furry tail … [
Too scared to speak clearly. "You … you … tail … tail …"
Small smile blinked triumphantly swinging his tail "see, we all have tails in the fox world …"
Small if precious little gawk at her …
Suddenly I started to cry …
"Blare monsters have monsters …"
Little Ruoxi was scared …
And ran outside …
As he ran, he cried and shouted, "Whoops, dad’s mother has monsters and monsters …"
Small smile leng leng looked behind him swinging a big tail and looked at the little fox and ji yue yun luo.
"She … what’s wrong with her!"