No, none of this matters.

Ziyunxi is calm, and it just happens that no one will bother you tonight.
Her lips curled up in a charming gesture.
I’m like a gentleman when I’m awake, but I don’t know what I can swing into when I’m asleep
Aren’t you good at breaking the array?
I thought I didn’t like her at all! ?
She’ll show him tonight!
Ziyunxi drew a circle gently with her finger. This Secret Book of Black Lotus is really a good thing. Although she can’t master it yet, she has already achieved something. I believe that few people can stop her disposal with this secret book.
"My good Lord can’t meet you in reality but don’t know what it’s like in a dream?" Pick your eyes, charm your enchanting lips and teeth, spit out your breath as if you had a magical taste and slowly slipped into the sleeping emperor’s nose.
She doesn’t believe that his dream will be broken. Chapter 35 You are not proud!
[Huang Junyi Dream]
incredible rumour
The night seems to be torn by starlight, and small caves can be seen bright and bright.
It’s not dazzling, it’s quiet, and the world seems to be more beautiful than the whole day.
Huang Junyi slowly opened his eyes and the meteor shower was still on.
The mountain has its own beautiful scenery.
Ziyun ao’s lip angle Yang came slowly towards him. She said she didn’t miss the meteor shower.
He nodded his head and gently responded with a strange joy in his heart.
She has been so special since the first day she came into his field of vision, and she is different from slipping into his life.
Ziyun proudly stopped in front of Huang Junyi and said to him, "What did you wish for?"
At that moment, the girl smiled and her eyes were incredibly clear and soft, as if they could melt his heart and freeze the glaciers for a lifetime.
"You will accompany me for the rest of my life," he said.
She smiled sweetly, and I don’t remember her smiling like this. She smiled with a hint of inexplicable charm.
I promise you to accompany me forever.
"I dare not be so greedy, you know? My wish has always been simple. I wish I could meet you … "
He looked at her stupefied.
She slowly held out her hand toward him. "Let me meet you, even for a short moment or even for a night … Let me meet you …"
She said it was so gentle as if she wanted nothing else in life.
He doesn’t want to touch her and feel her temperature.
But he can’t …
The scorpion’s shadow will kill her at any time because of her wandering body.
But at this moment, I don’t know what bewitched me, but I didn’t refuse. Maybe I was moved in my heart, and maybe I tried to get close to it thousands of times.
On such a beautiful night, all the others are like smoke, and there are him and her in the whole world.
"If the meteor can really make a wish, I will surely meet you, won’t I? Yi … Let me have a try, ok? Yi … "
The young man’s beautiful face finally had a crack as if she were allowed to approach.