A charming melody nowadays light breath sounded with ambiguous …

The next day, Han Fei did not come to inquire, and even Fang Qing felt that the world was much quieter and the mood was pleasant for a few minutes.
At the same time, Han Fei eagerly went to the Qing palace to offer Yin Qin fruit, but was punished by the imperial concubine empress and grounded all over the harem.
So when I paid my respects this day, even the "sisters" of Fangqing behaved honestly and quietly. Many respectfully invited Ann, said a few superficial perfunctory pleasantries, and then went to be well-advised to leave.
It is convenient to compete for the emperor’s attention, and few people will take a half step back!
Finally, Emperor Guangyuan went for a walk and talked with his beloved imperial concubine in the imperial garden today.
When they walked to the pool of Taiyu, they heard a gentle and graceful Qingyue Geqin across the water in Liu Yin, which sounded particularly fresh and pleasant. Both of them were refreshed.
"I don’t know who has a good voice! What a pair of skillful hands! " Guangyuan emperor not shout with a smile.
In exchange for Lian Fangqing’s supercilious look, he woke up and held her hand and explained with a low smile, "I just praised this lute!"
Lian Fangqing "sloped" and laughed. "This song and this piano really won my appreciation!"
Then he shouted, "People play the piano and sing here? Don’t come out to see the frame! "
"ah!" A low, as if frightened, girl exclaimed. Even Fang Qing and Emperor Guangyuan lit up at the moment and saw a fluttering girl with a double-ring flying fairy bun.
The girl wore a pink pink plain twill long sleeve dress and a long silver-purple gauze sash, which made her slim waist look more slender and pitiful.
Emei lightly sweeps the elegant jade hairpin out of the thick Liu Yin and hires it to be beautiful and beautiful, which is eye-catching. Anyone who sees it can’t help but look at it more.
The young girl’s hands were lightly gathered and her eyes were lifted, and she took a glance at Emperor Guangyuan and Lian Fangqing, who seemed a little scared and worried. Because of this fear and worry, she showed a somewhat naive and pure charm.
"Male and female servants see the emperor, see the imperial concubine empress! I don’t know that the emperor and the imperial concubine have disturbed the emperor and the empress here. Please forgive them! "
When the girl hangs her eyes in front of her, she bends her knees and salutes. When she hangs her eyes, she bows her head slightly and the arc is beautiful, revealing a white slender neck.
Even Fang Qing looked at the girl’s every move, smile and every step, and every breath was so good that it was just right, as if it had been carefully calculated to show her beauty to the maximum, and she could not help sighing in her heart.
The palace is really a master like a cloud. No wonder everyone wants to be an emperor!
She can’t learn these means in her life!
"It’s nothing to disturb me and the imperial concubine. Forgive you for your sin!" Guangyuan emperor gave a look at her and said
"It’s a courtesan!" The bottom of the girl’s eyes crossed and she smiled and curled up.
Emperor Guangyuan actually doesn’t know who this girl is at all, but she should be a noble and beautiful human being.
He didn’t want her to return, but just then four or five concubines, including Yan wives, Yu Meiren, Yin nobles and Xiang nobles, arrived in a large group of ladies-in-waiting eunuchs.
Seeing Lian Fangqing and the daughters of Emperor Guangyuan is naturally a big surprise. Please ask An Yan to smile before you are busy. "Today, the weather is just right. I have invited several sisters to visit the park. I don’t want to be so clever. The emperor and the imperial concubine are also here!"
Guangyuan emperor nodded and smiled and said nothing.
Even Fang Qing Gherardini way "is not a coincidence! Let’s walk together since we have touched each other so skillfully! "
He smiled at Emperor Guangyuan again. "The emperor’s servants and concubines are a little tired. Shall we sit in the Linglong Jade Pavilion in front?"
Linglong Jade Pavilion is built near the water, and the railing can overlook Taiye Lake. On the other hand, the edge of a large grassland facing the shore is densely planted with cloves, magnolia, pomegranate and other flowers and trees. The winding pavilions are looming and the scenery is excellent.
Guangyuan emperor’s eyes are busy now. "Is there anything wrong? Let’s go there! "
Said never put off till tomorrow what you can took her shoulder went to the side of judo "call a maid-in-waiting to give you a lamented the thirsty not thirsty? I’ll have tea prepared! Today, I ordered a crispy almond cake, a cake and fried sugar pills for my heart, and I asked someone to deliver them, okay? "
Didn’t take a reason all the concubines.
Everyone is envious and jealous, but everyone knows that it is impossible to compare with Qing Guifei. It is purely self-abuse!
However, in the eyes of the emperor, there is already a clear imperial concubine. If you don’t seize the opportunity to go to the emperor and wait for a year or two, the emperor may not even remember whether he is round or flat!
At that time, don’t say that you are favored. It’s good to have a meal!
It’s even more rare for the emperor to visit the imperial garden like today because he is not close to women and rarely goes to the harem!
It’s not bad that the imperial concubine eats meat and everyone has soup to drink!
Therefore, all the concubines didn’t care about Emperor Guangyuan’s attitude, and they still followed her with smiles on their faces.
At that time, when Emperor Guangyuan ordered all the maids-in-waiting eunuchs to sit in the pavilion, they were busy sending tea, cakes, food, hot water and towels to the pavilion.
Although busy, they are not chaotic, and they are smart and lively. They don’t feel noisy at all, but they are more lively.
Lian Fangqing and Emperor Guangyuan are not stupid, but are they deliberately following the "encounter" coincidence? Ha ha!
It’s not good to catch people coming. Chapter 1496, 1496, Play around.
Lian Fang said, "If it weren’t for the overall situation, I wouldn’t bother to deal with you guys!"! However, it’s also lively, so many well-dressed beauties look beautiful, which is another kind of fun, isn’t it?
Thinking so in my heart, even Fang Qing’s mood suddenly became better, and her mouth smile became more and more brilliant and charming.
Emperor Guangyuan saw that she was happy and she followed the silly joy. The line of sight was glued to her body as if she could never be cut off.
All the concubines met and smiled, and their hearts became more and more bitter, and they could not help secretly giving birth to a little bit of disheartened.
For a while, everyone sat down for tea and snacks, and even Fang Qing laughed. "In the past, my sisters also thought that the emperor was always busy with political affairs. It is rare that today’s sisters are in the emperor. Don’t let your sisters down!"
All the concubines are not shy, smiling and looking at Emperor Guangyuan with eyes full of autumn water or joy or anger, or charming or shame.
Guangyuan Emperor Nai took a glance at Lian Fangqing’s sly, clever and implied smiling eyes and pinched her soft waist with wide sleeves. The smiling tone implied a warning in a low voice, "Qing Er, you are not good again, and I will pick you up later."
Even Fang Qing still smiled gently, but she couldn’t help blushing, biting her lips and turning her face away with a snort.
There seems to be no connection between being good and not cleaning up, right? Anyway, he packed up if he wanted to …
The night before, she was just angry and gave him a taste of being shut out. Last night, he was so revenged … narrow-minded man …
Guangyuan emperor is let go of her hand ha ha a smile and look around the beauty laughed "imperial concubine said you don’t have to detain me looking at you for fun and joy in my heart! That’s … Yeah, that’s a good piano. Keep playing! I think the gardenia flowers over there are very beautiful. Go and pick some. Later, bring them back to Ganqing Palace. It’s the best for noble people. brew tea won’t show everyone? There are a lot of shallow fish in this lake. If anyone can catch them, I will get a reward! There are many rewards for fishing at most! "
In a few words, they all sent away.