Monty ribbon inch by inch fragmentation.
The stronger the enemy is, the stronger the sword of Donglai will be. This is not the character of Donglai, but the eternal fate of reincarnation. Because there is no retreat for reincarnation, Donglai can impose this idea on himself and then change himself.
Monty ribbon inch by inch broken Zhu Yuyan eyes also with the cold to face frosty pupil flashed a cold murder.
Take it!
As soon as Monty’s work was collected, the remaining Monty ribbon was instantly recovered, but almost at the same time, the pieces of silk were instantly exploded with the Zhu Yuyan Monty gas field, and all the broken silk was released like a bomb.
In the face of a raindrop attack, Donglai unexpectedly exploded in Monty’s aura without restraint, and it was a rare opportunity to "turn around and swing the lotus" and easily escape this bizarre and sharp broken silk attack.
But it seems that everything has fallen into Zhu Yuyan’s calculation. I don’t know when Zhu Yuyan will come to the East and the new monty aura on his head will make the East physically imprisoned. Seeing her delicate hands twitching and doing weird things, she wants to take the East to fight for her life.
"So that’s it …"
Make Donglai’s mind stand still for a moment, and his left hand cooperates with the iron sword to dance against Zhu Yuyan’s head. This dance is not random waving, but following an unspeakable trajectory. The fastest crazy interpretation is like a boxing shadow and a sword shadow waiting for Zhu Yuyan to come.
This scene turned into Zhu Yuyan Gate to die.
Zhu Yuyan thought that the monty’s skill was broken, which made the mysterious sword and palm of the East come together, but she found with horror that it looked just a little fast and complicated, and the defense could make her feel so uncomfortable that she wanted to vomit blood. Not to mention, this move must be a defeat, but it changed from hands to a combination of boxing and sword. The root is the same.
Zhu Yuyan with deeply unwilling to violate the physical inertia, a ling transverse movement makes the east defense fault directly far away.
That is, with this slight change in tactics, Zhu Yuyan flew out nearly 100 meters away.
"It’s not that easy!"
Three strokes have been ordered. Donglai won’t be polite to Zhu Yuyan
Huang Yi’s martial arts world is a realm of high and low confrontation mentality, so if the real power is high and low, then you Chuhong, Liao and the four great saints can keep pace with the three great masters, depending on their faces.
The secret method stimulation capability in Zhu Yuyan is just a bit tricky for Dongdong. Zhu Yuyan has no confidence in himself, and the fear of Dongdong is still an indelible flaw. With such a breakthrough password, Dongdong is naturally comfortable.
Now is the time to kill them all.
"This …"
Chapter seventy-one Evil Wang Shixuan
Chapter seventy-one Evil Wang Shixuan
"This …"
Hou Xibai looked at Zhu Yuyan and the two distant figures of Donglai in tandem. He didn’t know what to say. He originally wanted to make amends. Unfortunately, he didn’t get involved in the present situation, not even the most basic words.
I have to say that Hou Xibai is very disappointing today.
"Hebai doesn’t know you have plans?"
Shifeixuan still has some self-knowledge that he can’t chase Zhu Yuyan and make the East come, so he wants to unite Hou Xibai to end Sichuan.
Sichuan can be more than just a villain of the Yin-Gui Sect.
I don’t know Hou Xibai’s frustration. "It’s hard to make Mr. Xi Bai meet them after making a big mistake today, but today things tell Xi Bai a truth, a very profound truth …"
Huizhi Lanxin Shifeixuan naturally knows what the reason is, but she still wants to try her best to retain Hou Xibai. However, Hou Xibai’s determination this time has greatly exceeded Shifeixuan’s expectation and directly bid farewell to "Miss Shi, we don’t hope that Xibai will have a farewell to Miss Shi …"
After the words, Hou Xibai left like this, very simply.
"Ah …"
Shi Feixuan didn’t think that this time the Sichuan guild had such a big blow to Hou Xibai, but his friend Shi Feixuan shouldn’t have stopped him, but the thought of picking up Shi Feixuan had a headache. After all, Sichuan is not as mixed as the Central Plains, and no one can play a decisive role.
"It seems that I can personally help Fan Zhuo in Sichuan for a while …"
Shifeixuan paused for a moment and then flew over to Chengdu.
Shi Feixuan’s efforts have made two of the three giants in Sichuan inclined to Li Tang. Although it is not clear that the exclusive fort is lacking in ambition because of Jack nife and Song Dynasty, and Ba Meng is afraid to jump to conclusions because of the lack of influence in Song Dynasty, Shi Feixuan still believes that he is capable of exclusive fort and Ba Meng’s small problems can be easily solved, so the biggest obstacle left is Sichuan Gang.
If Li Shimin is long and well-founded, but he has just become strong, there has been a separatist struggle in Li Tang’s department. The most serious thing is that the magic door actually stabilized Li Tang’s heel and United Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji against Li Shimin, the chosen future king.
The Sichuan trip has chosen to deteriorate from the wind direction and has chosen Shi Feixuan. What we have to do now is to try our best to win more help from Li Shimin.
Of course, these don’t make the east and the west have a headache, and he doesn’t have so much time to have a headache
Make Donglai suddenly stop to ponder the half footprint on the ground.
About measuring the depth, the corners of the mouth of Donglai couldn’t help but become warped up and said to himself, "The secret method of Yin after Yin is not so easy to bear. After only half an hour, you can’t support leaving such a flaw …"
Make the East mind alert and the body suddenly move sideways.