"Local tyrants, you don’t want to bake it when the thunder robbery appears first, do you?"

Tang Luoling waved to the local tyrants.
"I am not afraid that I will stay here!"
However, the local tyrants refused to come because they were still lying on the cover of the medicine tripod.
"At that time, the thunder will come to you!"
"Don’t worry, you can’t die!"
Well, it said that, so what’s she worried about?
Tang Luoling reached out her hands to make this elixir appear, which is the first elixir refined in her life.
To be on the safe side, Tang Luoling had to expose his strength. Three fire symbols appeared in his hands and gestured to summon the blue dragon, Zi Long and the black dragon.
The command of these three dragons has shocked many people.
White Dragon, Huanglong, Qinglong, Blue Dragon, Zi Long and Black Dragon all roared with excitement, which made the Kowloon Lingding look like a living thing.
But the original sunny weather became cloudy, and the sky was even more thunderous. Then a lightning strike as big as a fist directly hit the Kowloon Lingding. Chapter 379 St. Guanyin Heart 3
This LeiJie incredibly let the whole medicine tripod was full of force.
When Tang Luoling saw it, he felt numb. When he saw the black shadow, he quickly asked, "Are you okay, local tyrant?"
"How comfortable!"
Local tyrants are amazing!
Even one side ZhuangShun stare big eyes some can’t believe what the hell is this spirit beast incredibly so bullish?
The fist is thunderous. If it were ordinary people, they wouldn’t be able to fall on the ground!
When Tang Luoling saw that it could still talk, he ignored it. "There are still five thunderbolts. If you can’t bear it, remember to come later."
"Let the thunder robbery come more fiercely!"
The local tyrant shout as if he were not afraid of death.
Tang Luoling doesn’t know that thunder is the most powerful force in heaven and earth, and local tyrants are both fire and earth. How can they be afraid of this thunder? On the contrary, the appearance of thunder robbery can forge its bones better. It naturally feels comfortable. How can it be cooked?
The little guy’s words just fell, and then two thunderbolts with thick arms landed immediately!
The local target of this thunder robbery is actually the Kowloon Lingding.
The original tripod in Gaotai Jiulong was cracked when it was hit. Tang Luoling was distressed when he saw this crack!
If this soul Guanyin heart is not refined, she will really lose her life!
Not only lost Kowloon Lingding, but also lost Wei Yuankai’s bet to apologize to Ning Yi, and lost three good helpers of the fifth-order medicine emperor. How come this is not a big loss?
Thought of this, she bit her teeth and broke her finger, then popped up a drop of blood and flew towards the Kowloon Lingding.
"Six dragons listen to the order!"
No matter what, she will let six fire dragons protect the Kowloon Lingding Ding to the moment when Dan becomes a goddess of mercy, which will not hurt her too much!
Six-color dragon shadow has become more solid because of her drop of blood, which has wrapped around the Kowloon Lingding and strengthened its defense.
The sky thundered, followed by three thighs-thick thunder sweeping across the sky!
"Brothers, come out to the nursing home!"
The other seven Emperor Wudi came out as soon as Bra Ba Tian saw him.
As soon as their strength went to the medicine refining platform, people were shocked and retreated ten meters away.
They just forced the crowd to retreat, and they were injured, but the bullying was as evil as the thunder and robbery followed.
Don’t say it’s a Emperor Wu’s numbness and horror in the face of Lei Jie, so they can’t help but retreat two or three steps!
Three thick thunder thundered in the Kowloon Ling Ding Tang Luoling, and she could feel that her medicine Ding Ma was about to be scrapped. Looking at the silver light in all directions, she was anxious "fierce day! Brother Sanbiao quickly resisted Dan Blade! "
Braba Tian tried to help before, but he felt that he had been touched by the lightning force as if he had been hit by acupuncture points.
Finally, Zhu Yi flew from the high platform in one fell swoop. He made two short blades to deal with this Dan blade very quickly.