Taking a deep breath, he added, "You know medical skills. Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?"

"Have you forgotten what Tainu said?" Luo Yixuan said weakly, "I really want to help you, but I … but I’m afraid I can’t. Remember that I know you … I didn’t know you for long … Don’t do anything wrong …"
"What’s the matter with you? Wake up, wake up and tell me the truth! " See his eyes closed against the trunk to pour los escape hin the feeling be nasty to hold his body strength shake way
"Stop it!" Lin Shuling quickly walked beside Luo Yixuan. "The public body is seriously ill, so shaking him so hard will kill him immediately!" No matter how Cenluo looks, he took Luo Yixuan Lin Shu from his hand and took out a delicate vial from his sleeve, then poured out a black pill and stuffed it into the main mouth.
"Uncle Lin … Are you all right?" When the bamboo core came, Lin Shu had picked up Luo Yixuan and prepared to leave.
Tears in her eyes are like a broken line. Uncle Zhu Lin said, "The public situation is very dangerous. We have to get back to Lijing as soon as possible!"
He took a deep look at Cenluo and then called Bamboo Core and soon disappeared.
Cenluo stared at Luo Yixuan’s sitting position and looked straight for a long time before he got up, but he didn’t leave immediately, but looked inexplicably at the hazy moonlight as if thinking about something.
Even Yi couldn’t sleep in bed, so she just sat up.
"Can’t sleep?" Wind Qing also sat up and took her by the shoulder temperature way
Light "well" in a row in the eyes of yi chung worried "how do you say her son hasn’t come back, she should not what’s the matter? And I’m worried that Los Frost has discovered that the palace has changed. "
Feng Qing held her hand and affirmed, "With Xiaoyu around, she will never have anything to do with Luo Shuang. If her sex is known to have changed in the palace, can she stay calm in the house?"
"Everything you say is reasonable, but I just can’t rest assured." Even Yiwei murmured with a sigh. "I’m not ashamed not only of my ancestors, but also of my Ling Yuemin and his wife for doing so many heinous things!" If she is capable enough, even if there is no Buddhist sitting in the palace, Ling Yue will not end up today.
How can Lian Yi not know what she thinks in her heart?
Not only does he know, but he is also very distressed about his lover. It is not that she is not strong enough, but that she is an ordinary person who wants to fight like a witch? What’s worse, when the throne was first ascended, the witch of the mother generation of Luoshuang had already given birth to evil intentions against the spirit moon, otherwise it would not be desperate to die, and the Buddhist would have to perish together, so as to destroy the whole spirit moon.
"You did a good job. Don’t blame yourself." Silent for a long time, he judo.
"Qing …" Their eyes are relatively even with a wry smile. "If you don’t comfort me, I know my ability."
Fengqing smiled and shook his head. "I didn’t comfort you. I told the truth."
"Really?" Cool tears welled up from the corner of my eyes, and Lian Yi sobbed, "If I did well enough, I wouldn’t be unable to protect my children …" Feng Qing didn’t say anything, but let her say something that had been suppressed for a long time. "It’s a lie that a newborn girl had to stay away from her hometown and grew up in a trembling palace, not only because she was whipped by Luo Shuang’s daughter, but also because she was forced to leave the Moon to go to the Central Plains and kiss her relatives." Lian Yi’s mood changed gradually. "At that time, I knew that all those lies were lies. It was their purpose to force Brocade to leave Lingyue, but they couldn’t stop her from leaving me. I hate them and I can’t wait to kill them immediately. Even this can’t solve my anger!"
"I can understand that you are angry, angry and hate them, but in my heart, I am the soul of the people, and I am not worried that you will do something stupid!"
"Jun? Stupid thing? " Lian Yi chuckled, "What am I? What kind of gentleman am I? I can’t protect my children, I can’t protect my people’s seats, and I don’t deserve to dominate Lingyue! I’ll be confused once when you say something stupid. Chapter 45 Haiyou
Feng Qing stroked her long hair slowly. "The children are fine! And although you owe something to the people over the years, it’s not that you want to protect their wings and live a happy and stable life. You are also a victim and suffer no less than the people! Yi, cry if you want. Although you show your weakness in front of me, I hope you will be strong after tonight. I hope you will be respected by courtiers, loved by all people and admire the queen because you are the queen. Nothing can do better than you! " His soft voice seems to be magical, which gradually soothes Lian Yi’s ups and downs.
"Yuer said that everything was fine in Brocade’s big week, but how good can she be when she is a stranger there?" Wiping away tears, Lian Yi sighed lightly. "I want to give the throne to Yu ‘er after everything is taken care of. What do you think?" Think of Liancheng figure, think of her style, and even the corners of her mouth can’t help laughing. "She is more suitable for being a country than me!"
"She is very suitable, but it’s not that you don’t know it’s urgent." Feng Qing’s heart swelled with bitterness, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "It’s not easy for her son to accept us as soon as he grew up. Besides, she has relatives in Da Zhou and has deep feelings for them, otherwise she wouldn’t have risked her life to save her younger brother in Ling Yue …"
Pondering for a moment, he added, "And the little but big Lord Zhou will return to his native land sooner or later."
Lian Yi thought for a moment and said flatly, "If he comes back, let him come back to me. If there are outstanding men, we can choose more husbands for her son. It’s no problem if she likes them."
"Ha ha!" The amorous feelings chuckle, and the eyebrows float with a faint smile. "You also said that Yuer likes it. Then you haven’t seen whether Yuer really likes it?" The night was quiet and the temple was cold everywhere, but Lian Yi felt a sense of relief when she saw his smile, which seemed to forget all her troubles for a moment. For a while, she said, "I naturally know that she really likes that little girl. She is my spiritual daughter and can’t act by sex. If that little girl wants her to stay, I will gladly agree with them to oppose their separation together!"
Feng Qing held her lying on the pillow. "We can’t tell them apart just like people can’t tell us. Will her son stay in Lingyue after all? Will she inherit the unification? We can’t be too anxious and wait for the right time. She will say that she wants to stay in Lingyue and become a new queen. Don’t force her to make a decision, no matter how many reasons we have. She is determined and will never be influenced by others."
Lying in his arms, Lian Yi was silent for a long time before he said "Well".
"Compared with Brocade, Yuer has suffered too much, and we feel guilty about her. You must remember not to think that she is our daughter, so it is not good for us to imprison her."
"So we can wait for her to finally leave that little girl?"
"From? This is where she was born, but it is not where she grew up, but I believe it will dilute everything. If she wants to stay longer, she will really like it here. At that time, it will be no problem for us to persuade her to stay. "
"Okay, I’ll listen to you."
They didn’t talk again, but they didn’t go to sleep immediately, but they were thinking about their own worries.
For a long time, I heard a slight and symmetrical breathing style around me, gently pulled out my arm, then sat up and locked my face with soft eyes. "Those scum in the army should also be solved!" Put on his robe and see his figure flash out of sight.
In a blink of an eye, Spring City is a small town hundreds of miles away from Li Jing. Liancheng and Huangfuyi sent another woman who was going home to her relatives two days ago, and then a group of people took a carriage to this small town.