"Yell at you, you damn little boy!" When the prince of death heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, he immediately shouted, and then his body flashed toward Huangfu Zhantian, but he suddenly changed his position and struck away at those who stopped fighting and killed all the people in the alliance.

"Ha-ha, smelly and small, with your little provocation, you can still make the demon king behave like a demon king. If you don’t believe me, you will always keep the bombardment of the lightning penalty that day until the lightning penalty disappears." The huge body of the demon king of death directly enveloped a large group of people whose strength reached the level of the plane god. In a short time, a large group of people collapsed and the breath of life disappeared. Obviously, it was killed by the demon king of death. It was an instant and killed by the strong plane god. This strength was absolutely strong enough.
"It’s delicious. I hope you can summon more demons!" The prince of death devoured the soul force of these people and immediately laughed and said,
Hearing the words of the Death Devil, the old man suddenly stumbled and almost fell down. This time, the old man’s soul force was sucked away by two thirds. If you come a few more times, the old man will not live and die directly!
"damn it!" Huangfu Zhantian saw that this guy didn’t deal with himself, but instead dealt with it. When these people came, they became furious. Unfortunately, although their strength was good, none of them competed with the prince of death.
"Hurry up and hurry up!" Huangfu Zhantian looked at the sky, and it continued to bombard the sky, and the lightning suddenly worried. This has already been more than 30 days, so why isn’t it over yet? Although the punishment of thunder this day is very powerful for his soul, he can’t watch these people die.
Finally, when the Death Devil killed less than 100 people, the dark clouds slowly dissipated in that day. Aware of this change, the Death Devil suddenly stopped that strange and greedy look. Looking at Huangfu Zhantian in its eyes is equivalent to a delicious meal. It seems that it has absorbed so many people’s soul force, but no one’s soul force is purer and stronger than this young man.
"Ha-ha, master, the punishment has disappeared. Don’t tell master that you dare not come in?" Huangfu Zhantian felt a violent feeling in his soul. Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a little unbelievable. Now his soul strength is more than twice as strong as before, and it has reached more than five times. This makes Huangfu Zhantian stunned and his mouth can be stuffed with an apple.
"Ha-ha, smelly little boy, don’t excite me. Your soul force is determined to die!" The prince of death immediately laughed when he heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian. At the same time, his huge body disappeared in an instant and then became the size of a person.
After doing this, the prince of death laughed and rushed towards Huangfu Zhantian, and at the same time raised its strength to the strongest level. It was very afraid of Huangfu Zhantian and dared not slack off.
"The soul is explosive!" Any suspection.i Zhantian felt the death prince’s offensive immediately and roared. At the same time, his body suddenly threw the death prince, which had been blown to ashes and repeatedly pulled the thin clothes of energy. After finishing these things, any suspection.i Zhantian kept condensing the soul force and blasting it toward the death prince, but a very simple broadsword appeared in the hands of the death prince and then cut it off toward the soul force of any suspection.i Zhantian.
"Ha-ha, how can you resist the young master with your little soul power? I will call you back to your hometown when I tell you this trick!" Huangfu Zhantian Soul Force is not afraid of the broadsword in its hand, but Huangfu Zhantian Soul Force has worn away the spirituality of this broadsword face. If it is worn away like this again, its weapon will be finished. Section 173: God strikes.
"die!" The prince of death can’t stand the coldness of Huangfu Zhantian any longer. When the huge body suddenly pounces on Huangfu Zhantian, it swears to kill Huangfu Zhantian regardless of its soul force bombardment.
Seeing that the prince of death is so crazy, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly became anxious. He relied on the soul force. Without the soul force, now his roots can’t resist the powerful attack of the prince of death.
"Give me a blast!" Huangfu Zhantian can’t take care of it at this time, so he controls his soul force like a bomb. A soul force sends out when it is very close to the prince of death, and then it explodes. This soul force explosion will blow the prince of death, and the power of retreating is very powerful. However, this trick is that Huangfu Zhantian Naiju disappears because this soul force explodes, which means it disappears. It actually disappears. This makes Huangfu Zhantian drop blood, but there is no way.
"Devil, it’s interesting to see how strong your soul power is, so explosive!" The devil of death is very wronged at this time. Where can he have suffered such humiliation? Now it is not crazy for such a young boy to be humiliated.
"Master Hum doesn’t believe you can go all the time. A guy like you can’t go all the time!" Huangfu Zhantian is gambling, that is, betting that the root of this dead prince is not long [
"Then you can bet on it and let you see the ability of the demon king. If you don’t want the demon king, you will be afraid of you!" A rare reddish color flashed in the eyes of the Lord of Death.
When I heard this death demon king’s words, my heart suddenly jumped, and my soul force no longer blew itself up. That powerful soul force suddenly converged and emerged. His head was square and became a semi-permeable body, which smelled like an ancient emperor, just like a real emperor.
"Raytheon’s boxing!" Any suspection.i war day roar loud that soul virtual shadow is suddenly stepped out to form an attack posture, and then that virtual shadow stretched out a fist. This fist just appeared, and all the sounds of all activities in heaven and earth disappeared, as if the whole world was afraid of this fist.
"Impossible! How is that possible!" After seeing this virtual shadow of Raytheon, the Lord of Death showed a look of fear for the first time. Yes, it was fear, and there was despair and disbelief in that fear.
"Raytheon’s virtual shadow is like I absolutely don’t believe it. Don’t say whether you are Raytheon’s virtual shadow or not. Even then, get out of here!" The demon king of death seemed to be crazy, and his huge body suddenly shrunk, and soon his kung fu was reduced to the size of a puppy, but the smell of the demon king of death was not weakened by the smaller body, but strengthened.
Then the prince of death jumped out to meet the virtual shadow fist and hit it.
The two soon collided, and then a thrilling energy fluctuation without sound and shape broke out from the intersection of the two.
"Boom …!"
See the prince of death suddenly fly out very strong breath suddenly weakened a lot and the suspection.i war days summoned thor virtual shadow is become through up and then disappeared.
"Snow …!" The disappearance of the virtual shadow made suspection.i Zhantian’s whole person gush out one mouthful blood and suddenly wither. Just the blow was cast out by him in a daze. Before that, he had absolutely no idea that the soul force could be so powerful that it broke out. Unfortunately, it didn’t kill the prince of death and he himself became like this.
"The demon king returned your virtual shadow of Raytheon to be true. It turned out to be a fake, but it is also considered that you have made such a move. It is for this reason that the demon king can’t spare you. The demon king will be interesting to see what tricks you haven’t displayed now!" With that, the prince of death has no scruples anymore. It is an instant that he comes to the front of Huangfu Zhantian. At the same time, his claws are hard to grasp at Huangfu Zhantian’s throat in an attempt to get rid of Huangfu Zhantian with one claw.
"Whoosh …!" At this time, the suspection.i Zhantian has recovered a little bit of Raytheon’s true qi. When trying to condense the body Raytheon’s true qi, he will not send his body over the blow.
"Good response. I see how you hide now!" Will the prince of death kill the suspection.i Zhantian? But I didn’t expect him to react so quickly.
"But I see how you hide now!" The prince of death laughed and said, with a wave of his hand, it suddenly wriggled, and the powerful force squeezed hard toward Huangfu Zhantian. Obviously, it intends to kill Huangfu Zhantian at one stroke.
"It’s over. Is it really going to kill me?" Suspection.i war, as a burst of depression, he didn’t think that he had come to this point. The strength of the dead prince was beyond his imagination. Even though he broke out his most powerful soul attack, he still couldn’t resist him.
"Boom …!" Is suspection.i Zhantian and Tianyu City when everyone is desperate, it’s like a blow from God. The energy chop severely bombarded the death prince, and the death prince directly flew out.
Being struck out by this mysterious energy, the demon king of death flew backwards for a long distance before stopping, but at this time its one-eyed face exposed a look of fear.
"What is it that people attack so powerfully?" Day feather city all suspection.i Zhantian this time is dead, but I didn’t think there was such a dramatic change [
"It’s so powerful. Even the old guy as powerful as the death demon can fly people out with this palm. It’s so handsome. I must be like him."
"people? If you want to fight with the devil, please come out and see! " The prince of death asked, looking around in horror.
"giggle, do you really want me to come out? If I do, you’ll be dead!" After the death demon asked, a crisp sound came out. Section 1733: Sorbus pohuashanensis
"giggle, do you really want me to come out? If I do, you’ll be dead!" Just after the death prince asked, a crisp sound came out.
"What? It’ s a little girl. This is bullshit! "