"Are you? But I remember that my baby is very greedy. "Yexie Xiu still couldn’t help but pinch the pink and tender cheeks of Xuexiao."

"Then you say that baby is definitely not my hum." Heng Xuexiao pretended to glare angrily at night evil repair.
"But I have you as a baby." Night Evil Xiu raised his hand and smiled at her face and touched her lip.
Heng Xue’s smiling face suddenly turned red and pushed him away. "I’ll forgive you for talking so well."
Finally got up in a fight and set off for the supermarket.
Night evil repair pushed the shopping cart and smiled at him, hooked his arm and looked back and forth curiously.
Heng Xue smiled and came to a wooden frame, playing with a few red round things in his hand and looking puzzled.
Night evil xiu saw her stay there and simply walked over.
"Do you want to buy this?" Night evil repair looked at her hand and asked
"Well, no, I’m curious. Is the apple soft in the vampire world?" Heng Xue Xiao took one in each hand and raised his arm to show the night evil repair.
Night evil repair looked at Heng Xue with a black line on his face and smiled at something in his hand. He reluctantly explained, "Actually, this is not an apple."
"Not an apple?" Heng Xue smiled and stared more curiously at the two red things.
Ye Xie Xiu pointed to the two green leaves on the east and west sides and said, "This place on the apple surface is a handle with no’ green hat’ forehead."
"’green hat’?" Heng Xue smiled and stared at the things in his hand thoughtfully. After a while, he exclaimed like discovering a new continent. "Are these two strawberries?" And it’s a mutated strawberry? Has become so big? "
[If you leave your sister’s strawberry and go to your mother’s mutant sb, don’t come out and show your shame. I feel more humiliated than your mother]
Night evil repair feels his teeth are soft. This girl has a good imagination. Why didn’t he notice it before?
Mutant strawberry …
Night evil expression than stiff looking at Heng Xue smile looking forward to his answer eyes he wanted to cry.
This kid is so naive …
"Isn’t it?" Heng Xue smiled and held the night evil to repair his arm and shook his coquetry.
Let’s guess what they say the red round thing is. That’s right, Jiageng. Haha
146 Muye Shopping Supermarket
The name hahaha 488, the first guess is tomato plus more!
"You come with me," said Ye Xie Xiu, pushing a shopping cart to the red sign, pointing to it and smiling at Heng Xue. "You should be able to read, right? See the correct answer for yourself. "
Heng Xue smiled and looked at Yexie Xiu and then at the sign that read "Western, Red and Persimmon" in three black typewriters.
"Yes" night evil repair a full face of nai soil force point a little bit of head.
"How is this thing? It’s strange that I haven’t even heard of it and eaten it. "
Heng Xue said with a smile, studying the tomatoes, taking them to his nose, smelling them and sticking out his tongue and licking them.
Night evil xiu nai shook his head. Why is this girl like a grown-up child?
"If you haven’t eaten, just buy some and go back and give you a taste."
Said the night evil repair took a few from the wooden frame and put them in the shopping cart.
Heng Xue smiled and applauded excitedly. "Good! OK! What does this thing taste like? "
When I heard that it was sweet snow, I was excited. She likes to eat sweet and greasy things, and she took five more in the gallows.
When I looked up after taking it, I saw that Yexie Xiu was looking at himself and felt the back of his head embarrassedly and said, "Since it’s sweet, take more."
"Let’s go"
After walking half a circle in the supermarket, I smiled and bought sweets naked, and almost forgot to buy what they wanted for midnight snack.
"Well, you’ve bought a lot of sweets. It’s time to buy some to fill your stomach."
Heng Xuexiao has been running around the food area to buy marshmallows, lollipops and jackfruit. It’s already covered with black lines.
"Well," and then Heng Xuexiao obediently held hands and saw more sweets. She passed by and she could wave with tears.
"What kind of meat do you want to eat?" Night evil repair turned to ask one side. Snow smiled and found that she was still looking at the place with sweets and broke her face hard.
"I won’t buy you any more sweets."
When threats come out, they are really clever.
In fact, it’s not the night evil to cultivate meanness, but it’s not good to eat too much sweets. Besides, they have already bought three carts of sweets! ! !
Heng Xue smiled at the frozen meat and read their names one by one. "Chicken, duck, pork, goose and beef …"
"Let’s buy beef for Yexie Xiu." Heng Xuexiao picked up a piece of beef and asked Yexie Xiu.
Yexie Xiu doesn’t know why Heng Xuexiao bought beef. If he did, he would be embarrassed to death.
The reason why Heng Xuexiao buys beef is because beef strokes are the simplest!
I saw a lot of beautiful pajamas when I was about to go to the account after buying food.
"Night evil repairs the clothes over there and looks good!"
Night evil repair looks at it from Heng Xue’s smiling eyes and sells family suits or couples’ suits and sisters’ suits. I think it’s good to wear couples’ suits with Heng Xue, so I promise to buy them.
Heng Xuexiao is estimated to have already locked the target. When she entered the store, she ran to a set of pink pajamas.
"Does this look good?" Heng Xue laughed and pulled up his sleeping sleeves and asked the night evil to fix it.
Night evil took one look at Heng Xuexiu and took a fancy to pajamas with a small white rabbit painted on the pink background, which was quite suitable for her.
Just want to boast, only to find that …
Act 147 Being a Big Sister
Just want to cross the exit, only to find that this set of pajamas is sister pajamas, sister pajamas rabbit on the left, sister pajamas rabbit on the right.
He wants to buy a couple, not a sister! The pretense frowned and said, "It’s not very nice."
Look at it, everyone. He even said it euphemistically.
"What is very beautiful?" Heng Xue smiled flat mouth and continued to look at the pink pajamas.
At this time, Miss Yuan finally came over.
She saw that Yexie Xiu was infatuated with flowers for a while, then tidied up her instrument and asked Heng Xuexiao kindly, "Is it your brother, Miss?"
Heng snow smile still looking at that set of pajamas just nodded at will.
"…" Night evil is silent.
When I heard that the two were brother and sister, I began to hook up and take the night to practice evil.
"Sir, your sister has a good eye. That pajamas are the most popular in the season."
"You see, others say this is good-looking." Heng Xue smiled and immediately became proud of what the clerk said.
Two to one wins! Even!
Night evil repair is to stare at Heng Xue and then coldly say to Miss Yuan, "She is my girlfriend."