Shen An see Fu Fengning smiled and looked at him become speechless.

He seldom saw Fu Fengning feel soft visually. Perhaps candlelight added a soft virtual edge to Fu Fengning’s sharp appearance. Shen An felt that Fu Fengning was different from when it was raining in the daytime.
He thought Uncle Fu was so beautiful in the candlelight …
Fu Fengning noticed that Shen An had scratched his nose strangely "during the".
Shen An was embarrassed to sit still and secretly took a look at Fu Fengning’s novel "I’m not distracted …"
Fu Fengning rubbed his head. "Did the curator tell you to learn something?"
Shen Anxin bowed their heads and twisted their fingers in vain. "Not yet …"
There is a hint of expectation in the tone.
Fu Fengning raised her hand to Zhao Yi, who followed outside the door, and indicated that drinks and dishes could be started.
Then he bowed his head and said to Shen An, "Take out your mobile phone and Uncle Fu will teach you."
Fu Fengning remembers that Shen An said in his speech that the curator said that he had been taught by someone. He knew Shen An well, and he would certainly not be hard to learn. He was a little slow to respond to the world, but he was an honest, diligent and good student in his studies.
Fu Fengning thinks that Shen An wants him to teach it again. He is used to consciously coquetry.
Every time Shen An carefully shows this hidden attribute, Fu Fengning loves it very much.
Fu Fengning renamed Shen An Weibo and then helped him apply for certification.
Yu Wei read short video app authentication threshold is very high, but it is because he Fu Fengning opened a green authentication channel for Shen An with a message after Fu’s banner was registered.
Fu Fengning taught Shen An to recognize functions almost hand in hand.
After all the functions are recognized, Fu Fengning said, "Be safe, you can send out what you just photographed."
Shen An was the first time to send Weibo, and his mood was pounding badly after he read it.
He is thirsty. "Uncle Fu … Will someone really give me a compliment?"
Fu Fengning poured Shen An half a cup of boiled scented tea, gently shook it in his hand and put it in front of Shen An. "Be careful. Ann has small fans now, of course, some people like it."
Shen Anfa went out for a minute and began to refresh.
There are actually more than a dozen people who like it and some people forward it! There are comments on the side
"Depend! Look what I brushed? "
"This" Shen An "is the real" Shen An "? I think the location and information should be right, right? I have made several bets on "Shen An" these days. This is the most like it! "
"I don’t know. I don’t know. What if it’s true first?"
Shen An excitedly holding a mobile phone to show Fu Fengning Fu Fengning carefully studied Shen An’s face expression.
He is obviously more excited than uneasy about the unknown fear being exposed in public.
Fu Fengning some relief in my heart.
He couldn’t help but gently touch Shen An’s hair and say, "Ann is very popular! Little fans love you very much. "
Shen An hung his head and eyelashes shyly, and his mouth became warped.
He is really happy.
After all, who would refuse to be liked by people …
He used to be like dust in the street. Everyone could trample him on the ground and he didn’t feel anything.
But now he sees that people are expressing fear and flattered that he likes him, and there is a kind of inexplicable emotion, as if he has become accustomed to the cold and darkness around him, only to find that his world is not only these, but also there is light in his world.
It turned out that he was not trapped in the abyss, but he had experienced a long night.
And now he seems to have glimpsed a ray of skylight.
Shen An small shouted "Uncle Fu … I’m a little scared …"
"What are you afraid of?" Fu Fengning coaxed and expected him to express his scruples.
Only when the wound is exposed can you get real care.
Shen An lifted up her face and her eyes glistened. "I’m very happy when people like me … but I’m afraid … I don’t know what fear is … I feel like I have eyes looking at me …"
Fu Fengning held Shen An’s face lightly and said, "I’m not afraid that Uncle Fu is here. Everyone looks at An An because they like An An and won’t hurt An An. It’s good to feel happy. Don’t worry … Even if several pairs of eyes look at An An, I don’t believe Uncle Fu?"
Shen An looked at Fu Fengning for a long time, and it was quite a bit like watching Fu Fengning want to kiss him.
Then Fu Fengning saw Shen An put his body close to some Shen Anshen’s open hand, and his hands were wrapped around Fu Fengning’s waist, and he was indented into Fu Fengning’s arms.
Fu Fengning grabbed Shen An and patted him on the back. "Moved?"
Shen An shook his head.
Fu Fengning asked, "What was that?"
Shen An shouted "Uncle Fu …" but said nothing.
At that moment, Fu Fengning looked at the narrowest young man and suddenly wanted to ask him-
Shen An, do you like Uncle Fu?
However, the candlelight projection is dim, and the teenager is confused. Fu Fengning abruptly resisted the coercion. He smelled the immature body of the teenager and felt that he could live in his arms and really fall into his arms. He should be satisfied …
But the truth is that he is not satisfied
Fu Fengning felt that he was actually insatiable in his bones. When he didn’t find him, he thought it was good to find him. After he found him, he thought it was good to trap him around.
But it really trapped people around him and he wanted to make him rely on himself …
But Shen An really depends on himself, and he wants to pry open this little thing in the clam shell and watch him, so that he can hide that little caution in his turbulent love, and he wants him to watch him say love words …
Fu Fengning restrained himself from thinking that after this period of time, after desensitization treatment has achieved the effect … Why don’t you find a chance to test his mind?
Fu Jianxin and Zhi Lan are actually right that some things can wait, but some things can’t.
Fu Fengning touched Shen An’s head until the drinks and dishes were all together.
Fu Fengning gave Shen An scented tea and himself tequila with ice.
Shen An looked at the two cups differently. Curiously, he went to smell Fu Fengning and smelled a smell of wine.
Shen An was terrified. He opened his eyes and looked at Fu Fengning. "Uncle Fu, you can’t drink …"