Bamboo looked at her in front of her. "Who are you?"

"Look carefully."
Tang Luoling raised his sleeve to block a face and appeared in front of bamboo for a second. It was her original sample. 1477 Chapter 1477 Query.
"You …"
When I saw this face, Bamboo fell back a few steps with a face of horror.
Pointing at Tang Luoling, he opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything.
It’s normal for Tang Luoling to see her so surprised
She has always understood Yi, but it is still difficult to be vivid.
In front of the bamboo, she stretched out her hand and slowly tore off the face skin. "Master Zhu, are you so surprised to see me?"
Bamboo quickly adjusted his mentality, and soon recovered as usual as a child. Looking at Tang Luoling calmly, he asked, "What can I do for you as Mrs. Rong?"
She likes to deal with Cong people best, so she needs to play charades.
"Have you ever heard of sleeping beauty?"
Bamboo shook his head "never heard of it"
"Do you know this woman Hongshu?"
"By knowing, I mean she went to Mrs. Rong’s side."
"Sleeping Beauty is the exclusive poison of Lei Bangguo. Mrs. Rong took Uncle Xiu Chen back to Jiugong Pavilion, but there was a sleeping beauty, Hongshu, who was responsible for taking care of Uncle Xiu Chen’s diet, but it was mixed with the sleeping beauty and fed it to Uncle Xiu Chen for a hundred days. Uncle Xiu Chen was bound to die. Since Hongshu is your person, I have reason to suspect that Sleeping Beauty is from you."
"What? !”
Bamboo, like a blow, made him stunned on the spot.
How can Hongshu have a sleeping beauty!
Besides, the sleeping beauty is the exclusive poison of Leibang country. If he can’t produce evidence to prove his innocence, why should he take the blame?
If Xu Xiuchen really died suddenly because of the sleeping beauty, that Hongshu handmaid pointed out to Mrs. Rong herself, how could he get away with it!
How can bamboo not break out in a cold sweat at the thought of here?
Tang Luoling looked at him and saw his reaction in his eyes.
At first, she suspected that bamboo was cheating her, but now it seems that bamboo root doesn’t know about it either. After all, if he wanted to take their lives, he could have done it a long time ago. There is no need for him to do such a thing that does more harm than good.
"Master Zhu, I came here today just to ask you what happened at the palace banquet that day. How can uncle Chen eat sleeping beauty by mistake and become so weird in the fierce day?"
"Do you believe that I am not the murderer?"
"If you are the murderer, then you are the most stupid person, not a wise man. What can you get if you really want to take the risk and thankless to poison Uncle Chen? I believe that you are not the murderer, but the murderer wants you to come out and be a scapegoat. "
Bamboo looked up at her dark and cold eyes and saw something in her confidence that could not be said. She said faintly, "I really don’t know who caused Xu Xiuchen to eat sleeping beauty by mistake, but the change in cloudy days is definitely the eagle leader."
"Eagle leader?"
"It’s Xu Ruoyuan’s lover. It’s my sister’s secret guard named Eagle Leader. Eagle is responsible for monitoring Zunyuan’s forces to go to his minions. He is so convinced that my sister believes that the dishes were arranged by the eagle that day. I’m not qualified to ask."
When he said these words, Zhu’s tone was calm, as if he were talking about other people’s business.
Tang Luoling picked his eyebrows "that this eagle leader how and fierce day 1478. 1478 questioned 3.
Bamboo chuckled and said, "The eagle leader entered the floating frost castle together with the fierce day."
"Then why do you doubt him?"
Bamboo eyes fell on the courtyard and the flowers were in full bloom. "I can say that Eagle was my best brother and little friend when I was a child. I always didn’t want to doubt him, but it turns out that he is no longer that he and I are no longer the former me. We have long been in a different way and can’t go back."
Tang Luoling listened to the loneliness in his tone and suddenly didn’t know what to say.
When he was still hesitating, Bamboo Face said with sarcasm, "I suspect that Eagle gave an altar of wine that night and it was given to Xu Xiuchen, Yun Lietian and me by his own people. After the three of us drank the wine, I was fine. On the fierce day, Xu Xiuchen immediately squatted on the table, so was Xu Xiuchen. That night, my sister was drunk. She didn’t drink eagle wine, but I always accompanied her sister in the side hall. I secretly saw Eagle do all this."
Tang Luoling more listen to more feel lose not worry about YunLie day safety "they were at my desk? What happened later? "
Bamboo sneers at a complex meaning in one eye.
"At that time, my eagle wanted to kill the two of them. Later, when I thought about it, it was a floating frost temple. He didn’t have the courage to mess around. Later, on a cloudy day, Xu Xiuchen was arranged to rest in a partial temple. After waking up on a cloudy day, he told the emperor to listen to my sister’s arrangement. When I heard this answer from Yun Lietian, I still felt very wrong. At this time, Xu Xiuchen woke up and listened to the maids and said that he vomited badly and cured too much. After seeing it, he went into a coma."
That’s weird!
Tang Luoling listened to these times, not to mention that bamboo would have doubts about the eagle. Even she felt that the eagle leader was very suspicious.
"So you didn’t guard against him?"
"Such as prevention? He can be said to be my sister’s confidant. "
Bamboo tone has a melancholy nai.
"Master Bamboo Satoshi won’t let others see his shortcomings. Although I don’t know that you will become so sensitive and sad, I can tell you that you are fighting in this chaotic situation. Once you are weak and lose your fighting capacity, then you have been trampled on. If you want to turn over again, you can be invincible by virtue of the female emperor’s preference for you. The eagle leader is really a confidant of the female emperor because he has other things to make her look at with special respect. In my opinion, in fact, he knows that you are the death hole of the female emperor and will set you up. If you give in, please ask Xu Xiuchen to die again once you lose
Tang Luoling said that she needs bamboo help urgently at present.
Bamboo is born in the royal family, and there are definitely more intrigues than himself.
It is most suitable for bamboo to find out who is behind the scenes.
Bamboo smell speech eyes fell on the court that a piece of love.
Colorful colors make people look happy.
Seeing that Zhu still hasn’t recovered, Tang Luoling had to give him another shot. "Do you know why I came to see you in front of Mrs. Rong?"
"Because someone deliberately let you Mrs Rong close so he set up a day sewing 1479 chapter 1479 questioned 4.
Bamboo smell speech cold tone "nonsense! When will I be close to Mrs. Rong! "
Tang Luoling smiled and woke up. "Are you close to Mrs. Rong? It’s not the point. The point is whether the female emperor believes in the eagle leader’s words. You also know the eagle leader. You will know your weakness when you grow up together!"
Eagle leader, his target will not be his sister’s entrance guest!
I shudder at the thought of this bamboo!
But he knows better than anyone that once he loses his sister’s preference for himself, he will have nothing.
Bamboo slightly narrowed her eyes and her lips overflowed with a smile, and she said frivolous, "Linger, you are such a beauty. I really like you!" "