"Jin son! ….. "He interrupted me angrily." Fourth brother, how could he have the heart to do this to you! "

"He … he is nai …" I paused with a sad smile on my lips. "I’ve been thinking a lot these days. If I were him, would I really let go of this dangerous person who might want to die all the time? Only with a little love can you keep this scourge … No, how much money is worth the feelings … The most important thing in the eyes of the world is your own life … "
"If I were you, I would never believe that you would do such a thing," Yin Gui said.
I smiled wryly. "People’s hearts are the most unpredictable. Don’t trust people easily, you know?"
"Jin son! I came here today to take you away! " Yin GUI suddenly way
I am one leng and smiled again. "Don’t be silly. Do you want me to escape from prison? ….. I’m fine, but I’m alone … What about you? Yoon-chan, you are the elder brother of Tianjia. Have you ever thought about what your family will do if you rob the prison like this? Your mother, your Fujin … and your fourth brother … "
"He is not my fourth brother! I don’t have such a cruel fourth brother! " Yin GUI interrupted me and denied
"Anyway, he is your fourth brother. There is nothing wrong with your fourth brother. It’s just me."
"Jin son! Stop it! Come with me! I’ve kept the carriage waiting outside. If I’m going out of the imperial city tonight, who can catch you and me if I have to flee to the Great Wall again? "
"So you don’t want all the splendor in this imperial city?"
"I don’t need those things! If there is no Jin Er, what are these things meaningful to me? ! It’s just dirt. "
"So … you don’t want your mother, do you?" I continued to ask
He hesitated for a moment without speaking.
How can you not? Wu Yashi, the princess of Germany, has always cherished Yin Gui, a child’s treasure. It is foreseeable that if Yin Gui leaves with me like this, Princess of Germany will be the saddest person … and Yin Gui, Fujin, will be happy if she dies.
"Jin ‘er, stop asking and go out first, okay?" Yin GUI broke the silence way
"So many jailers know that you robbed me, and you will bring many people into trouble … and I don’t want you to be disloyal and unfilial because of me."
"This is simple. I won’t leave them alive."
Chapter 16 The Truth []
I stared at it indifferently, saying that the words have really changed … Can the environment really become cruel before it can be born?
"Yin Gui, go home. I won’t go." I sighed and turned around.
"I want to take you away in your house that day. You said you wouldn’t go because you believed him. Now you are reduced to this but still don’t want to come with me. Why? Do you still believe him? Trust the man who drove you to this point? Jin son, don’t kid yourself … I told you that he would betray your fourth brother, and he couldn’t put his things in his heart except … "
Do I still believe him? ….. self-deception? Maybe … because if all this is true, I’m afraid I’ll collapse if he really misses me so much … a lie to myself will make me more confident to live.
"I don’t know … but I really don’t want to leave." I smiled. "If I leave here, wouldn’t it be an admission that I did everything? If I leave, I would be afraid of sin and abscond. I don’t want to live with this unwarranted charge for a generation?"
He stared at me for a long time and also smiled, "Jin Er decided that I really influenced you … I should have been white … Hehe …" He smiled wryly and took out a delicate small porcelain bottle from his arms and handed it to me, "This is a medicine that can solve the king’s lovesickness and tears in poison … Jin Er, if you … can’t stand the insult … it’s better than the rubber hand! If there is a glimmer of life you you … "
"The king of poison? ….. isn’t it crane top red? " I asked consciously.
"That’s just a common saying. The palace has its own secret medicine, which can save people and is also harmful to people." He said indifferently, "This lovesickness tear was made by Tang Yi, a poisonous king, and now Tang Yi is even dead, so this antidote is gone. This bottle of lovesickness tear is the last bottle in this world."
Acacia tears … Even a bottle of poison has such a touching name …
Acacia becomes tears and dances all over the sky
I stretched out my hand and took the porcelain bottle tightly in my hand and said, "I know I will never do it unless I have to."
Yin Gui is really the person who knows me best … If it’s time to live and die, I would rather end my life myself than let someone else decide my life and death.
"Thank you, Yin Yi. Thank you so much." I sincerely hugged him. ""You are my true relative and my best friend in this world, and the person I am most sorry for is you. You are always so regretful and help me, no matter how I treat you, you have no scruples about paying and asking for nothing in return … Yin Yi, I can repay you again in this life. I can say thank you … thank you … "