When Fu Fengning came the next day, the living room in Shenzhai was already full of people, except Shen Yue, who was following Jin Zuoen, and it was really impossible to get back to Shenyang.

Shen An sat in the corner of the sofa beside Shen Mu.
While sitting opposite the marble table, Fu Fengning, Shen Yu and Shen Ping didn’t dare to get too close to Fu Fengning and leave a position beside him.
Fu Fengning listened to Shen Yu’s report that he had "broken and chewed" the agreement and made Shen An understand it.
Shen An looked down at the marble countertop and thought that there was no …
Fu Fengning listened and asked Shen An, "Is there anything wrong with the agreement?"
Shen An took a careful look at Shen Yu and then looked at the marble desktop after being glared at by Shen Yu. "No … No …"
How can Shen Yu escape Fu Fengning’s insight? He has investigated Shen An and naturally knows Shen An’s situation in Shenyang.
Fu Fengning looked at Shen An softly. He sat quietly and dared not say anything or ask anything.
But it was in this silence that Fu Fengning saw that he was suffering great injustice alone at the moment.
Fu Fengning calmly "hmm" and said, "Is it too sudden?"
Shen An wanted to nod and saw Shen Yu wink at him. He avoided Fu Fengning’s sight and dared not look at his brain. His brain was white and he could not speak awkwardly.
Fu Fengning said slowly in a low voice, "I was surprised when the Gene Management Bureau pushed your information to me."
The implication is that he didn’t covet him, he deliberately looked for him and found him because he was recommended by the Gene Management Bureau.
He lied without blinking, and his assistant knew that he was tampering with the genetic management bureau, and how much effort was spent on matching his information.
Shen An looked up at Fu Fengning’s dog eyes and stayed in Fu Fengning’s face for a second and moved away meanly and uneasily.
Fu Fengning continued to induce him to think, "I’m too busy at work, and I’m too late in the susceptible period. If I get a match, I’ll bother you because my susceptible period is coming this year, and I’m afraid of any changes along the way, such as you finding a partner … You won’t mind if I’m a little abrupt, will you?"
"I … I …"
Fu Fengning smiled. "The agreement is a process. Don’t be afraid of the agreement. It’s not to ask you out. It’s to ask me out. You can do whatever you want and play when you come to Fu’s house with me. I won’t interfere with you."
Chatting until now, Shen Yu, Shen Ping and Shen Mu are all shocked.
Especially when Shen Yu was dealing with Fu Fengning, he felt so nervous that he was in front of a tiger. Fu Fengning seldom gave him a look.
But now Fu Fengning looked at Shen An without blaming him, and he faltered for a long time. He explained that people who used to sense motive in this business field could not understand it.
Fu Fengning has been quietly studying Shen An and seeing that his sitting posture is correct and watertight, which is obviously different from previous times. Someone has taught him to be "sensible."
But if he comes out slowly, if the pheromone is false and fragile, Shen An will not be able to control the pheromone. When he is nervous, he will take risks. Fu Fengning knows that.
It seems that he is on pins and needles in this family.
Fu Fengning looked at his watch and gently knocked on the desktop before Shen An lowered his eyes. "Is everything ready? I have work in the afternoon and I’ll take you now … "
He considered a word and tentatively asked, "Will you go back to your new home?"
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Fu Fengning didn’t bring the driver over and drove the serial number black Maibakh himself.
Fu Fengning thought that when he pulled open the co-driver’s seat and saw him avoiding him, he retreated to the back row when the lights were on.
Shen An didn’t know what he was thinking. He secretly looked at Fu Fengning from time to time in the car. He didn’t know that Fu Fengning had been paying attention to the rearview mirror and saw his uneasy expression in his eyes.
Fu Fengning asked in a low voice, "Didn’t you bring anything?"
As soon as he asked Shen An, he was even more embarrassed. He picked his finger. "I … I don’t live in the place just now … my things are in my rental house …"
Say that finish, he seems to be afraid of what Fu Fengning misunderstood and hurriedly added, "If you are busy, send me an address and let me take a taxi myself. When I’m ready, I’ll …"
He wants to say "I’ll go back", but he doesn’t feel qualified. He can’t say "go home" politely. He really doesn’t know it is his new home.
He doesn’t speak fluently, but he says that his social disorder has not healed yet. When he is nervous, his brain will easily shut down and he can hesitate to "I’ll go there."
Fu Fengning glanced in the rearview mirror. He shrank in the back corner with a small group of eyes looking out the window at the changing scenery, and his eyes were red.
Fu Fengning reached out and adjusted the rearview mirror to try to see him more completely. "Where is your rental house?"
Know past ask again.
He can’t let Shen An know that he has been followed.
Shen An hesitated for fear of causing trouble to Fu Fengning, but he had to answer that Shen An didn’t know the way and could give an address.
Fu Fengning drove very slowly and adjusted the temperature of the car just right. I wonder if he deliberately sat for ten or twenty minutes when Shen An smelled the ebony pheromone belonging to Fu Fengning.
Sometimes it is looming, but it is softer than what he has smelled before.
After about an hour, he was deliberately comforted by this pheromone and fell asleep by the angle between the seat and the door.
Fu Fengning adjusted the temperature a little higher until he drove into the roadway where Shen An rented a house.
Fu Fengning didn’t call him. He parked his car on the street and looked at Shen An through the rearview mirror. His sight was getting darker and darker in Shen An’s thin face.
Until Shen An suddenly woke up Fu Fengning and saw that he seemed to shake and sat up in a hurry.
This just moved away and glued the line of sight.
Shen An some fear "here … I just fell asleep …"
Fu Fengning put out the fire "nothing just arrived"
His car went around the back row and tapped on the window twice before he opened the door and his right hand blocked the eaves. "Let’s go."
Shen An looked at the shrouded figure and smelled the familiar ebony incense at close range. His heart was afraid to be alone with him, but his subconscious thought that ebony incense would not hurt himself.
Shen An fell to Fu Fengning’s graphite coat as soon as he got a load of shoulders.
There is no emotional sound in Fu Fengning’s head. "Just wear it when you wake up. Go ahead and lead the way."
"You … you also go with me …"
Fu Fengning symbolically asked, "Can’t I?"
Shen An was at a loss for a while to find his coat pocket and put his hands in it. "The room is very small and messy …"
He felt that Fu Fengning was not suitable in that place.
Fu Fengning smiled and laughed softly. "I’m alpha in your name at least. I’m not even qualified to sit in your room, am I?"
He is so big that he looks like a tiger eyeing a small prey in front of Shen An, but there are some koo-aid feelings in his words.
Shen An crustily skin of head in his pocket, grasping the cloth and grinding his claws "OK … OK …"
Chapter 13 Chapter 13
The rental house has less than fifteen square meters, and the kitchen and bedroom are almost crowded together.
However, all corners have been tidied up and cleaned, except for a few days when people have not lived and the dust has fallen.
Shen An bent down and patted the sofa and wiped the desktop with a wet tissue. "Mr. Fu … you … you sit and wait for a while … I don’t have much …"
Then he hurried to get the teapot and disposable cup.