"Well, I’ll ask you to help me kill a student in Huaixiao High School. Her name is Su Xiaomin. What’s the price?"

"Good 10,000"
"Pay a deposit of 50,000 yuan first"
"Hit the account" said Luo Yi.
"Well, how long can you kill people?" Su Haochan asked.
"The day after receiving the money, the man can’t see the sun."
"Okay, I’ll get the money."
"Hello, I’ll take it," Luo Yi said to Su Xiaomin.
"Are you? Who gave it to you? How much is it? " Xiaomin said lazily
"Didn’t we always ask the payer? 50 thousand killed a man named Su Xiaomin in Huaixiao Middle School."
Next to North Luca brasi, I immediately laughed and sprayed.
"Yes, yes?" Mandy said calmly. "You can’t kill her."
"Palace Lord ~ Don’t distrust others."
"It’s not that I don’t believe you … try it."
After school, Luoyi walked to the gate of Huaixiao High School and asked questions.
"Who is Su Xiaomin!"
"Yuan Xuan and I have been waiting for you here for a long time," Mandy said.
"You your palace …"
"Shut up! How can you call us that in the school? It’s really "Luca brasi said."
"I’m sorry to fall on me … alas!"
"Well, find out who told you to kill us. If I guess it’s Su Haochan, huh?"
The next day,
Luo Yi specially went to investigate the identity of an employer for Su Xiaomin, who was Su Haochan as Xiaomin expected.
"Hello" Luo Yi picked up the words and gave them to Su Haochan.
"Yeah, yeah, did you kill Su Xiaomin?" Su Haochan asked eagerly.