"Today is really thrilling. It seems that the person behind the scenes is an unusual master." When they are scented, they have already returned to the door of the capital Su Shiyuan’s house, which is a little embarrassed. The new dress is bloody and messy, and the white cheeks are posted.

Chu Lin lovingly stretched out his hand and took a big step back after she messed up her hair and dialed her ear.
"General Chu also asked the self-respecting men and women not to kiss each other. Don’t forget that the second emperor and I have already made an engagement." Su Shiyuan’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated and his cheeks were red and looked at him.
"Qin Kai can do this to you?" In Chu’s heart, jealousy has already surged, and she stretched out her hand and grabbed her arms.
Chapter 9 The Golden House hides the charming charms.
"You don’t blather! I’m going back, General Chu. Help yourself! What are you doing? Let me go! " Su Shiyuan turned to kung fu and was caught off guard. He was already carried up, and his white arms beat hard with his generous back, and he walked away carrying people angrily with big steps.
"Qin Kai and again? We still need a wedding is the real name belongs to husband and wife "Chu Lin deliberately find those sparsely populated hutong Su Shiyuan blindsided immediately.
"What real name belongs to husband and wife? Is it yourself to take it back? We didn’t pay homage at all! " Su Shiyuan has been sweating all over, and it’s really hard to be carried back and forth. I don’t know what to say to let her stubbornly say that these men will agree.
"I neglected to go back and let Hong Zhan prepare the wedding for a short time without delay!" The man burst out laughing and walked in the direction of the general’s office at a faster pace.
Chu Lin suddenly felt a pain in the shoulder, and the guy had jumped.
"You keep saying that you want to catch the bad guys and rescue the girls who have been taken away, but now you have started a bandit business, and the girls despise you!" Su Shiyuan show white face a young step back and turned away.
"alas!" Chu Lin was frustrated, rubbed his shoulders and stared at her pretty figure, but he couldn’t see it in his eyes.
Out of the alley, Su Shiyuan tidied up a skirt and continued to walk back. When she was about to walk to the noisy street, a car suddenly rushed over and Su Shiyuan felt bad!
"This beautiful! Take it away! " The man in the carriage inadvertently lifted the curtain probe and was immediately surprised by the outsiders of the carriage. Although it looked awkward, it did not affect the feast for the eyes at all.
"It’s Third Master!" The young man who was driving in front of the carriage quickly pulled the reins, and things came too suddenly. Su Shiyuan wanted to hide in the past, but her heart suddenly remembered those who had come out to catch evil women.
I’ve been waiting for Xiaotian for a long time. Look, the people in this carriage are figurines!
Su Shiyuan deliberately gathered up her hostile eyes, and the light was so transient that she panicked like a little sheep seeing the wolf.
"Who are you? Why are you arresting me? " The carriage man finally pulled the curtain and looked at her big eyes. If he put the Buddha on, he would really hook his soul.
"How handsome!" The man marveled from the heart and was reluctant to let go of the car curtain. Su Shiyuan was so weak at the moment that he cried in tears and brought rain.
Ahem! She’s a professional performer!
Driving a man with a cold hum has tied her up with hemp rope, so how dare you throw straws against the wind? If you knew the superior and prominent conditions of Third Master, you wouldn’t be so stubborn then!
With a wave of his hand, the carriage man Su Shiyuan was left behind by the driving man. In the carriage behind him, the sunshine man with a jade finger was full of mellow and noble colors, which must be extraordinary.
Su Shiyuan’s heart was full of whispers. Catch the man in his male name, Master San? Speaking of Third Master, she remembered that Chu Shaofeng had a arrogant third master who loved mountains and robbed his wife. This time, there was another third master who robbed people in broad daylight. If it didn’t make sense, she was really a person!
The carriage seems to be running faster than before, just like the car man’s mood. Su Shiyuan was very upset and closed his eyes and secretly practiced his work.
It seems that it didn’t take long for the carriage to finally stop.
"If you don’t feel dizzy, come on your own. I won’t pity the jade!" When Su Shiyuan’s eyes were closed, he heard the man speak coldly and opened his eyes slowly.
She can’t pretend to be dizzy. She has to see what this place is!
"F * * king! Dare to talk to the old woman like this? " A man dressed in a rich robe with a bordeaux color appeared from time to time. The young man was so scared that he felt a tingle.
This is the third master? Su Shiyuan secretly cocked his body and looked at the man with bronze complexion and good features. This figure is slightly familiar, as if it were a little like Qin Kai!
San huang Qin Sheng! Su Shiyuan heart suddenly a surprised how can it be him?
"Don’t be afraid, little beauty. Don’t be afraid. I’ve already taught my abrasive slave. Let’s go and I’ll take you to eat." Qin Cheng punished the driving man for going to the stable to work as a coolie. As soon as he left, Su Shiyuan exposed his sight.
Su Shiyuan looked up at a very spacious and luxurious mansion and came into view. No wonder Wan Ku became famous and imitated other people’s houses.
"No, I’m not going! I don’t know you. Why do you want to arrest me? " Look at him. There should be no recognition of her. Su Shiyuan took two steps back and covered her face with sleeves.