It was not until today that they were asked by the sovereign that they vaguely felt that it was wrong to track Sogeum and Ah that day. Did someone sneak into the room and steal the confidential documents of the sovereign at that time? The sovereign has always been cautious about the placement of confidential documents, and these pro-guards don’t know about it, but they know that this room is full of machines. If anyone really sneaks in to find something, it will definitely touch the opportunity to alarm the guards. On that day, they just left for a moment and came back abnormally.

"No one has ever come in. Is Wang Dongxi so good at stealing?" A hundred miles away, with a faint look on his face, raised his hand. "Get up and punish the king yourself. Once again, whoever is in charge of guarding the house must not leave the house three feet away, no matter what happens, or the head will see you!"
"It’s the sovereign!" Two pro-guards got up and left.
At this time, a small martial voice sounded outside the door, "Wang Ye!"
"Come on in!" Thyme devoted to the heat should be a small arms came in the door behind him gently.
Xiaowu came straight over and wrinkled his eyebrows into Sichuan characters. He raised his eyebrows and looked at him "like?"
"The report can’t bear what you expected, Princess. They’re gone." Xiao Wu looks up at thyme devoted to the heat
"It’s her character." A hundred miles away, a faint sentence, girl. I guess you will leave sadly, but I’m not sure you will leave you for a while tonight. After all, you hate me or hate me. I owe you.
"When the second watch outside Meiyuan is about to come, I feel a breath passing by, mixed with a trace of blood gas, and secretly follow it. I found that this breath directly swept to the high wall of Wangfu Gate and flew over the high wall. When Wangfu came out, I immediately turned back to Meiyuan and sneaked into the princess room." Xiaowu continued to leave low.
"It’s Nini who helps them to be invisible. Although Ah Heqin can’t be repaired well, his flying skill is also very good. The guards at the gate can’t find it." Thyme devoted to the hot finger table tapped his face without emotion.
"The report Meiyuan room smells of blood. I heard that before they left, Xiaoqin personally went to the clean room with a basin of blood. Presumably, the child has left the princess. Can you stand walking at this time?" Xiaowu’s voice is a little heavy. He seems to be a little miserable. Although he doesn’t spend much time with Muhuan, he still agrees with this princess. What a pity!
"Since she is determined to leave, she naturally doesn’t want to delay knowing herself for a moment?" A hundred miles away from the heat or a faint look, Xiao Wu fen saw his knuckles turning a little pale.
"Report really don’t immediately send someone to find? Since that Nini can make them invisible princess, I’m afraid I’ll never find her again. "Xiao Wu looked at thyme and flashed a trace of worry in her eyes."
"At this time, the gate has not hit her and she can’t get out of the city. They must have inquired in advance that there are ten levels of guards stationed at the gate, and they will definitely not take the risk. If they send someone to find it now, it will disturb people who are hiding in the dark." Baili Mo Xu opened his eyes and looked at Xiaowu. "When you wait for the dynasty, you will personally take people to secretly check the waterways and land, and that’s just a few points. Her current situation is impossible to walk."
"The report princess body has always been weak so regardless to escape from the palace if what the root cause is so good? If you don’t belong to it, go and find it now. You can’t really let the princess just slip and hide? " Xiao Wu can’t bear the princess, so how can she be young?
"Meiyuan things are arranged? Never make a mistake, otherwise it will cause others to suspect that the king doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss about the princess. "The hundred miles of strangers seem to be careless about this problem, which instantly changes the topic."
"Your report can rest assured that everything is arranged and you will follow the plan in the middle of the night."
"body double has entered Meiyuan?"
"After sneaking back to the princess’s room to check, body double has quietly entered the report and no one has found it."
"Then the good king will go back to the bamboo garden first!" Thyme devoted to hot said to get up.
"The hot water in the bamboo garden is ready" Xiaowu accompanied thyme to walk out of the room.
Baili Mo Xu returned to the bamboo garden and went directly into the bathroom. He took out a grain of Dan medicine from his arms, took off his coat and sat cross-legged by the barrel. Then he saw a little bit of strange smoke coming out of his body, and a little bit of blood slowly leached from his body. The snow-white Chinese dress Baili Mo Xu’s eyebrows wrinkled more and more tightly, and an expression of forbearing pain loomed through his brow.
Gradually, the blood stains became more and more white, the clothes became more and more red, the smoke dissipated, and a chill came out from the body. The hair, eyebrows and lips were gradually covered with a layer of ice particles, and the ice crystals dispersed for a while, and a trace of white smoke came out from the body. This time, his body turned red and seemed to be sitting in a stove. If someone else had changed, he might have fallen down.
That is to say, thyme is still struggling with strength and breath, and the body is running tenaciously, which is powerful. For example, after all, he still vomited one mouthful blood and fainted. At that moment, his mouth murmured his name.
Xiaowu outside the gatekeeper heard the sound and immediately pushed the door and came in, looking at the blood all over him. Xiaowu looked distressed. Who knows what you are suffering from?
Xiao Wu helped Bai Li Mo Xu to feed a pill in his mouth, stretched out his hand and buckled his pulse keeper, and sent a stream of true qi to him. Soon Bai Li Mo Xu slowly opened his eyes and looked at his eyes red. Xiao Wu "What time is it?"
"It will be a while before the night," Xiao Wu replied.
"It’s a good thing." Bailimo Xu sat up. "You go. The king is going to bathe."
"It’s the sovereign!" Small arms back out.
Li Mo Xu took off his clothes secretly, and the instant powder in his hand left no clues to his body, so he lifted his legs and walked into the barrel.
In the middle of the night, Meiyuan suddenly became noisy. People heard Xiaoqin exclaim and then they heard Xiaoqin cry. Before they understood what was going on, they saw Xiaoqin running out of the room and crying at the Chinese milk vetch tree in the garden. "Go to Ye Bo and ask Princess Langzhong to faint!"
"Ah" immediately flew from the tree, then flew out of Meiyuan and went straight to Ye Bo’s residence. It didn’t take long for Ye Bo to catch up with the doctor, and then Ye Bo personally went to the bamboo garden to rest for a hundred miles, telling the princess that she was suddenly dying of an emergency.
Thyme devoted to the heat discontentedly got up and dressed in good clothes and went to Meiyuan in public. "This woman is melodramatic! There are a lot of broken problems! No wonder Fuqin vomited blood today. "
People in the Meiyuan Hall are terrified. They all know that the princess was taken back by the prince after she went to Lanyuan Fuqin to vomit blood and fainted today, but she didn’t expect that her condition suddenly worsened in the middle of the night, especially when the doctor said that "she would get sick", which frightened everyone. "Muhuan" was lying in bed and "Xiaoqin" was crying.