"monster beast; How can there be so many monster beasts here? "

"help; I don’t want to die. Somebody help me. "
Suddenly; The original was still there, ready to deal with the side of Friar Sunday’s team. At that time, there suddenly came a burst of screams and numerous sounds. Naturally, it was a bit miscellaneous, but even so; All the people present still heard what information the miscellaneous luàn sound was.
"Where is the monster beast?" Just now, there were some m’s who didn’t understand what those people called monster beasts. When they turned away, those monks didn’t understand what those shouts were all about. They were powerful and good. Those monks who have no strength are screaming in waves when they see the specific situation clearly; Almost like those monks who have escaped now, they gave up their spells and fled directly to the place where they thought they were safe.
Everyone was thinking about what they could do to ensure their own safety at that time, but they didn’t think about their eyes at all. But they were destroying their own formation and didn’t take precautions against the arrival of those monster beasts. In this case, they also rushed to luàn’s own formation so that they could resist the attack of those monster beasts.
It’s a pity that few people can keep calm when the crisis comes, and most people can’t think about those problems when they are in danger, even if a few people have tried to stop those monks from fleeing, except being dispersed by people; The roots didn’t work.
That’s it; The original is still a neat monk team because of the sudden arrival of those monsters’ own personnel surprised and lied; Directly, it will be washed away when you see this change; The original still nothing happened on Sunday, but it was immediately at that time that the monks started work.
The last Sunday, I didn’t start work. This is the time. But the weapon of group warfare is clear about my demon servant’s ability. On Sunday, it is naturally impossible to let go of my demon servant’s ability. After relying on the plant communication ability to send enough information to Sunday, the willow demon was immediately sent by Sunday to control the monster beast, regardless of the monster beast’s strength. For example, the command given to the willow demon on Sunday is to let it control a large number of monster beasts and then launch an attack on the monk group outside Leijian Gate.
For Sunday arrangement; Hu’s heart willow demon didn’t refuse, and it was easy to do it well according to its ability. It didn’t take most of the spirit to control those monster beasts. What Hu’s heart willow demon did was just to influence those monster beasts’ thoughts and bring them to this neighborhood. It is true that there are not many facts that control the monster beasts.
Hu Xin Liu Shu demon method can be said to be good and labor-saving. Because of the special nature of transvestite, when you see a group of humans near you, most of the low-order monsters will immediately attack the crowd, and they will not consider the strength difference between the two sides.
Even if there is a monster beast that can sense the strength of those monks, and the willow demon is in the dark, it is not allowed for them to quit if they want to leave; Immediately, the monster beast will be controlled by the willow demon and thrown into the crowd when there are monks on all sides; Those monsters can’t think of human monks fighting.
Although the strength of those monster beasts found by the willow demon in the heart of Hu could not be the opponent of the monks, they were originally intended to contain the energy of those monks. From Sunday, I never thought about really benefiting those monster beasts to win this battle. When the monks were húnluàn because of the monster beast; On Sunday, at that time, it was in just a few minutes that it achieved far-ahead results.
In a row, I clapped my hands on Sunday and immediately took away nearly a hundred monks’ lives. On Sunday, when the monster beast attacked those monks’ roots, there was no way to resist this offensive. I just persisted for a while, and those monks also made up their minds to retreat.
"The devil since the devil together; I am not prepared enough to deal with it, so it is better to avoid it for a while; Come and pick up the devil after you have thought about everything. "
"Is extremely; Although we are not afraid of the devil, we should also think about the safety of the younger generation. I think the devil is not finished; Now is really not the right time to avoid the direct conflict, and it is also a good way to maintain strength. "
"Since you all think so; Then let’s leave first. "
"No, everyone, if you leave; What about our Leijianmen? The devil’s strength has been seen by all of you, with the strength of our Lei Jianmen; It’s hard to resist, please … "
"Daoyou made this statement; I’m just waiting for a while to avoid the front, and I’ll come back to deal with this devil when I figure out a way. If there’s no way to resist this devil, we can evacuate together. "
"Withdraw your sister!" After listening to the words of those people around you, the head of Leijianmen couldn’t help but shout, "At the beginning, B and the devil enemy of ours now provoked each other and found that they couldn’t cope with it, so they pushed things to me to cope with your withdrawal; If you withdraw, how can you take away the things in the sect? "
Of course; Roaring in my heart, I look at those people who are usually brothers around me, and they are all busy commanding their hands. When the friar left, the owner of Leijianmen also knew that no matter how much good words he said now, there would be nothing. Look at these people, they don’t want to fight on Sunday, and then advise them to leave a message. When the time comes, I can’t say what people feel is in the way; It is possible to kill yourself together, even if you are not angry in your heart, these people will eventually look back at their sect headquarters in nostalgia; The head of Leijianmen will have to be like others; Organize your own brothers; Retreat with other sects monks.
And just as the monks were preparing to retreat; It is naturally impossible to let them go on Sunday, so they have been acting tepid before they got away so easily; But that’s Sunday, waiting for the arrival of this monster beast. It hasn’t come to the wartime situation yet. Sunday, this will not be how to start work.
Now his plan is almost implemented, and those monks are already in a rout; If you don’t start work on Sunday at this time; That’s a bit silly.
Beat Reservoir Dogs; This is what everyone is willing to do. When retreating, what the monks think is that they are safe and ready to fight again. Naturally, they can no longer pose a threat to Sunday.
Because of the hurry to get away from this dangerous area, those monks even seem to be a little less attentive when dealing with the monster beast attacks on Sunday. What they think is that their companions should step away from resisting the enemy attacks on Sunday. Few people can really do such a thing as creating a favorable escape opportunity for their companions
Not distracted to deal with each other’s attacks; For those monks who are bent on running away, the killer deals with those monks in this situation; There is no difficulty for Sunday nature.
There is nothing unexpected; After leaving hundreds of bodies, the monks finally managed to escape from Sunday by relying on a few sects. Sunday was not very satisfied with this result, but on the whole, Sunday reached most of his goals.
After this incident, I believe that there should be no one who doesn’t know himself, no matter whether the name is good or bad, at least in terms of knowledge; Now it’s Sunday that people don’t know who they are.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Back to the monster beast
Chapter one hundred and seventy Back to the monster beast
It is much more convenient to do a lot of things when you have a name. After all, even if you are rich before Sunday; If you say it, people will not necessarily believe that it is not convenient for the implementation of some plans on Sunday, but it is better now; Sunday has such a big name, even if it will scare many people because of the devil’s name, but Sunday’s words should still be credible, and if you give enough benefits on Sunday, I believe there will always be some brave people who dare to accept Sunday’s olive branch.
In retaliation for things, although not put out just those monks can be practical; Zhou Tianyan has been revenged on those factions, and his opponents have been hit hard.
Just now, those monks were almost able to take out all the fighting power that several hostile fix true sects could have on Sunday. Most of the members died directly after this calculation on Sunday. Although those monks with higher repair didn’t die much, now after removing hundreds of monks, the strength of those sects’ eyes has been weakened by half.
Beating Reservoir Dogs can not only make Heifengling’s interests on Sunday, but also how many sites of each sect are divided before. Whoever wants to occupy more interests will have to let others give up some interests. Now these sects are losing strength and believe that even if they don’t start work on Sunday; Some sects that are greedy for the territory they occupy now will not let them go, and they will wait for those sects to attack many sects. It is a question whether those sects can finally survive this robbery, not to mention Sunday, when the time comes, they may even come to clean them up.
Smiling and casting a glance at those who have gone further and further, the friar decided to ignore those guys temporarily on Sunday. Anyway, they are unlikely to be enemies for a short time. At that time, it is better to think about those things carefully now. In the end, it’s like dealing with eye trouble
Although I just closed it; However, it is doomed that it is impossible for the monster beast to coexist peacefully on Sunday. The monster beast naturally took care of attacking the monks first and tried to avoid Sunday. Now, after the monks were beaten away, the monster beast naturally set his eyes on Sunday and considered whether to take Sunday as the target.
I accidentally let the heart of Hu Liu lead too many strange things’ and sighed secretly; Look at the monster beast in front of his eyes on Sunday. It is estimated that it is impossible to control a small number of members who want to deal with eye troubles through the ability of the willow demon in their eyes.
But fortunately, I am not afraid of those monsters on Sunday, otherwise I will be surrounded by such a large group of monsters to change people. I am afraid that I will be u-soft in this environment on Sunday.
"Roll" becomes huge because of avatar magic. On Sunday, the eyes of those monsters are opened and they roar directly.
As Sunday roared, a B didn’t cross the monster beast that was close to Sunday. At that time, they were yelled and couldn’t help but retreat a few steps, which directly made the monster beast group appear for a short time. If it weren’t for the high-order monster beast in the monster beast group, they would calm down on Sunday by looking at themselves. I’m afraid there will be no monster beast here on Sunday. There will be many monsters who will evacuate directly after sensing Sunday’s strength.
Even the eyes; Sunday didn’t say anything, but because of Sunday’s huge roar; But it still makes many monsters who think their strength is not good shrink back at that time.
Of course; No matter how many monsters shrink back, it is impossible to really occupy a large proportion of the monster beast group. Some monsters shrink back, but more monsters are fierce by Zhou Tianxing J: and after listening to Zhou Tianju’s roar; Those monsters looked at Sunday with red eyes; In the dark, after a group of daring monsters, they also tried to attack Sunday.
"Really; Don’t give you a lesson, I’m afraid you won’t be honest and obedient. "I secretly sighed in the face of those monster beast attacks on Sunday and didn’t say much about closing my eyes; Hands directly toward those who rushed monster beast swept past.
Wave your hands; Sunday Eye’s huge body gave Sunday a great attack coverage, and his hands almost swept away on Sunday, and all creatures in Fiona Fang were included in the attack range, regardless of whether those monster beasts really thought about attacking Sunday or not, they finally faced Sunday’s attack at that time.
The result was not too unexpected; When faced with such an attack on Sunday, although the monster beast group has responded, it has become bigger and more out of body or magical attacks, and it has constantly attacked Sunday in various ways; But no matter whether they are reacting or not, they can’t stop it. As a result, they waved a dozen monster beasts on Sunday and were directly slapped and flew out on Sunday.
Although it didn’t kill many monsters, Sunday’s performance has also made those monsters see Sunday’s interests. It’s almost possible to respect the strong. They don’t look down on each other’s strength because of each other’s identity like human beings. If you really have great strength, then the monster beast will respect you, even if you have enemies with them.
Although Sunday has just given off a dangerous smell, it has never really seen the monster beast of Sunday’s strength. Although it is unwilling to provoke Sunday easily because of its huge volume, it has not really regarded Sunday as an object that cannot be provoked.
The eyes are good; After being really cleaned up on Sunday, many monster beasts were quiet at that time. Although they had no good feelings for human beings, they were due to Sunday’s strength. Those monsters are not going to treat Sunday as food, whether they like it or not. The monster beast will also enjoy the Godsworn’s body, and finally when he saw Sunday and didn’t stop them, he was dragging most of the body and retreating silently.