Leading Tottenham Hotspur is a much better game.

The only pity is that the goal came a little late, and the half-time will soon be over, which gave Tottenham Hotspur a breathing space. If the goal happened in the 20 th minute, it would not be difficult for Tottenham Hotspur to score another goal after Lazio’s stormy offensive.
Now Lazio have to interrupt this state and enter the intermission, and Tottenham Hotspur can make adjustments at the intermission.
But it’s much better than not scoring goals. It’s satisfying to always win.
Not long after Lazio scored, the half-court game ended.
During the game, Klose was shown as a close-up shot. He was the hero of Lazio’s goal at half-time, and naturally attracted much attention.
In addition, at Tottenham Hotspur, their star player gareth bale also gave a close-up.
Compared with smiling Klose, Bell looked a little depressed with his head down.
Except for the first game, he made a beautiful breakthrough, and he hardly played well in the next half. Of course, this is not to say that he is in poor personal condition, but because of the tactical adjustment of the team.
If Redknapp insists on playing against Lazio, it is conceivable that Bell will have a lot of outstanding performances, but it is also conceivable that Tottenham Hotspur will be completely blown up by Lazio …
So the overall interests of the team and Bell’s personal interests were sacrificed.
At half-time, the regular victory affirmed the players’ performance at half-time and told them that Lazio would continue to play if Tottenham Hotspur kept fighting back at half-time.
If Tottenham Hotspur want to press out against Lazio, they will also kick.
Of course, the constant victory is to hope that Tottenham Hotspur will press out and attack.
Yeah, he thought redknapp wouldn’t be such an idiot …
Sure enough, in Tottenham Hotspur’s dressing room, head coach Redknapp is comforting the players.
"It’s no big deal to lose a goal. You have to know who our opponent is. It’s not just luck that they won the treble. It’s good that we didn’t lose the goal until the last minute."
Redknapp’s idea is to continue the defensive counterattack at half-time and not to adjust the big tactical direction.
But he has to adjust the specific defensive tactics.
Judging from the goal conceded at half-time, the shortcoming that regional defense can’t mark people gave Lazio a chance to score.
He thought that it was impossible for the winning judge not to know this, and he would definitely ask the team to continue to attack this point at half time.
If Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t adjust and change, you will lose more goals!
At half-time, Redknapp intends to change the defense from regional defense to regional defense plus man-to-man marking.
In this way, it not only continues the idea of half-court defense, but also ensures that they will not miss people in defense to the maximum extent.
In addition, Redknapp also fully considered the need for counterattack.
Do you want to fight back if you have the chance?
Who wants to lose when they have a chance to draw or win? Even if you lose a goal, it’s a loss …
What about fighting back?
Redknapp gave Bell a face-to-face lecture.
If there is a chance to fight back at half-time, it is when Bell performs.
From the half-time, Lazio left four defenders behind after attacking.
But they are still very big in the second half, which is enough for Bell to play.
Redknapp believes that Bell’s ability can accomplish both attacking and scoring goals in a counterattack.
Bell is quite happy with this arrangement.
Anyway, at half time, he still has a chance to exert his ability.
At half-time, neither side changed players and changed sides to fight again.
Lazio still besieged the restricted area of Tottenham Hotspur, and Tottenham Hotspur continued to shrink its defense.
It looks like half time.
Yes, Bell knows the difference.
Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t need to invest too much troops because he needs one or two people in the counterattack, which gives Tottenham Hotspur more opportunities to counterattack.
Even if the opportunity is not good, losing the goal in the middle will not affect Tottenham Hotspur’s defense.
Sobel enters the field and inserts before.
Teammates also cooperated with him to kick off the sideline with his big foot at the end or blindly give the football to Lazio defenders, such as giving the football to Beljean Bertelli to invade Lazio defense.
Soon everyone found out about Tottenham Hotspur’s adjustment.
Their counterattacks have increased. Although the chances are not particularly good … they can attack out the most.
Besides, Bell has more chances to be read by the narrator.
Their counter-attack mode is based on Bell’s catching the ball, pushing the football forward ten meters away, and then he speeds up and starts to overtake Lazio defenders at his own speed!
"gareth bale-!" When I heard the exclamation of the commentator of the British Sky TV, I knew that Bell was coming again!
The teammate gave him the football, but instead of stopping, he just poked it forward, and it went through the legs of Gotze who defended him.
Then Bell sped around Gotze.
Gezer turned and chased after him.
German "Super Mario" is also very fast, but it is not enough to see it compared with Berby!
Bell rushed up with the ball like a high-speed train.
Everyone who stands in front of him will be hit!
After Gezer was dumped, ledesma came diagonally to try to stop Bell.
But bell swam the football out ten meters again and then quickly again!
Blunt past ledesma!
In fact, ledesma already knows that he can’t catch up with Bell, so he stretched out his hand to go to Label.
It turned out to be a little late, and I watched Bell pass by like a gust of wind.
"gareth bale-!" The English commentator shouted excitedly, "Beautiful! Even two people! Lazio, the triple crown champion, looks flustered in front of him! "
The small number of Tottenham Hotspur fans who watched Taishan also cheered. Although they were quickly booed by Lazio fans, this did not hinder their good mood.
Changsheng jumped up from his seat when he saw it on the sidelines.