It seems that I felt the carriage. Maybe the food magic mosquito tried his best to catch up with a carriage, but the carriage was well sealed. The root failed to let the magic mosquito get into the gap for a long time and found no harvest. The magic mosquito resigned himself to the top of the carriage and continued to bask in the sun.

The carriage went on without realizing it. At this time, they had an extra passenger and slowly turned into the fork road leading to the Red Mansion. The stone slab paved the road, and there were enough two carriages to parallel light through the trees on both sides of the road, and there was no trace of snow on the road to form round spots.
This tree-lined path leading to the Red Mansion is very long, because this road is not straight, but it turns four times. There are quite a few winding paths leading to a secluded place, which gives people who come here more expectations and reverie from the heart.
After entering the lane, the five teams joined the guards in two teams, surrounded by five carriages. After turning the second corner, the guards in front suddenly accelerated and stopped at the end of the third corner. The guards stayed with a curved sword drawn and stood guard.
At this time, the pavement of the second bend and the third bend changed, and the stone slab in the middle of the road sank sadly to reveal the beginning of a dark hole. Looking from the hole, several purple spots passed by.
I saw the road surface change, except for the first carriage, after which all four carriages stopped, and the first carriage directly heard the hole. At this time, there was also a hole in the carriage that could be passed by one person.
Several humanoid objects wrapped in white cloth were thrown into the square hole from the carriage at a total of ten speeds. It can be seen quickly that this is definitely not the first time to cooperate and it is also very tacit. After the first carriage was thrown away, it quickly left for the forward. When the second carriage and five carriages were less than three minutes in total, when the last humanoid object was thrown into the hole, the stone bar at the hole was once again quietly returned to its original place, and no trace could be seen again.
After that, the knights of the back team trampled on it and even the last trace disappeared.
All this happened in the eyes of the grassland magic mosquito. This process is like watching a large-scale magic show. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can believe that the magic mosquito in suspension forgot to blink its wings and fell to the ground. As soon as it landed, the magic mosquito was surrounded by a pattern of light green light until the green light dispersed, and it looked clever and white. The wind fox appeared in the original position of the magic mosquito.
Be alert and shake your head to make sure there is no one around, and then a white line disappears into the snow-covered grassland.
break up
After listening to Jack’s return, Hao Ren couldn’t help sighing that Jack was lucky.
After confirming the entrance, Hao Ren-ming didn’t take action or continue to make magic surveillance, but sent out Jack who had mastered four kinds of transformation. Few people could tell the difference between grassland magic mosquitoes and shadow magic mosquitoes, and the wind fox grassland was not very rare.
Today, Jack happened to meet a "delivery" motorcade when he was squatting on the earthen bag. Because of his natural sensitivity to blood, Jack found the unusual number of people in the carriage and immediately followed him and found the hole in the tree-lined path.
It is said to be lucky because just now, the remaining four magical gems suddenly changed at the same time. Almost at the same time, all four points were fed back with an earthy magic fluctuation, which was not obvious. It should be said that it was quite obscure. If Rodriguez did not arrange an improved sentry, he noticed that these four clods would not be very obvious when everyone saw them. Slowly sinking and flattening, and finally blending with the surrounding areas, no trace could be seen.
This means that these five points are all entrances, and it happens that the only exposure is the one near the roadside. If he ordered it, Jack would not have a chance to meet the delivery team. It is luck.
Betty fainted when Hao Ren and Rodriguez planned how to play a "secret sneak"!
In the yard, the princess has a high priority in everything with little Betty. Throw away your hands. Everything is gathered in Betty’s room. Rodriguez doesn’t know how much he throws in one breath. He frowned and told Hao Ren a result. "Betty, everything is normal. Even my soul has been checked. This state is like falling asleep."
Fell asleep! What a joke! Hao Ren asked, "Who first discovered Betty fainted?"
Huahua raised her hand and the little girl said timidly, "Betty suddenly fainted when I was playing hide-and-seek with Betty."
Sweat! ~ ~ Playing hide-and-seek with Huahua Betty really dares to challenge the difficulty!
Just when everyone was upset about Betty’s "falling asleep", our little princess woke up on her own. It seems that she had a comfortable sleep and had a small stretch after waking up. She just woke up with a pair of big eyes, and her brain hasn’t worked yet. Why did so many people appear in her room? She was a little confused and lost, and her eyes swept across everyone’s face and finally stopped her father’s face.
"Dad, huh?"
"Betty, tell dad if there’s anything wrong?" Hao Renqie asked
"No, Betty slept well." Betty was still at a loss.
"Did you just faint?"
"fainted?" Betty is thinking, and her big eyes are flickering and cute, but she doesn’t notice that everyone is watching her nervously.
Finally, "Oh Betty remembered that the baby called me just now."
"baby?" Everyone wondered, "That baby?"
"Egg baby!"
Finally, Hao Ren remembered that Betty called the egg baby a pet egg like a stone. Didn’t that egg get lost?
Hao Ren quickly asked, "Where is Baby Egg now?"
"here!" Betty stretched out her hands like a treasure, and the blue light spots gathered from Betty’s body to her hands, eventually forming a beautiful blue bird the size of a pigeon.
The blue bird flew to Betty’s shoulder and kissed Betty’s cheek. Everyone was shocked by this magical scene because the blue bird was obviously a living creature.
I have been thinking about Rodriguez and suddenly exclaimed, "Fantasy beast!"
Chapter ninety Fantasy beast
"Magic beast! How is it possible to be a magic beast? " This is the first time that Hao Ren saw Rodriguez gaffes, and everyone was amazed. Yu Ye immediately took action. Leo moved a chair and put it behind Mr. Luo. Qiang Sen moved a tea table and put it next to Mr. Luo. Huahua had already gone to make tea. Gloria ran one step behind and took out a small preparation record. Hao Ren sat in Betty’s bed. Betty automatically climbed into Hao Ren’s arms and found a comfortable position to sit down.
This industry is very skilled, and everyone is busy and not chaotic. Since Rodriguez became a member of the small courtyard, this scene has appeared more than once. The old man over 1000 years old said from his mouth that history is strange. For a group of young people who are only a few decades old on average, the old man’s doubt is a walking dictionary.
Bring hot tea with flowers, enjoy a sip of flowers and carefully brew black tea. Rodriguez said, "Once upon a time ~ ~ ~" Every time he talked about the past, he always wanted this head. Every time Hao Ren had an impulse to spit something in his mouth in his face.
"Fantasy beasts are not our product. They come from parallel and enter us through cracks. Most fantasy beasts have no entities. Only advanced fantasy beasts can have entities, such as Betty."
"She called the baby!" Betty is very serious and emphasizes her name.
"Ah, yes, the baby’s magic beast body ability is not weak, but it is not much different from ordinary Warcraft, and once the magic beast signs a contract with other creatures, the texture will change."
"When Warcraft signs a contract, it will be a fighting partner magic beast, but the biggest difference of familiar is that magic beast can be armored, especially the armor style of magic beast hatched from rare magic beast eggs like Betty can change according to the owner’s idea." The old man’s tone is full of envy.
Hao Ren must have Rodriguez said that the horse lifted Betty. "Then what are you waiting for? Come and show Betty to Dad."
Betty looked at Hao Renran blankly, and then looked at everyone weakly and asked, "What is dad’s armor?"
"Old! !” Hao Ren shouted.
Rodriguez took Betty from Hao Ren and sat her in her arms. After that, she explained, "Betty’s armor is to make the bird VV, the baby into a suit of armor to wear on you." It impressed Betty and he called Caesar out.
Betty bit her finger and looked at Caesar’s armor with almost no gap. After thinking for a long time, she suddenly shouted happily, "Oh, Betty knows it’s the holy garments! I want to be saint seiya! !”
Hao Ren is so sweaty! ~ "Why does Betty want to be saint seiya?"