"Uncle, you’re here." Huang Qiang was overjoyed when he saw Bo coming.

"Pa" hi hasn’t passed yet, followed by sadness.
Huang Qiang was beaten by his uncle’s big mouth.
"Uncle, why did you hit me?" Huang Qiang asked dully.
Apollo finished smoking Huang Qiang slap is mercilessly stared at him and didn’t pay attention to him, but quickly walked over to Qin Shaojie.
"Mr. Qin is really embarrassed." Apollo looks ugly, but he still forced out a smile and said to Qin Shaojie.
"Is this your nephew?" Qin Shaojie pointed to Huang Qiang and asked.
"Yes, yes," Apollo hurriedly said, "Mr. Qin, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know he had offended you."
"It’s not difficult for me to know you, so let him go back where he came from." Qin Shaojie said lightly at Huang Qiang.
"Thank you very much, Mr. Qin. I’ll take him away." Apollo hurriedly said.
Whether it was captain Zeng or the surname Li Pang, I was relieved.
Finally, someone came forward
Chapter 379 Good Chief [Even]
"What? Apologize? " Huang Qiang eyeful surprised to see Apollo incredible asked.
"It’s an apology," Apollo said coldly.
Although he is a deputy director, he is an official, but in front of Qin Shaojie, he really can’t afford to put up an official position.
Who is Jiang Kaijun? That’s someone. He’s been planted in Qin Shaojie’s hands. Don’t say that there’s no one here, and he’s not a clean man. There’s always something he’ll catch. Although he can’t run away without eating iron flowers and eating a generation of prison fast food raw.
"Why? Why should I apologize to that bastard? " Huang Qiang is a little crazy now.
What is your identity? Is a foreign guest
I think that when I was abroad, the film and television circle was also a small achiever. How many stars wanted to curry favor with myself? Why did you come back to China?
You want to apologize to the man who broke his finger? No, don’t even think about it
Just five meters away, Qin Shaojie’s figure flashed by, and even several people around Bai Wei didn’t see it clearly. After hearing a crisp big mouth, Qin Shaojie had returned to his original position as if he had not moved.
But Huang Qiang proved that Qin Shaojie really moved.
See Huang Qiang’s huge body fly up directly in situ and do a ling-assisted twist of 720 degrees, and then crash to the ground.
"pa pa"
Then two teeth should fall
"If you dare to spit shit again, I’ll knock your teeth out," Qin Shaojie said coldly.
Now where can Huang Qiang speak Qin Shaojie’s slap? If it were Ethan, it would be nothing but a little pain in the face.
Huang Qiang can’t. The pampered Lord slapped him straight, buzzing his ears and rolling his face on the ground.
"Take it away quickly and don’t let him bark here." Listening to Huang Qiang’s miserable cry like a donkey barking, Qin Shaojie said impatiently.
"Is" Apollo repeatedly should way while wiping sweat.
He is also a wise man who knows that Qin Shaojie has given him a second chance.
What kind of person is your nephew? You know best what bullies are used to. It must be your nephew’s fault. Now, if you kick the iron plate, don’t run.
Apollo, I hate that. I can’t wait to put Huang Qiang back in his sister’s stomach and return to the furnace.
It doesn’t matter if you get beaten. What should I do if you two slap your ass and go back to America?
"Huang Qiang, get up and go back to the United States with me." Apollo walked over and rolled on the ground. Huang Qiang said coldly.
Captain Zeng and another policeman also looked at each other.
What kind of trouble is this?
Now it’s a bold attack, and the other party has to apologize?
"This ….." Captain Zeng moved but didn’t know what to say.