Deng Menghan’s original implicit and calm eyes sparkled as beautiful as flowers in an instant. She raised her face to be charming and shy. Jiao Jiao worshipped Li Fu and smiled softly. "Are you the new deployment and Weining Hou Li’s adult? My daughter has long heard that the new envoy is young and a brilliant general. I don’t want to be true! Adults are really young! My daughter has never seen such a young minister! "

This attracted several young captains and generals around to look at it. Hee hee, hehe, low smile.
Tang Zaixing frowned slightly and felt a little uncomfortable, so he laughed, "Don’t be polite in front of my cousin!"
He quickly bent down to Li Fu and said, "Cousin boudoir women don’t know the rules, please forgive me!"
"cousin!" Deng Menghan not too happy gave him a white JiaoChen way "the somebody else’s adult didn’t say anything? What do you mean! Isn’t my cousin so disgraceful in your eyes? "
You!’ Tang Zaixing was a little embarrassed and smiled bitterly at Li Fu. In my heart, I couldn’t help secretly blaming my aunt for how to get my cousin to come here to find myself. It’s not urgent. Now, Hu’s adult and Li’s adult are cleaning up the barracks. Who doesn’t know that they are coming for themselves? I still carefully kept a low profile and secretly prayed that I wouldn’t be stared at by Li’s adult and Hu’s adult, but somehow I went to Li’s adult …
When Li Fu heard this, he waved his hand and smiled faintly. "It’s nothing!"
"I knew Li was an adult!" Deng Menghan smiled and took a glance at Tang Zaixing.
Tang Zaixing touched his nose, then grabbed Deng Menghan’s arm and said, "Come and I’ll introduce you to some colleagues!" "
Deng Menghan actually didn’t want to know him at all. Several other colleagues did so, which was a bit too glum to follow Tang Zaixing.
Tang Zaixing breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at what she wanted to say, but she didn’t say whether it was a cousin or a sister. There is always a difference.
Besides, it’s uncle, aunt and young girl who have been pampered since childhood, even if their parents are reluctant to reprimand themselves.
Seen all the people a few words smiled Deng Menghan all is familiar with the eyes swept away, wondering what reason to run to Li Fu and Hu Dahai’s side to take advantage of Li’s adult to cultivate feelings. Tang Zaixing has pulled her to sit nearby and laughed. "This is roast leg of lamb. It tastes the most delicious, and pheasants and rabbits come and sit down. Chapter 114 Hunting."
They smiled and moved a little bit, which made Deng Menghan unable to sit well, and made Snow White help to bake.
In the end, I gave Tang Zaixing a slightly uncomfortable look in my heart. "I didn’t come until I ate?" Look at my cousin! "
Tang Zaixing smiled and didn’t argue with her.
This leg of lamb is really excellent. The freshest meat is sprinkled with a little pepper, Chili powder and fine salt. When you look at it, it is tempting to take a bite. The meat is delicious, the meat is tender, the gravy is full, fresh and spicy, and the meat is delicious.
Eating eating Deng Menghan also came to the fun. Everyone laughed and ate a lot.
Tang Zaixing breathed a sigh of relief and stopped talking and laughing about herself.
Who knows Deng Menghan didn’t give up eating barbecue here so easily, and his eyes didn’t glance at Li Fu from time to time.
Seeing Li Fu get up as if walking to the edge of the forest to see his mount, Deng Menghan quietly winked at Snow White with a joy in his heart, and got up and went to Li Fu while everyone didn’t care.
"Li’s adult, this horse looks really good. I have never seen such a good horse in Nanhai County! The so-called hero with BMW is also worthy of Li Da! " Deng Menghan ourtenant way
Li Fu couldn’t help turning to pick his eyebrows when he heard her voice. "It’s Miss Deng! Miss Deng is ridiculous! Li is not a hero! "
Deng Menghan heard him answer his words, and his bones were tender all over. Most of his charming face could not help but spread a faint glow, such as the glow reflected in the sun.
She smiled more tenderly and brilliantly. Jiao Jiao said softly, "Li’s adult is really modest. If Li’s adult is not a hero, no one in this world deserves this word! It’s a pity-alas, adults know that many people are unfair! "
"uneven? Me? " Li Fu was really surprised this time and couldn’t help wondering, "I can’t understand how Miss Deng said this!"
Deng Menghan couldn’t help but look at his eyes with sympathy and sighed in a low voice. "Adults may not know that they can’t bear to know and deceive themselves, right? Forgive me, my Lord. I’m outspoken. Don’t be annoyed if I say it, my Lord! I am also very unfair for adults! It’s not just because of Li Furen … Li Furen. Now things are all over the streets of Nanhai City. I’m afraid that the whole Nanhai County will know in a few days! Who also didn’t think she did such a shameless thing to return not bashful to pester adults don’t let go of the city people who don’t spit on her scold her shameless if this-"
"Miss Deng!" Li Fu’s face was slightly heavy and his tone was a little cold. "Miss Deng is careful!"
Deng Menghan eyes a red pie pie said, "this matter is that adults have been humiliated and wronged, and no one will say that adults are not! Adults will be like this? You don’t care, but ask yourself, don’t you really care at all? If that’s the case, why don’t adults go back and hang out in the barracks every day? "
Li Fu frowned and said, "Is it strange for officials to patrol the barracks?"
"Adults don’t lie!" Deng Menghan summoned up the courage to look directly at Li Fu’s way. "Just now, I saw adults’ eyes flashing with anger and embarrassment! Adults’ fault is not adults’ fault, but adults have to avoid real hang it all! I can’t blame everyone for being unfair! "
"Shut up!" Li Fu stopped Deng Menghan’s words coldly, but it sounded so hard. He said coldly, "This is a matter of official business, not for Miss Deng to make irresponsible remarks!"
As he spoke, he sighed gently, "Miss Deng, you are a unmarried girl. Don’t always talk about these words. Going out is not good for Miss Deng’s reputation!"
Deng Menghan was elated when he heard that he was so worried, and he felt that his whole person was flying lightly.
She dared to look at Li Fu several times in vain, biting the small purples and delicate lips. "Thank you for your kindness!" I’ve just said a few words in front of adults. Who will be patient to tell others? None of the people my daughter has seen have grown up. My daughter … admires adults … "
Li Fu frowned, turned around and led the horse without saying a word, and walked out of several steps before faintly saying, "It’s getting late, Miss Deng, hurry back to the city!"
Deng Menghan was even more happy. He smiled and promised to look at Li Fu’s figure with a dream. The corners of his mouth could not help but slightly cock with blooming flowers.
"What are you doing?" Tang Zaixing recalled Deng Menghan from his dream to reality as soon as he heard it.
She was very unhappy and took a look at Tang Zaixing and stamped her feet. "Cousin, don’t you have a sound when you walk? Scared me to death! "
"I walk without sound?" Tang Zaixing asked her to laugh angrily and said, "I have been calling you for several times since I was far away, but you didn’t hear me and lost your soul!"
Deng Menghan’s face turned red by him, and he felt a little guilty. Don’t open your eyes and hold on. "What are you talking about? Who lost his soul!"
"Hum!" Tang Zaixing sneer, anger and urgency. "These people are poisoned by their eyes. Do you think others are stupid? I said cousin, are you crazy! "
"Why am I crazy?" Deng Menghan was so questioned by him that he calmed down and asked.
"What do you say?" Tang Zaixing flustered way "lee’s adult is what person? What brings you to Nanhai County? You don’t know that, do you? It’s true that you actually like him-hehe! "
Deng Menghan said, "Why can’t I like him? Besides, he was joking with me for a long time just now, which shows that he also has a good impression on me! Hum, so what if he came to our four big families? If our Deng family married him in-laws, he would naturally not be enemies with us. What’s wrong with that! "
You!’ Tang Zaixing was so angry by her ridiculous reason that she simply felt, "Cousin, you think things are too simple! Li is definitely not a person who put aside state affairs when he is immersed in love. Hum, your wishful thinking is bound to be wrong! "
Deng Menghan’s face sank slightly, and Tang Zaixing’s words meant that she was not attractive enough, and Li won’t change because of her. How can a woman in love listen to such words?
"Besides," Tang Zaixing didn’t care about her. "It’s well known that Li Furen’s affair has made a lot of noise. Li adults would rather avoid a person who is unhappy and didn’t get angry with her or do something else. The couple’s feelings are good! I advise you not to think about it. Chapter 115 Advise her not to make plans.
This makes Deng Menghan unbearable more than the previous words. She can’t help staring at Tang Zaixing with almond eyes. "This is because Li’s adult is generous and heavy! Well, you really don’t care? If he really didn’t care, he wouldn’t have a family and wouldn’t want to fool around in the military camp! Li will divorce her sooner or later! Cousin, you are also a man. Can you stand such gossip if your wife is with you? "
"What are you talking about!" Tang Zaixing couldn’t help but scowl when she cursed his wife. "Did Meng Han talk like that?"
Deng Menghan "sloped" clapped his hands and giggled "Look, look! Is that right? I just assume that you can’t stand the status of Li’s adult, and you are more arrogant than you! "
Tang Zaixing was speechless for a moment and sighed, "This is not a trivial matter for you alone. You’d better discuss it with your uncle and aunt, and your uncle and aunt will always nod!"
Deng Menghan showed a smug smile. "Can I still hide this from my parents?"
Tang Zaixing zheng busy asked "that, that you come to me today-"is to serve the uncle aunt?
Deng Menghan blinked but smiled.
She won’t tell him the truth! Naturally, I will tell my parents, but not now, because now she knows that they will not agree.
Deng Menghan Snow White rode slowly back to the city against the sunset.
Today’s harvest is not small. Deng Menghan’s face is full of smiles and radiant.
"Snow White, do you think that if Li Furen loses face and does something immoral in full view of the public, can Li still tolerate her?" Deng Menghan elegant raise my hand and cut my hair. The wind blows across my face. Broken hair smiles and asks Bai Xuedao