Seeing this, the Diamond Dragon King was overjoyed. Little girl, my baby likes you very much. Great. You can sign a contract with him. "

Next to du stunned to himself, "oh, my god! Even the dragon eggs love beauty when they look at Xuan Si’s beauty, and they agree with her. "The Diamond Dragon King said," You don’t know that we dragons appreciate races and like beautiful things the most, especially those that can last forever. The outside world knows that we like shiny things, and we like beautiful things. Even from our dragon point of view, it is perfect for this little girl to be beautiful. Even my baby is jealous because of this. It is normal for me to like her. "
Ji Dong suddenly said, "Irina, your child hasn’t hatched yet, but if I’m not mistaken, it should have had its own for a while. What’s going on?"
Irina sighed, "This is the variation. This eggshell is so tough that I can’t break it by forced attack. Over the years, my baby has long had its own strength. Although it can’t break out of its shell, it can release its strength through the eggshell. Although I don’t want to admit it, I have to tell you that my baby eggshell is an excellent weapon for it. Although it can’t be said to be an artifact, it is not too much different. It can change the eggshell into a shape with its own strength to resist the problem of junior high-level super-killing skills. If it is not because this eggshell is too difficult, We have also seen Di Longzu. Di Longzu said that the only possibility for my child to hatch is to break through by its own strength. If it is imposed on it by external forces, it will hurt it. Otherwise, how can I let you human beings sign a contract and leave me? " As he spoke, the diamond dragon king cried silently again, regardless of race, maternal love is always the most private.
Heaven-dried saints look at Chen Sixuan with admiration in their eyes, although she says that it is not practical to help the Diamond Dragon King hatch the dragon eggs in Ji Dong. How can there be no Ji Dong factor? Some of the Heavenly Immortals helped the Diamond Dragon King to hatch it. There is no doubt that the dragon will be more friendly to them. When others get the mount dragon, they can choose to be the strongest dragon Chen Sixuan, so they sacrifice themselves to get a powerful dragon mount partner directly. Of course, others don’t remember this feeling. Everyone can see that she did this, and Ji Dong has several advantages, which not only solved the immediate problems for Ji Dong, but also benefited the Heavenly Immortals. Everyone asks themselves, maybe it would be the same for them. Do it, but never be like Chen Sixuan. Without hesitation, Ji Dong stepped forward to Chen Sixuan and grabbed her shoulder. "Xuan Si, you have to think clearly."
Chen Sixuan smiled and gently stroked the white crystal dragon egg in his arms, and the dragon egg seemed to enjoy it. It seemed that the surface showed a slight peristalsis. "I have thought clearly. I think I have decided what my Warcraft partner is."
Looking at her gentle and peaceful eyes, a string in Ji Dong’s heart seems to have been severely touched by a palm. Although Chen Sixuan’s round and silky skin is separated by a pair, it can still give him a strong touch. Hold her shoulder tightly. Ji Dong will loosen his hand after all. Although he didn’t say anything, he knew that he owed Chen Sixuan a sigh in his heart. Chen Sixuan easily didn’t know when it would be paid off.
Chen Sixuan was more than the heavenly saints thought. She decided that this dragon egg was not to help Ji Dong. When she saw the eyes of the Diamond Dragon King, she remembered her own life experience. When the flame was born, it absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, and it was a geocentric red-violet heaven and earth. Her parents saw the dragon emperor, the dragon king and the Dayan flame dragon family reunited these days, and her heart was constantly touched. It was because of her parents’ deepest feelings that she had made a decision to help this mother just now when she saw the tears of the Diamond Dragon King.
Of course, her decision is not blind. No one knows the mystery of magic elements better than her.
She is at least 60% sure that she can help this little guy hatch in her arms with the help of contractual force. At the same time, she also has her own selfishness to hatch the diamond dragon king child. It is not an overnight event, but after everyone has been to the Dragon Valley, everyone will have their own mount. Only if she doesn’t, she can monopolize her wherever she goes and ride the Dayan Flame Dragon with Ji Dong. This time, she took the initiative to solve the immediate problem in Ji Dong, and Ji Dong can’t refuse to ride with her again anyway.
"Irina, what is your child’s name?" Chen Sixuan asked Elena softly, "Because the baby hasn’t hatched, we’ll call it balls for the time being. Since you decided to make a low-level contract with it, I’ll let you name our baby. I’m sure you won’t object."
Let a generation of dragon kings give others the name of their dragon emperor’s baby. I’m afraid it’s the first time that the whole dragon is worse. Once the little dragon in this egg hatches, it will be the direct heir of the dragon emperor, and even the Dayan Flame Dragon is its backup.
Chen Sixuan gently stroked the dragon egg in his hand and smiled. "My name is Xuan Si, so his name is Sidong. I hope it can really break through the shackles as soon as possible. Can Irina move?"
"Thinking well is called thinking well." Irina likes the meaning of this name, and she can see that since Chen Sixuan promised, she will try her best to help her hatch the baby.
However, the word "thinking and moving" has once again severely hit Ji’s temptation. Who doesn’t understand the meaning of this word, whether he or the heavenly saints? Think about Ji Dong.
Ji Dong closed his eyes and silently retreated aside, almost trying to suppress his heart. Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Master-slave contract.
Chen Sixuan gently stroked the dragon egg in his hand, and there was a gentle light in his eyes. "We want it. Are you willing to conclude a contract with me?" Round and white, teasing the dragon egg seems to understand Chen Sixuan’s words. It took a long time to gently wave it in her hand, just like nodding.
Everyone’s eyes are fixed, especially the diamond dragon king. She is the most nervous. Although there will be no problems when humans sign a contract with Warcraft, what she wants to see is that her baby will have a chance to break through the eggshell in the process of signing this contract.
Although the Diamond Dragon King didn’t say anything, Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong were both white. Today, she brought her children to make such a request, but she has already paid the reward. This reward is that Chen Sixuan will have a dragon to protect him during his lifetime. Of course, this reward should be put in quotation marks because he must be able to hatch the dragon too.
A faint light flashes; Ji Dong’s face reveals a trace of coldness. His fists are gradually clenched. The process of concluding a contract is that no one can disturb him, even if he wants to help her with his soul, Chen Sixuan. This can be her alone.
Chen Sixuan is still gently stroking the dragon’s egg, but pieces of armor are turned up from her feet like leaves. The armor gradually covers her charming body and finally stops at her wrist. There is no further step to cover her palm, and the rich life breath is constantly released from the eternal armor. All kinds of plants in the whole dragon valley have been relatively induced, releasing their vitality and eternal armor breath.
At this time, the pupils of all the people contracted because they clearly saw that Chen Sixuan’s wrist vein suddenly collapsed, and then the blood had come out from her wrist vein six times. The bright red blood was dark green and shining with glittering armor, which formed a fresh contrast.
Almost twice breathing, the blood flowing from Chen Sixuan’s wrist vein has dyed the dragon egg in her hand red, but she has not stopped bleeding for herself. It is still flowing with blood. It is strange that the dragon egg seems to suck her blood, but the blood keeps flowing, but not a drop falls to the ground and is absorbed by the dragon egg.
I don’t know what to see here. Ji Dong suddenly felt very uncomfortable. No matter how much he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that it was a painful feeling, and it made his heart tighten and held his breath. If he hadn’t been told by reason not to stop it, I’m afraid he would have rushed at this time.
Normally, it is enough for human beings to sign a contract with Warcraft. Even if it is difficult for Warcraft eggs to sign a contract, it will take ten drops of blood. At this time, it is no good for Chen Sixuan to integrate a lot of blood into the dragon egg except for her own Warcraft partner. However, after absorbing a lot of blood, the dragon egg can fully get the power and life energy contained in her blood. You know, a penance magician’s blood is completely different from ordinary people, and her blood is pure and full of energy, just like a liquid with energy.
Ji Dong really didn’t want Chen Sixuan to make such a huge sacrifice to help himself, but he also knew that what Bai Chen Sixuan did in front of him was just like when he hatched Budai and Wuliangye himself, which was the best opportunity and the best for the little dragon in the dragon’s egg.
Seeing this scene, the eyes of the diamond dragon king showed gratitude. At this moment, she has no worries about Chen Sixuan. How can she dare not move when her child pays such a huge price? The body wood magic teacher relies on life energy, but at this time, Chen Sixuan’s blood loss is equivalent to greatly consuming her life energy and vitality. Even with the help of eternal armor, she will be greatly weakened. If she loses too much blood, the eternal armor will save her life and affect her life expectancy.
Real Chen Sixuan thinks it’s very simple. It’s meaningless for her to have too many roots of life. What’s the point of her being alive as a real flame if Ji Dong has fulfilled her wish to commit suicide and double suicide ten years after the death of the flame? So she is at this moment, i7 wants to help the dragon eggs in her hands. Anyway, it doesn’t make much sense to leave too much vitality. If Ji Dong can say those three words to himself, then consider these.
This goodwill is constantly absorbed by the dragon egg with her blood, and at the same time, this goodwill also affects everyone on the scene.
Yao Qian, a heavenly saint of Jiamu, "deserves to be our wooden magician Si Xuan. She loves life. She is not only helping Ji Dong, but also making this little life truly born. This kindness has been ashamed of the title of Yimu Saint."