The door of Julius’ house is still left unlocked. Through the split door, you can see that there are some dark and messy layouts in it. Nie Shuang takes Caroline back to the Queen’s card, taps her shoulders and snow, and gently knocks before adjusting her clothes.

It’s just like when Nie Shuang came for the first time, the scratching noise rang when Nie Shuang knocked on the door, and then a slightly angry long tone came out of it-
"Who … ah! ! !”
Then the door was opened and Julius looked out in front of it.
"Mr. Jules, it’s me." Nie Shuang smiled
"Who are you?" Jules eyebrows a wrinkly asked
"Er …" Nie Shuang paused. "I came here the other day and asked you for some’ melting ice inflammation’ to kill frost Freud. At the same time, you asked me to give you Freud’s body frost heart if I succeeded."
Julius looked up slightly and looked at the sky for a while, then turned to look at Nie Shuang for a while. "Are you young and you are not dead?"
Nie Shuang laughed. "I’m not dead. Freud is dead."
This shocked Julius-Freud is dead! ?
But then Jules became angry again. "You treat me like Jules lived in vain for so many years, don’t you? Freud is powerful, and I know better than you. You mean it’s dead when it’s dead? Bastard! "
Nie Shuang shook his head gently without making excuses. When his right hand pulled out a deep blue ice crystal heart as big as his head, it appeared in his hand. It was from Freud that this heart got the frost heart!
At this time, this core thing belonging to Freud was "plopping" in front of Jules … to be continued.
Chapter 94 Melting Ice Inflammation Mass Production Plan
Julius stared at the icy blue heart in front of him for a long time, and the falling snow decorated his beard with white before he suddenly woke up.
His body shook slightly, and his back was a little rickety, and his eyes sparkled with incredible light, looking at things in front of people-
What a "frost heart"!
Precious, not to mention that if you want to get this frosty heart, you must kill Freud, and Freud is powerful and it is difficult to kill it completely. Julius knows better than anyone!
This young man in front of me, he …
Really did it!
I was shocked, but Jules pretended to be calm on the surface-after all, he should be calm as an elder.
After a pause, Julius brushed off his beard and snowflakes and said, "Freud … is really dead?"
I still don’t want to believe it.
The young man nodded slightly in front of him, and the arrogant jewel crown in his head was not warm in You Na town. The sunlight reflected several rays and flashed in Jules’ eyes, making him feel that this man is the same as the sunshine jewel-
What a fake!
Although I still don’t believe it, the other party has come over with Freud’s heart, and it can’t be denied that Freud has the frost heart.
Now Julius has to trust each other anyway.
Nie Shuang knows that this np doesn’t believe it, but the ice blue heart in his hand is the best explanation. He also knows that Julius will believe what he says when he sees this heart.
Give Nie Shuang a slight smile with his heart toward Julius. "Mr. Julius, identify one."
The icy blue, cold heart was sent to his face, and Julius hesitate to pick it up with his hands-cold, smooth and vigorous!
Not fake is frost heart!
Julius was thinking about touching his eyes again, and there was a sudden flash of a golden virtual shadow-one hand stretched out at full speed and then retracted at full speed!
In the blink of an eye, the frost heart in Jules’ hand disappeared!
Does this little bastard think that Jules likes to rob people? Damn it, I should have just kicked Xiao away and closed the door directly when I got it! !
"Shout …" Jules suppressed his unhappiness and caught his breath, then said, "I believe it’s a frosty heart. Although I asked you to give me the frosty heart before, I know you probably won’t give it to me so easily."
Nie Shuang didn’t expect the other party to "Tao" so easily, because before the start, Julius promised to exchange the gold coins in Nie’s hands with the anti-icing agent and successfully kill Freud’s frost heart, which means that the conditions had already covered the frost heart.
Perhaps Julius said casually at that time, after all, the purchase value of gold coins is not too high after melting ice, and the price treasure of frost heart is deeply white to Julius.
He doesn’t want to owe anything.
It’s a little cute to think that this irate old man is in front of me.
Nie Shuang smiled and handed the ice-blue heart back to Julius. He smiled in the other party’s dubious eyes. "Please don’t be angry after Mr. Julius’s previous trip."
Julius nodded and said nothing.
Nie Shuang’s expression was dull and he continued, "Well, this time I really encountered great difficulties when I went to the Crystal Ice Cave, especially in terms of ice and snow. Fortunately, with Mr. Jules, your preparation of’ melting ice inflammation’ can make me feel comfortable in dealing with Freud. This time I can succeed with your medicine …"
At present, Jules’ face has evoked a faint smile. It seems that Nie Shuang’s words are very easy to digest, but he still didn’t speak because he knew Nie Shuang had something to say-
"Well, the effect of’ ice melting inflammation’ is very good. It may not be helpful to the indigenous people in Skanska, but it has a very good effect on us adventurers. I wonder if you can help me make some of this medicine every day to help the adventurers better fight against the ice elves that ravage You Na towns …"
Nie Shuang’s words are very tricky
He didn’t say what he wanted, but said "help the small town of You Na". Julius refused the invitation of Ska Kingdom and concentrated on studying in such a place to let the small town of You Na go out of the ice and snow and let the small town of You Na return to spring.
He’s obsessed with You Na town.