Date Wataru touched Harrow’s head and said, "Sometimes I think this spell is what prevents them from going further. They will both attribute him to a spell because of what kind of pink atmosphere happens."

"Down the Valley" … Should I say they are too slow? No, didn’t Lu know that he liked Song Tian? "
Zhu Jingguang rubbed the bar and said, "Maybe not?"
Date Wataru holds the chin "with the forum post of the Metropolitan Police Department Network, it is said that it is so precious because of the gains and losses."
"Is there a forum on the Internet?"
Date Wataru "is a new post, and there is a ranking in Matsuda and Lu’s original post, which accounts for four of the top five."
Valley "…" The metropolitan police also began to be so idle?
Zhu Jingguang’s friendship shows that "the monitor of zer is beside the point"
"What are you talking about?" Hagiwara Kenji hooked Matsuda Jinpei’s neck and came out and said, "You won’t speak ill of Xiao Lanping and me."
"No," said Zhu Jingguang, "this is about what you two haven’t been together yet."
Descending the valley? !” Hir, what are you doing?
Date Wataru "!" Have you become so direct?
Hello, I don’t understand your human thoughts.
You have something to say.
Of course, the first place in the list of posts is "If you drive away the weak man around the police flower!" 》
Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating nutrient solution angel in 613: ~ 61419: 49: 8 ~
Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine, one of them shines brightly at night;
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel 571541 bottles; Without paper towels, I will die, and my wife Yue Quan Huai will drink 1 bottle; 3 bottles of Meza Blue and Streamer Night Shadow; 1 bottle of ruitang;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
▍ Wedding []
"Huh?" Matsuda Jinpei looked at Fu Jingguang and made a terrible sound. "Fu Fu, do you know what you are talking about?"
Descending the valley and reaching for the sleeves of the Fu Jing, hir, this kind of thing still needs to be realized by these two idiots themselves.
The FuJingGuang koo a wink "don’t you like best original? Song Tian or don’t you know that Lu Yuan likes you? "
"Wait, Xiao Zhufu, what are you talking about?" Hagiwara Kenji hurriedly jumped to the front of the Fujingguang and tried to block the Fujingguang mouth.
When Descending Valley saw the teasing expressions on the faces of all the scenes, hir, a black belly, appeared again.
Listen to Fu Jingguang, "I’m talking about relatives and friends expressing their love. Don’t Lu Yuan and Song Tian like each other?"
His mind was seen through Hagiwara Kenji "…"
Of course, Matsuda Jinpei also breathed a sigh of relief.
Date Wataru said, "Ha, ha, ha, best of Song Tian, what were you two just now? Why is your face so red? "
Descending the valley, he said slowly, "It’s probably the light drying."
"Blonde bastard, do you want to fight?" Matsuda Jinpei stared down the valley.
"I don’t want to deal with a lot of things tomorrow, so hir and I will rest first."
Hagiwara Kenji instantly changed the topic, "Wait, it’s a small day. Let’s wear a wedding dress. Can we have a look first?"
"No" went down to the valley and refused cruelly, and then revealed a mysterious smile "Befreheweddingiwasasere (before the wedding, this was a secret)"
Matsuda Jinpei: "Yeah, you’re getting more annoying."
After celebrating their single night, the three girls left one after another.
After washing, I fell into the valley and lay in bed, tossing and turning, and I couldn’t sleep. There was a feeling that I was too excited to sleep the night before going out for an outing when I was a child.
Zhu Fujing turned around and smiled, "zer, can’t you sleep?"
"A little" down the valley, measured my body and smiled at the Fu Jingguang. "It’s fake, but I still can’t help but feel excited."
Zhu Jingguang hooked the valley hand and smiled. "Although it is fake, it is indeed your engagement with me in a solemn church. Even if it is, you can’t deny that you and I are sincerely looking forward to this wedding. It is inevitable to be nervous."
Downhill chuckled, "It’s amazing to be appeased by you, hir."
Zhu Jingguang chuckled at his forehead and reached the valley, and then the novel said, "In fact, I am also very nervous."
When I heard this, I couldn’t help laughing. "What, hir, you are nervous, too. Then comfort me."
"after all, zer is the most important."
Descending the valley, he held out his hand and pinched the bright face of Fujing and said, "I’m looking forward to it. What will hir be like in the future?"
Zhu Fujing smiled naively. "zer is fully prepared, right?"
"Of course," Chugu snickered. "Of course, such an important day is recorded."
Zhu Fujingguang spoiled and pinched his nose, "You!"
During the conversation, the two people gradually became nervous and then slowly fell asleep.
Early the next morning, when I went down to the valley, I was pulled up from the bed. Then I took a look at the shadows around me. Jiangchuan Conan smiled awkwardly. "That Jingguang brother was taken to Asai’s aunt’s house by Youxi."
"… that’s really positive." Descending Valley sighed. "Then why is Conan Jun still here?"
Jiangchuan Conan touched his cheek. "Sister Youxi threw me out because I was too noisy."
"Is it too noisy?" Betty Ross came in with a man’s suit and said, "It’s because of your straight man’s aesthetic. I said Kudou Shinichi, I think your other half must be alone, or it will be a disaster if you go out later."
Jiangchuan Conan "… I’m not a catwalk"
"But appearance is also very important." Shimonoseki picked out a suit and turned to Jiangchuan Conan. "Otherwise, you might head in the direction of Maori predecessors."
"Terrible," read Betty Ross.
Jiangchuan Conan "…"
After arriving at the wedding scene, I went down to the valley and looked around. Apart from being familiar with my friends and colleagues, of course, there were also members of the black organization code.
Richard Moore hooked the valley neck path. "You are definitely the only one in the Metropolitan Police Department. So many people are planning your wedding, but where did you get all this money?"
The valley smile "of course comes from the organization"