"My senior mage Betty"

Betty’s expression like Hao Ren’s is so cute. Hao Ren couldn’t help but pinch that cute little face and turned to ride a small car and roared off, regardless of the fact that the paladin’s adult face was purple with anger.
On the way home, Hao Ren asked, "What church is this paladin Jack?"
"My Lord, he is a light church. Listening to the duke’s introduction, he should be a light church. A head of the twelve knights is a big shot."
"Oh, what’s in the Light Church and the Temple of Life?"
"It is said that before the jihad, Zhongguang Church was a branch of the Temple of Life, but later it stood on its own feet, but Guangguang Church denied this. Those who broadcast such remarks in a large area will be sent to the stake."
All the way, Hao Ren asked the Light Church something carefully. Little Jack was worthy of being the most knowledgeable and best Shirley Sutherson in a hundred years. He answered the questions like this. First, he wanted to know about the temple of life and the church. Anyway, life sacrifice once saved Betty’s life. Second, Hao Ren had a hunch that something would happen to him and the paladin of this church. Something very interesting.
The most important thing is that he is very curious about the appearance of Duke Howard at this time. Blackie has come back from Howard because there is a darkroom in Howard’s house, and even Blackie can find out where to enter. There is a powerful magical barrier to continue to see what valuable information has been obtained.
At this time, Hardy’s death has come from the imperial capital. He accompanied a paladin to a strange mage’s house to make trouble instead of organizing a funeral. This is abnormal! Moreover, he was a little surprised when he saw Hao Ren, but he didn’t look surprised when he heard his name. This means that Howard clearly knows himself and hides his strength. There are more and more secrets about Duke Howard.
The more secrets he has, the more difficult it is to kill him, because you don’t know what his final card will be. There are too many subversion of Hao Ren’s understanding in this magical world.
Good Hardy is dead, and he has some explanation for Betty. Let Justin and his father live longer.
Chapter 70 She did it on purpose
The light church has never been a tolerant church, although they try their best to advertise themselves like that.
Watching Hao Ren leave, Andy gritted his teeth and said to the duke beside him, "Give me an investigation. When the plan is completed, I will personally purify him. My glory is blasphemy."
Duke Howard’s face flashed a trace of displeasure at his commanding tone, but it was quickly covered up. He smiled and nodded. "No problem." In his heart, he lamented that light taught people to be more hypocritical than nobles
The commander helped the knight to his carriage, and the party quickly disappeared from the door of Master Ace’s mansion.
Today may not be a suitable time for church knights to travel thousands of miles away. Richard, the new knight captain of Green Castle Church, also met the captain of the Ninth Order of the Church, who made him very angry and didn’t want to make things public. He was beaten by someone, and it was the most important part of the ass for a man.
But what made him feel the most was the man who kicked his ass or the man who kicked him under the banner of saving him. After he was kicked, he had to say thank you to someone, which almost made Richard suffocate. This person was none other than Lord Templar.
Richard escorted the virgin into the Green Castle and arranged the accommodation very diligently, but in exchange for the sacrifice, everyone’s facial expressions were just as he was about to leave. A war horse unexpectedly appeared. For some reason, he was frightened and rushed to the virgin snow. Richard’s first reaction was to save the United States. As soon as he arrived at the horse-scaring route, he was about to say "Don’t be afraid of me" and "Don’t worry about me". A well-made metal boot kicked him in the ass.
As soon as Richard flew out, he heard "Captain Richard, be careful" and landed like a perfect dog grabbing shit.
By the time he got up from the ground, the Templar Knight Sir had already made a surprise and generously told Richard that she didn’t need to thank her for saving her life. It was her duty to save her life.
Looking at Richard leaving a "thank you", the charge speed was lifted up from the brake and he disdained to "hum".
She did it on purpose!
The seemingly wooden balance knights were fascinated by House’s farts and legs for a moment, and at such a time, the brake adults boasted their little faces as if they were victorious generals and went back.
The door snow, yao and brake three people sit together with a serious expression.
This ambush is very strange. Previous saints have gone out to experience and been attacked, but there are many points in this ambush from personnel to layout. First of all, trolls and trolls don’t live in grasslands, their territory, Wan Li wasteland, and the purpose of this ambush is to kill a group of them. Trolls have even dispatched the blue devils, a sophisticated arm, to attack at any cost, but the question is, if the saints are so easy to kill?
It is no secret that the defenders can enter the grassland gate without knowing it, and that the knights will choose to stick to it rather than break through when protecting the virgin and offering sacrifices in the dark, and make powerful magic like offering sacrifices to thunder design such a plan.
Finally, the timing of the appearance of the Knights of Light is also very suspicious
After studying, the three men recorded the situation and sent people back to the temple, while they temporarily rested in the Green Castle and waited for the order of the temple.
break up
Back in the yard, I found a servant dressed up and waiting in front of the door. When Hao Ren and his party came back, he ran quickly. It turned out that he was a fat Judd servant to inform Hao Rentian about the auction.
It’s been a few days since I arrived in the imperial city, and I actually have a lovely daughter. This life is really unreasonable
During the day, Master Ace’s furious blow gave Hao Ren a great shock. A mage can make a paladin strike back directly in close quarters, especially the cold touch of the contact spell made Hao Ren feel that a node in his brain had been broken.
Looking at the stool and holding the egg quietly, Betty Hao Ren appeared such a scene. When Betty got close, she gave the enemy an ice touch and then picked up her little fist and gave it to the other party.
Hush, it’s cruel to think about it. Hao Ren consciously took a look at Betty’s height. It’s cruel! !
However, Hao Ren still decided to formally give the broken bone hand to little Betty, which is why he realized after he came out of old Ace that Master Qi would be caught by someone and threatened, and Hao Ren’s only weakness was Betty.
Hao Ren has been hesitant to train Betty to surpass Master Qi. He doesn’t want Betty to get in touch with this cruel world. He wants to do his best to protect her, but more and more facts make Hao Ren realize that such an idea is naive.
However, the biggest problem now is how Betty is familiar with animals, especially the human structure. The broken bones are mainly aimed at key joints everywhere, and there is no certain degree of cognition. Where to practice is a big problem. If Hardy is not dead, it would be good to get him. Do you want to find anyone in the street?
It’s a pity that the two bodies in the ring are already dead. The difference between them is very great. Today, we have to take the bodies of these two barbarians first. In this case, fortunately, we have called all the most followers to give them a tutorial on plane solving.
Fortunately, there is no air in the ring. Without oxygen, it will not oxidize. To put it bluntly, it will not rot. The ring is a kind of real environment. There is no possibility that meat will rot when put into it. However, Hao Ren vaguely feels that the law of neutralization in the ring should also be different from the real world
Maybe it is possible to go back by studying the principle of white ring.
Chapter seventy-one Betty has a good appetite (it’s rather bloody and don’t like it)
I specially cleaned up the room and lit 36 spar lamps on the ceiling, so that the cottage shadow lamps appeared. When Hao Ren put all kinds of tools in turn to dissect the corpse, neither two women nor Betty in the hospital were familiar with these instruments. Hao Ren specially explained the real way for their followers to understand these complex tools for the first time.
Seeing that everyone was getting paler and paler, Hao Ren put away his tools and chose Huahua as his surgical assistant.
Berserker’s body was taken out of the ring and put on the table like a pig with a chopping board. It really has a lot in common to dissect and kill pigs.
For example, the first step is to remove hair.
Berserker’s body hair is very lush, and Hao Ren can’t win this job if he looks left and right. He has personally taken a razor and brushed VV, and in a short time, he shaved off the hair of the crazy half-body to reveal the long-haired bronze skin.