Hearing this sound, Du can’t help but look at her sister in a daze. It’s very obvious that Du Xiner didn’t hear him fully understand how this sound came from, but he clearly knew who the owner of this sound was.

"Teacher Xin Er is back."
Du Xin son is about to pull Du. After hearing what he said, he can’t help but slightly stare blankly followed by a pull Du sleeve. "How can you know if Ji Dong’s brother really comes back?"
Dunai said, "Why don’t we go outside and have a look? Frankly speaking, I don’t know how the teacher contacted me. "
When Du saw Ji Dong, he found that there was no difference between Ji Dong and his first dress, but he didn’t know what it was. Looking at Ji Dong’s deep-eyed eyes, he suddenly felt that his teacher seemed different from before, but he couldn’t say clearly what had changed.
A few steps to meet before du respectful salute to Ji Dong way "teacher!
Ji Dong Du nodded and smiled. You go and ask President Du. I’m here for an appointment. "
For commutation ticket recommended Chapter two hundred and fifteen Du Sikang out of the bet.
Du, of course, what does it mean to keep an appointment in Bai Ji Dong’s mouth? Quickly lead the three of them into the bartender’s guild. Du Xiner has taken the initiative to run to Ji Dong’s side and took hold of his sleeve. "Brother Ji Dong, I have been practicing very hard. I will definitely practice to level 60 as soon as possible to let you accept me."
Ji Dong’s arm gently shook without trace. It’s a good thing for Du Xin ‘er to pull Xin ‘er girl and practice hard. I look forward to your reaching level 60 as soon as possible. "
Du Xin son was Ji Dong jilt some dissatisfaction looked at him and look at Ji Dong side wearing a hat flame vomitted to stick out your tongue to Ji Dong way "Ji Dong elder brother this elder sister what is always wearing a veil! Is she sick? "
Ji Dong eyebrows slightly wrinkled "Xin ‘er girl, please respect yourself". His tone was a little heavy. Du Xin ‘er said that the flame was sick, which was unacceptable to him. As he said, he had walked into the bartender’s guild with Ah Chin in his hand.
Du Xiner looked at the back of the three men and stamped their feet angrily. He said to himself, "I won’t give up my aunt if Ji Dong stinks Ji Dong. Why don’t I respect myself? I haven’t had a boyfriend."
Flame Ji Dong chuckled in his ear. "I didn’t expect my little Ji Dong to be very popular!"
Ji Dong smiled slightly and looked down at the flame. "I am your Ji Dong, not the little Ji Dong flame. Are you jealous?" Finally, he established with the flame that he was no longer as cautious as before and could not help but tease the flame.
Flame smiled. "Do I need to be jealous? You, your heart and your soul are all me, and I don’t think there will be more attractive girls in your human world than me.
Self-confidence comes from strength. If this is said by others, Ji Dong will poof his nose, but it is so natural to say it from the mouth of flame. Even Ah Kin nodded his head.
At this time, Dusty Tu has led a group of bartenders to meet him from the inside.
"Mr. Ji Dong" Du Sikang came to Ji Dong a few steps ago, and Ji Dong stretched out his hand and said apologetically, "President Du was really sorry that day because something happened temporarily and we had to leave temporarily. I’m sorry, please forgive me …
"It’s okay. It’s nothing to ask Mr. Ji Dong to be safe. Please go inside quickly." Du Sikang personally led Ji Dong three people to go inside, followed by Du Xin’s son. It’s not good to harass her again before seeing her father.
While walking, Ji moved to Du Sikang and said, "President Du, this time I’m here to fulfill our ten-day agreement and compete with you. I may leave the Northern Water Empire to prepare for the holy evil war."
Du Sikang said, "Well, I’ve already arranged it. I’ve heard from my children that Mr. Ji Dong’s bartending skills can’t help but itch. Mr. Ji Dong, would you mind letting the bartenders in our guild watch it?"
Ji Dong’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and his eyes are full of meaning. He sighs in Du Sikang’s heart. He means that he doesn’t want to compete with Du Sikang in front of the bartenders’ guild. Even if Du Sikang loses, not many people know that it won’t affect his Dionysian reputation. At this time, Du Sikang’s request is obviously that the bartenders’ guild has been hit hard by the magic league. His influence in the president’s guild has been greatly reduced. He wants to show his bartending skills by bartending to enhance his confidence. In this respect, Du Sikang is full of confidence in himself and may have his eyes.
Ji Dong’s spirit will be more thorough when he looks at people. Du Sikang’s heart beat a little faster when he made this suggestion, which proves that he is distracted and has a plot. Although Ji Dong doesn’t know what Du Sikang’s plot is, he is not afraid that he saved the whole bartenders’ association before it got worse. He believes that Du Sikang will not do anything against himself.
"Well, in that case, just as the president said, but I will definitely try my best." Ji Dong said lightly.
Du Sikang nodded. "Me too, otherwise it would be disrespectful to Mr. Ji Dong.
Du Sikang came to the meeting hall of the Bartender’s Association and asked Ji Dong to sit down first, and then immediately ordered people to prepare.
"Since Mr. Ji Dong is our guild to discuss the types of wine, I naturally take advantage of it, which is fairer than letting you come out for the test party."
Ji Dong smiled. This is only fair. Two bartenders have a competition. It is very cheap for one of them to compete with the other. Almost every bartender has his own best way and type of bartending. It will greatly increase the chances of winning. Du Sikang does not want to take advantage of himself and fully reflects his strong confidence in Dionysus.
Ji Dong nodded. "Well, I’m welcome."
Du Sikang’s eyes flashed a trace of hesitation and he gritted his teeth. He still said, "Mr. Ji Dong, I have another suggestion. This exchange of views is also a great event in the bartending industry. You see, if we each add some heat, it may stimulate us to better play our bartending skills."
After hearing what he said, Ji Dong suddenly understood what Du Sikang’s plot was. Although this is what he expected, he was very uncomfortable when he looked at Du Sikang. His meaning was faint. "What kind of heat is President Du going to add?"
Du Sikang said, "Mr. Ji Dong naturally doesn’t like ordinary things, so I’ll take a bottle of precious nectar to win the lottery."
When this was said, the bartenders suddenly made a big noise. It was very strange for Ji Dong and Du Sikang to learn the skills of bartending. The former Du Sikang once told them that Ji Dong had a strong ability to bartend and once defeated Frey, which made them excited. At this time, Du Sikang said that he wanted to bet on a huge amount of wine, which shocked them.
"Dad" Du quickly came to Du Sikang and growled, "How can you do this? This is". After all, he still didn’t say the word "bite the hand that feeds him", but his eyes looked at his father and changed.
Du Sikang heavy drink a way this is me and Mr. Ji Dong thing you back "
Du Sikang has been thinking a lot since Ji Dong said that he would have a bartending lesson with him that day. There is no doubt that the strength of Ji Dong’s magic master is the mother, but he will never recognize that Ji Dong has the strength to compete with himself in bartending. The most important thing is that the Millennium life source has a strong attraction for him, and that fatal attraction stimulates his heart almost every day. Of course, he knows that he will bite the hand that feeds him today.