Force the warhead to the great river Wei Ya smile and said

"The so-called today is obviously a professional killer. It should be money. Is it an enemy?"
The second volume The fourth quarter rules Fiona Fang
Wei Ya bent down to get into the car and prepared to hit the trunk and insert the key. After the car struck the fire twice in a row, it failed. When he turned the key for the third time, a bomb attached to the chassis of the car sensed the flow and flashed with the red light. In an instant, the car was blown into two scattered pieces, and the pieces roared across the silent river bank with sharp screams.
"Damn it, this is an old car!"
Only the front door Wei Ya stumbled out of the car wreck with one punch, and then he spit out an unknown screw, and then he mourned his short-lived car.
The scene of the explosion was a mess. Wei Ya stopped by the burning car wreckage. His face expression was very complicated. After the explosion baptism, Wei Ya’s clothes were riddled with holes. From the damaged part, his body showed a texture close to brass metal, while his skin flowed slowly like mercury. The whole person looked like a bronze statue.
Born in a very good family, Xu Keer seems to find it difficult to understand Wei Ya’s sadness, so he looks at Wei Ya with a sad expression and says
"The wind blows eggs and shells to make people happy. You are sorry for your loss!"
Wei ya ignored Xu keer continue to soliloquize ground to say
"Who has a vendetta with me? Sniper rifles can’t kill me, so I have to bomb the car? "
In ancient times, there was also a saying that "thieves also have a way". In this world, some rules can be inherited for thousands of years and become a golden rule. There is a truth in it. Even if you rob houses, kill people and set fires without blinking, thugs must abide by certain bottom lines if they want to live together.
This simple and rude technique, such as car bomb, which is easy to accidentally injure koo, should also be considered as a restriction in the killer business. In other words, the two sides must have a deep hatred, otherwise it is absolutely taboo to rashly make this differential killing method.
Looking at the nearby still burning car wreckage, Wei Ya’s anger accumulated in his chest, and his eyes were cold and awe-inspiring.
Even if the golden bell jar is cultivated to the state of "glass body", Wei Ya is completely afraid of this small bomb threat, but the irrelevant people around him are not so invulnerable. Even if we ensure that we keep a safe and happy life, Wei Ya should let those who don’t know the rules do something absolutely at the end of the day.
Centering Wei Ya cross legs sitting in the sand eyes slightly closed mouth low read aloud a way
"All laws seek the true meaning, the right law is always in shape, and the mind is fixed."
After reciting a strange phrase, Wei Ya closed her eyes and looked on coldly again. At this time, Xu Keer not only saw the golden light flowing out of Wei Ya’s eyes, but also looked at the man’s eyes that have been getting along with each other day and night. Xu Keer suddenly felt a palpitation and shortness of breath.
After a short absence, Xu Keer returned to normal and looked at Wei Ya’s eyes, adding a little more vigilance.
There is no doubt that in this man who is usually rude and seems to laugh and avoid words, he has a set of values in his heart. Whether he chooses to do good deeds or kill and set fire to the world, Wei Ya has a definite action guide. A person who touches his psychological bottom should have the consciousness of taking a devastating blow. What is particularly frightening is that once a person like Wei Ya has made up his mind to do something, it is beyond the bounds of reason and rules. Perhaps the only thing that can effectively bind others is Wei Ya’s belief.
"I saw it!"
Night shrouded in silence near the riverbank Wei Ya voice sounds very gloomy Xu Keer tentatively asked.
"You see? See what? "
Wei Ya turned away and smiled at her, revealing Bai Sensen’s teeth and said
"Those damn people yi! No way! Doesn’t this scare you? "
While maintaining a warm smile, Xu keer quietly hid her hands behind her back in a cold sweat. She took a white look at Wei Ya and said easily.
"Yes! I am really scared to death by you! This is satisfied! "
Convergence with a somewhat playful smile Wei Ya su said
"These killers dare to taboo to must be feel rely on hum! You stay out of it. I’ll take care of everything. "
Say Wei Ya smiled coldly and the metallic luster became stronger.
At the same time, ten kilometers away from Wei Ya and Xu Keer, a white medium-sized van with an ordinary appearance was speeding on the highway. Six men were all nervous and annoyed, and everyone could see that they were scared and uneasy.
"md that small is really a monster, I installed a kilogram of nebsp; "Cut the crap. I have long said that anyone who dares to pick the Moro training ground can’t be easy to deal with. In my opinion, 50 kilograms 4, even if he is cast with copper and iron, he will become minced meat. Who told you guys to be timid?"
Seeing the partner’s friction escalating, the boss man stretched out his hand to stop them from continuing this beneficial argument and said
"Come on, now is not the time to complain about each other. This time, our bomb broke the rules. If we shake it out later, it will be a lot of trouble."
Just then, all the people felt that the body seemed to be suddenly interrupted and sank. When they understood what was going on, a slightly hoarse man suddenly interrupted in the carriage and said
"You don’t bother, because the dead are not afraid of trouble! Boom! Boom! Hey! "
Accompanied by a burst of bean-exploding dull guns, the original straight-line van suddenly shook and then swayed like a drunk. After several consecutive swings, the van was out of control and bumped into the roadside cement pole. The huge impact force made the van body seriously deformed.
Later, some color syrups are similar to viscous liquids, and slowly flow out along the twisted and denatured gap of the car body, and a pungent smell of blood permeates the surrounding air.