Zuo Tangtang doesn’t adapt to touch his arm.

However, when they went to Yanyu Villa, they saw Kelp alone, controlling the blame until there was a trace of blood left. Just when they were away, Kelp took a one-on-one hit and left Zuo Tangtang with a final blow.
Yanyu Villa has become!
Zuo Tangtang said a target point and looked at it without saying a word. Walking silently on Ma Xiangqian kelp suddenly felt a little sorry.
She has been here for several days, and she knows something about their temper and habits, such as kelp, which is also very busy in the game at ordinary times. Whether it is dragged by the head of the Royal Guards to direct the sect war or dragged by the drizzle to fight bss, he always complains that he can’t sleep, but he finally goes quietly.
But most of the time kelp is used to hanging on the reception channel alone and falling asleep with noise. She seems to have heard that kelp is very busy and sleepy in reality. She wants to rest but doesn’t lie in bed. She would rather hang the game on her desk for a while.
At that time, Zuo Tangtang also smiled and said to Xiaoyu, Is this a problem of juvenile game addiction so big? However, the drizzle was silent after saying "no" and there was no answer.
All the people in Heifengzhai didn’t express their views on this, but they stopped joking and silently withdrew from the reception channel when kelp was very sleepy, leaving a quiet place for kelp.
Today, Zuo Tangtang didn’t want to disturb the class when he saw seaweed soup with little salt, but he didn’t expect Maoershang to call people over.
I’m really sorry to make people do this. She’s running around …
"I have a foothold in Jinling. I’ll take your time in the past." Halfway through, kelp suddenly remembered and said.
Stewed kelp with pig’s trotters. Thank you.
After a long time, Zuo Tangtang always typed these words. It’s rare to know that he is a little shy and somewhat uncomfortable.
Is there less salt in seaweed soup?
Well, that’s enough. Zuo Tangtang smiled easily. For her friend who doesn’t feel very familiar with her, it seems that she can’t do it. Why do you want someone else to help? How do you thank Zuo Tangtang for kelp today?
"Hey, hey ….." Suddenly, Cat Ear Niang laughed, which was particularly clear in the just-quiet.
"Cat, what are you laughing at?" Zuo Tangtang’s words haven’t been asked yet, but he is always happy. Ping-pong is learning to ask Zuo Tangtang by shouting.
"I’m laughing …" Cat Ear Niang’s tone turned several turns again just as she was about to continue, but it stopped strangely like she was suddenly choked by her throat.
"What are you laughing at?" Zuo Tangtang also wondered.
"Nothing … nothing … hey hey" Cat Ear Niang giggled and looked at the information in front of her and replied unnaturally.
Seaweed soup is less salt!
It’s really an exclamation point that scares me … What a loser! Cat Ear Niang knocked on her head and continued to walk along with hoof and hoof riding a horse to Jinling.
"Don’t come to Jinling now!" Suddenly came the seaweed soup with little salt, which was very serious.
[27. Chapter two hundred and nine Meet like this]
What? !
Hearing this, Zuo Tangtang’s habit is a pause.
Ping-pong and Cat Ear Niang also stopped their horses.
"Is something wrong?" Cat Ear Niang took the lead in asking everyone questions.
"Nothing" kelp sounds are back to normal. Generally, I can’t hear it at all. I’m just serious … nervous.
"Why don’t you go to the Jiming Post first? Go there. Come back later and hit the monster in Jinling." Although deploying kelp is also a lazy line, it has a convincing charm.
But …
"We have already arrived in Jinling. Why should we go around Jiming Post?" Zuo Tangtang was puzzled and asked near the delivery point.
Ah … Kelp Naifu forehead this girl …
I’ve always been listening to kelp at the key moment to arrange for Maoershang to do it habitually, but I was suddenly awakened by Zuo Tangtang. "Yes, what?"
"This monster here has been hit by someone. It will take a long time to refresh if you come over." Lightly sighed, Kelp said gently without any intolerance.
"Well ….." Zuo Tangtang also said that after all, it’s embarrassing to be helped by others, and now he’s considering asking for advice himself. What reason does he have to refuse?
Then go to Jiming Post …
Zuo Tangtang made a map and was about to determine the route. Listening to the table tennis arrangement all the way raised an objection. "Let’s just stay there and wait. It’s still a long way to go!" When enough is enough, it won’t wait long. "
"Besides, I have a foothold in Chicken Village, so I can play first," added Ping-pong.
"… well, well, then come here …" I don’t know if Zuo Tangtang always feels that kelp sounds suddenly become indifferent at this time.
I didn’t think much of three people galloping away from the coordinates.