Shi Xiong looked at him seriously. "Do you have any suggestions?"

Li Erzhu thought for a long time and suddenly nodded himself. "I’ll write back to Shenshen Town and ask."
Shi Xiong suddenly became silent.
Li Erzhu smiled "stone adults don’t mean it? If you need to think, let people who can think do it. This is called specialization. "
Li Erzhu said to do it. Immediately after chatting with Shi Xiong, he asked someone to send the letter to Shenshen Town to ask how to deal with the suspicion of Linchun House.
If he was a former Li Erzhu, he might still try his best to find a way, but after a long time, he himself could feel the gap between him and Lin Chengfu and Xu Zhezhi, and the IQ gap in his bones could be changed by learning alone.
He just puts all his energy into exercising himself. Anyway, there is no harm in practicing martial arts.
It took less than a day for the inquiry letter to go from Linchun House to Shenzhen and then back to Linchun House from Shenzhen Town. It was almost sent here in Li Erzhu as early as evening, and you can receive a reply from Shenzhen Town.
After receiving the letter, he didn’t open it, but took it to Shixiong camp and opened it in front of him.
Shi Xiong looked up at the original and looked up at random, but when his eyes fell on the letter, he was immediately shocked by the letter, so he couldn’t take it back at a random glance.
"This is …? ! ! !”
"Map" Li Erzhu Shen Dao put the map in his hand on the desk of two people. "The scope of Shenshen Town now includes a circle of mountain towns around Yangnan County and Xilin County, and since the gods brought Yangnan County into the bag, they quickly began to repair the road from Yangnan County to Linchunfu."
"I know this," Shi Xiong immediately spoke. "I remember that repairing the official road was supported by Wen’s adult."
"This road is the road before the restoration of the official road" Li Erzhu pointed to the map to describe "this is the town of the gods. The area of the town of the gods is covered by the security zone, which means that we can ensure that we are absolutely safe there. This is Linchun House and this is the road to restoration during this period."
Shi Xiong stared at the map road. "Does black mean that the road has been repaired?"
"Yes," Li Erzhu nodded immediately. "The letter said that the width of the original road between the two places was only 3 meters, and the width can reach 7 meters after the repair. Now, it will take a few days to complete the repair after the road between the two places has been repaired."
Shi Xiong immediately looked up.
Li Erzhu drew another piece of stationery from the map. "The restoration of the official roads in the two places was approved by Wen’s adult. When the restoration is completed, it is necessary to invite Wen’s adult to visit in person."
Shi Xiong suddenly realized something.
"Now the road repair is like the initial road repair in Yangnan County, which was funded by Shenshen Town. Even a short section of road covering an area of 7 meters wide can accommodate more than 100 people."
Li Erzhu pointed to the letter, "The letter also said that if Wen’s adult wants to, he can go to Yangnan County in person."
Shi Xiong frowned. "The distance from Linchun House to Yangnan County is not short. What if he doesn’t want to go?"
"Qi Rui Dazzi’s adult personally wrote to ask Wen’s adult to take a look at Shi’s adult. Will Wen’s adult be willing?" Li Erzhu is still smiling.
Shi Xiong also quickly reacted with many smiles in his eyes. "From Linchun House to Yangnan County, it is possible to take the road all the way."
"Unless you are stupid, you will stay on the flat road and take the rugged path."
Li Erzhu said that his finger fell on the map "official road"
The black blocks in the official roads of the two places account for more than half, and the tail near Linchunfu has not been repaired yet. According to the repair speed at this time, it will take several days to complete the repair.
With a width of 7 meters, it is not only an official road.
Linchun government office
"Your Excellency has something important to report."
"yes?" Wenping put his hand back into the frame and looked back at the bearer.
The bearer is either a man or a Mattel.
After Wen Ping turned back, Ma Tai stepped forward. "My Lord has discovered one thing in these Japanese investigations. Although there is no definite evidence, I dare not hide it from my Lord."
WenPing frown "you say"
"Adult" Matai took the previous step, "Being an adult of Qi may be run."
"What did you say? !” Wenping suddenly looked at him.
"If an adult doesn’t believe me, you might as well take out his recent letters and compare them with his previous letters, and you may find some problems." There is something wrong with the messenger. Mattel didn’t think of Jiruida at first, but he couldn’t find out how Liu San’s abnormality could be changed in this period of time. Who would have thought that it happened to Jiruida by him?
But he didn’t have any evidence about it. If he said it, Wenping wouldn’t believe it, but he always had a feeling that it was not simple. He hurried over and thought about letting Wenping confirm it in person again.
Wenping looked at him for a while and turned around and took out a wooden box from one side of the frame. From the wooden box, he took out a stack of letters.
He took out the letter department inside and spread it out in front of him.
After a long time, Wen Ping suddenly clenched his fist and smashed the desktop. "The handwriting in his letter was exactly the same during this period."
Matai also looked at the desk letter and opened his eyes in shock. "Is it a copy?"
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Perfect plan
"My Lord, I believe you."
"Bring it" Wenping reached out.
Mattel leaned down slightly and raised his hands to hold the letter to the front of the smell plane.
Since Wen Ping noticed that Qi Ruida’s letter was written exactly the same, his temper was more unpredictable than before. Just these days, he was furious more than once. People close to Matai Wenping were naturally the first to be affected by the wave. During this period, Wen Ping could be treated with caution for fear that he would be angered again and again because he was not in place.
Jiruida is the head of the garrison in Yangnan County. During this period, Chunfu has repeatedly sent soldiers to relieve the guard. If Jiruida did not appear, it should be the most easily perceived thing.
However, they haven’t received the news of Qi Ruida’s disappearance from the beginning of the relief to the present few months.
After thinking of this, I just realized that something was wrong with myself in Qi Ruida’s letter. Ma Tai’s back was cold.
Jiruida is in charge of the garrison in Yangnan County. It is reasonable to say that every time the soldiers are relieved in the past, they will meet Jiruida. A garrison leader has never appeared from beginning to end. None of the soldiers have any questions. None of the soldiers have found the problems.
Even if one is two, it happened that tens of thousands of soldiers went to Yangnan County to relieve themselves during this period, including some people who have some positions in Linchun House. Even if Jiruida is not responsible, he will meet them and maintain his face.
Did you not meet each other or did the other party hide something to make the soldiers Qi Ruida in Yangnan County?
What are the special circumstances that will lead to the relief of the soldiers? No one is aware that Qi Ruida is not in the garrison of Yangnan County.
Either way, Mattei feels cold all over.
The only certainty is that there must be many enemies in Linchun Mansion, otherwise the other side can’t cover it up so well.
Mattei noticed that Liu San was bought at random, but he didn’t notice how many people there would be, which he couldn’t even imagine.
But they don’t know how many people have been bought in Chunfu.
And these people are quietly hiding beside them, quietly preparing and planning to crush them completely.
There are two people who know about the handwriting, Matai and Wenping, except for their former cronies. The layout of each other can imitate Jiruida’s handwriting. It must not be a Yangnan county. If the news is leaked, it will startle them. They may also find out the traitors in Linchun House again.
Mattei kept his head down, even though it had been many days since he knew the handwriting, he was still worried. When he went to bed late, he could break out in a cold sweat in his sleep and dream that his own head fell to the ground, but he was still conscious.
Wen Ping held back his anger and read the letter that had just arrived in his hand, trembling and slapping it on the table, but even so, he couldn’t help but tremble all over.
Matai looked up at Wenping from his fright. "What did your Excellency write in the letter?"
"patrol!" Wen Ping gritted his teeth. "In the name of Ruida, the other party said that the road from Linchunfu to Yangnan County has been repaired. Let me visit it myself!"