On this day, Ao Guang was dealing with things in the sea in the Dragon Palace. Suddenly, he felt that the Dragon Palace was shaking, which made Ao Guang unable to help but pick his eyebrows.

Although this Dragon Palace is said to be a place for him to stay, it is also a treasure. The situation is that not many people can shake the Dragon Palace.
Now that the Dragon Palace is so swaying, there must be a strong East China Sea to make waves.
My heart moved, and Ao Guang couldn’t help attracting the turtle prime minister. Soon, he saw the turtle prime minister coming towards Aoguang Jianli. "I don’t know if the Dragon King called me to have orders."
Ao Guang took a look at the turtle’s prime minister and said, "There is quite a bit of uneasiness in the king’s heart, and there is a bad feeling. Turtle’s prime minister, go and see if it is sacred and I am stirring up waves in the East China Sea."
Turtle prime minister should be a.
Aoguang has a man named Aobingdong Hailong Palace Santai Aobingxiu, who is barely so-so, but rarely leaves the East China Sea, the sphere of influence of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and no monster dares to give it to Aobing, which is quite forbearing.
This result is that Ao Bing has developed a kind of arrogance, and it is difficult to have an opponent when his strength is tough.
On this day, Aobing was touring the sea and accompanied by a hag to play in the East China Sea. Suddenly, the sea set off a shocking wave, which shocked Aobing.
Aobing followed the direction of movement and saw a water column rising into the sky, and a figure was faintly visible. Longhai did not say that such a big movement was made by that figure.
Aobing saw this situation and shouted directly to patrol the sea with a pike and went straight to the figure.
In the vicinity, Ao Bing vaguely saw each other in a tunic. Ao Bing immediately shouted at each other, "Fang Yaodao dared me to make waves in the East China Sea."
Taiyi reality was angry with Chu Yi and his disciples, and almost vomited blood. Seeing that Tianding’s younger brother was robbed by Chu Yi, he did not have any way to let Taiyi reality have to go to the East China Sea to vent.
In a bad mood at the moment, I suddenly saw a teenager yelling at himself with a gun. I glanced at Taiyi reality and couldn’t help but hum a.
Just a junior, Taiyi reality is really not interested in paying attention to each other. After all, he is somehow the name of twelve Jin Xian in Kunlun. It is somewhat bad to spread it out if you casually deal with a junior.
Aobing didn’t know that Taiyi was a real person, so he didn’t trust him when the other party was afraid of his face. He even shook his pike and shouted at Taiyi’s real person, "Have you ever heard your family’s three words?"
Come, I won’t trust Ao Bing. Reality Taiyi now looks like a buffoon jumping around in front of me. Ao Bing suddenly looks cold and grabs his hand. "It’s really noisy!"
What is the repair of Aobing by Taiyi reality? Compared with the two, it is simply one thing. Taiyi reality has no resistance at all, so it was caught by Taiyi reality.
At the moment, Aobing has shown his true self, just like a small snake. Aobing was easily taken by Taiyi reality, but he shouted at Taiyi reality with his head held high. "The demon road will be released soon, or I will not stop at the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea."
Too b reality eyebrows a wrinkly with a shake heard scratching sound AoBing that dragon body suddenly soft to at the same time too b reality casually throw AoBing body by the sea light way "is Ao Guang that old dragon being original face to face also afraid of worse you this little dragon".
A figure fell from the sky next to the real Taiyi, and it was the real Taiyi who invited him to help him stall the real Chuyi Yuding.
At this moment, the real jade tripod fell beside the real Taiyi, and his face turned to the real Taiyi with a kind of excitement. "Brother, did you ever take that Li Jiasan back to me to explain the Sect?"
Obviously, Jade Ding reality seems to have held Chu Yi back by himself. Isn’t it natural for Taiyi reality to accept Nezha acts?
Therefore, Yuding reality dragged Chu Yi out for a while, and after that, I guess it’s time for Taiyi reality to accept Nezha, so I gave up Chu Yi and followed Taiyi reality to find him.
Although the jade tripod real person is quite curious about why there is no dragon corpse by the sea in Nezha, the jade tripod real person still asks Taiyi real person.
Too b reality face suddenly changing look change the original face happy jade tripod reality also gradually look dignified look at too b reality way "brother, you this is …"
Too b reality that blunt jade tripod reality show somewhat wry smile slowly shook his head, "I didn’t know that brother didn’t Nezha back door".
"What? How is this possible? Chu Yi didn’t have a chance to rob his apprentice with his brother. How can he accept Nezha by law?"
Taiyi reality will tell Yuding reality again, and after listening to Taiyi reality telling Yuding reality, he obviously didn’t think that although he dragged Chu Yi out, he didn’t think Chu Yidi Yang Jian would have such means and thoughts.
"Damn Yang Jian, it’s being original, but now it’s Chu Yi. It’s not too late for the wicked brother to rob my brother. Even your brother wants to rob him. There is no way to look at us."
"Brother, I’ll accompany you to find that Chu Yi and his theory, and I’ll take your brother back."
Looking at the excited Yuding reality Taiyi reality lightly sighed, "Nezha has worshipped the door and the birthright has been set. We can’t resist each other even if we find the door."
Jade Ding said, "Then the two of us will join hands with him to teach him a lesson in World War I, or else he will bully us."
Taiyi real person waved his hand and said, "Don’t rock the boat until I return to Kunlun Mountain to see the teacher."
Yuding reality is quite unwilling to stamp its feet, and its eyes are not far away. The dragon corpse suddenly strode forward and reached out and grabbed its mouth to spit out a real fire. The real fire burned and soon the dragon corpse exuded a refreshing fragrance.
With a long sleeve, I saw a few altars of fairy wine falling. The real jade tripod shouted at the real Taiyi. "Since you are not happy in your heart, I will accompany you to get drunk."
The original waves in the East China Sea have now calmed down, and a figure appears on the sea, not a turtle prime minister but also a person.
Prime Minister Turtle saw the huge dragon corpse of the seaside fire from a distance.
When he saw the dragon’s corpse, the turtle’s heart was thumped, and he almost exclaimed, especially when he saw that the dragon’s corpse was being roasted by real fire, Yuding was a real person, Taiyi was a real person, and Gui Cheng could hardly believe what he saw.
What did he see? His third wife was killed by Taiyi and Yuding in the twelve golden immortals of Kunlun, and brought wine. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have dreamed that such a thing would happen.