After Adakangda gave the order and was executed, it still left the monkey prison army alone.

This kind of sight makes the monkey happier than it knows that it is his duty to temporarily punish him.
But it caused unprecedented anger. Damn it, slaves, if 300 years ago …
And this kind of anger is not only in the monkey prison, but also in many monkeys, as well as many civilians and slave orangutans.
Moreover, the anger of civilians and slave orangutans is not only aimed at orangutans and nobles, but also at monkeys.
No knighthood monkeys have mastered a large number of civil service positions due to their intelligence level, and important positions in scientific research institutions, commercial institutions and other institutions. Monkeys who are often bullied by aristocratic orangutans will release their grievances. Civilians and slave orangutans, including some down-and-out aristocratic orangutans, are also the targets for monkeys to release their grievances.
The empire, beset with contradictions, did not fail to see this.
However, this contradiction based on the social system will never be solved without restructuring, and even if it is reformed, it may not be solved, but it will lead to new contradictions.
For example, some contradictions in the federal department
Moreover, in the process of restructuring, there will inevitably be several bloody events, which will enable the empire to cope with the federal war.
"If you really succeed, do you want it?"
Adakang watched the nobles such as Dong Guo Cilian, who arrived at the front war zone through the transition gate, have already participated in the war.
It thought about fighting this battle, because it seems that the outcome of this battle is not important, and the outcome of the alien war is not important.
Before the Federation did not master the transition gate technology, alien stars or blue stars would always appear in the war between the Federation and the Empire.
And the imperial star is the root of the empire. If there is no problem with the imperial star, the empire will have exhausted military power
The change of the imperial star is the more important thing.
"It’s really good that you have successfully solved that problem after more than 20 years of preparation."
Adakang suddenly felt a little helpless. He thought it might never have a chance, even if it succeeded in capturing Ji Xinghe alive and getting the power it dreamed of.
Or does it still have a chance and it has a bigger chance than before?
Absent-minded Adakang’s pupil suddenly shrunk. It thought of a problem. If that problem is really solved, then its second brother’s order just now should be to directly kill Ji Xinghe and avoid the federal control of gas power.
Moreover, once its second brother is restructured, the empire will inevitably be chaotic for a long time. Even if its second brother has nuclear weapons, it is impossible to throw the imperial star casually.
As short as one year, as long as three or five years.
This is its last chance. It must capture Ji Xinghe alive.
Nuclear weapons?
Anyway, the former nuclear weapons didn’t kill Ji Xinghe, so I simply couldn’t. Even if I couldn’t catch Ji Xinghe, I couldn’t let Ji Xinghe die.
Because Ji Xinghe died, then I really have no chance.
You can’t do it yourself. You can let the Federation know that Ji Xinghe has mastered the gas power by trading with yourself.
If you want Ji Xinghe Federation to force you to hand over this power, you will have a chance to get it.
Adakang suddenly got excited. It felt that it was still a victory. Emperor Ji Xinghe could easily handle this worm.
For example, this time, it can destroy the independent group of Ji Xinghe and make Ji Xinghe a loner again.
But in a second, his eyes became very horrified, and many questions flashed through his mind
"Ji Xinghe! Why is he here at this time? "
"After he killed Yinan, he took the space battleship instead of returning to the No.5 base, but directly came to the War Mark Canyon?"
"He knew that I would come to War Mark Canyon? Does he know that I want to take the opportunity to destroy his independent regiment? "
"His real root is nothing to do with his granddaughter? Is that what he wants to give those people a false impression? A weakness and a flaw? "
"He didn’t come for revenge. He didn’t come to take care of his granddaughter. He wanted to get several military achievements and become a federal marshal?"
"He is what he wants. He is not willing to give up his single-handedly forming an independent group, even at the expense of his granddaughter Ji Rong Xinyue?"
The worm gave the emperor a fright.
"Retreat. Retreat immediately."
Adakang forcibly suppressed many questions in his mind and reached the retreat order, including that he was going to take the opportunity to kill Dong Guo Cilian, which was also received.
Because there are not many Duke armour in its hands, although there are still many battlefields in the Mountain of Gods, if it is transferred, the war in the Mountain of Gods will be at a disadvantage.
Li Yuanba fierce Adakang seems not weaker than Ji Xinghe, but even stronger than Ji Xinghe.
Ji Xinghe was not killed because Li Yuanba really couldn’t be killed, because he and his second brother didn’t want to kill him.
However, the evacuation order was not carried out smoothly.
It can boast that the emperor regards the star worm as a horse.
That is a lot of people’s hearts, and they can see those big noble mecha ants in their hands.
Dukes are ants.
Gongjue chicken wagou
Seven Duke armour, nine Marquis armour and seventy-three Earl armour have been damaged. The big noble Mecha Corps is also the last big noble Mecha Corps of the War Mark Canyon Theater Empire.
When Ji Xinghe’s God punished armor suddenly appeared in the battlefield, he collapsed without any doubt.
Is it because of the evacuation order?
Or because of fear of Ji Xinghe?
Liu Mian, a fanatical fan of Ji Xinghe in the western theater command center, was excited.
"There were many kings in the era of Mecha King, but there was one God."
Davis also saw the impact of Ji Xinghe’s sudden appearance on the battlefield on the regular mecha corps of the Imperial big noble Mecha Corps.
Because the imperial big noble Mecha Corps occupied a certain advantage in the war, the independent regiment and the western theater Mecha Corps inevitably became a disadvantage.
Although some gains have been made by Kaidilin, Qin Tong and others, the loss of the federal mecha is even greater, especially the independent regiment has lost 35 chopped mountains as much as the loss of Earl A in the empire.