"Miss Shen, according to the characteristics of the virus you said, I made a prescription for the time being. Please let the exhibition guards take medicine according to this prescription to relieve the pain appropriately. When penicillin is refined, it must be sent to Miss Shen at the first time." Yan Yiyi took out a prescription from the sleeve and handed it to Shen Menglu. "You have to worry about sending someone to take care of the villagers here."

Shen Menglu took the prescription with a smile. "Thank you, Yan Gong, so I’ll wait for Yan Gong’s good news." Shen Menglu felt that his shoulder was suddenly relaxed.
"We should thank Yan Men for wasting our unique medical skills, but we feel guilty when we don’t have the time to help those who need help." When Yan Yi said these words, he was ashamed and the color doctor was kind. They almost gave up the most basic medical ethics, but they were ashamed of their ancestors.
"Yan Gong, don’t say that. There are no rules. There are rules for Yan Men in Fiona Fang. You can help the villagers now, and they will be grateful." Shen Menglu didn’t stipulate that the doctor must save her if he sees anyone, and he didn’t recognize anything wrong with Yan Menzhe’s actions to preserve his health.
"Miss Shen has a kind heart." Shen Menglu’s forgiveness made Yan Yiyi feel that Yan Men from ruin had gone too far.
"Yan Gong, it’s not a bad thing that you can take the collateral back to Yan Men to avoid the limelight this time." Shen Menglu didn’t want to listen to others’ remorse. She changed the subject. "Mu Wang Ye has learned your identity and asked you to be more careful in the future. It’s hard to be impulsive in the future. Yesterday’s incident was just a misunderstanding. Jingxuan doesn’t matter if the matter comes to the emperor’s ears, you and I can guess what the consequences will be. I’m afraid no one can predict that Yan Gong’s collateral is old. Some things don’t need to hide, so
Shen Menglu is no less worried about Yan Qingluo than the Yan family. Although Yan Men are connected in parallel in this era, her previous life has the same surname and similar name, which makes her unconsciously take Yan Qingluo as her sister.
Yan Qingluo collided with Zhu Yinzhen and Jingxuan Shen Menglu. Maybe there is a way to keep her, but in case these things reach the ears of the emperor or queen … It’s not easy to think that the queen is giving her a hard time with Shen Menglu’s eyes. It’s not easy for her to protect herself in the palace courtyard!
Knowing that their identity has been exposed in front of Zhu Yinzhen, Yan Yiyi was also taken aback, but soon calmed down. Zhu Yinzhen knew that their identity was not much visible, not because he was aiming at them, but now he is not aiming at them, because one day he will suddenly settle accounts with them.
"Thank you, Miss Shen, for waking up and telling grandmaster about it. We will be more careful in the future." Yan Yi came here and wanted to take Yan Qingluo back to Yanmen to teach him well. Now he is more determined. It seems that they had better leave for Yanmen as soon as possible!
"Miss shen be leaving now! Once penicillin has made progress, it will definitely inform Miss Shen as soon as possible! " Yan yiyi decided to start at once.
"Yan Gong will not be far away if he walks slowly!" Shen Menglu didn’t get up and watched Yan Yi.
Walked to the door and lifted the camp. Yan Yi couldn’t help but stop and look back at Shen Menglu and said, "Congratulations to Miss Shen! Take care of Miss Shen! " Said the head away and never look back.
Congratulations to Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen for tying the knot. Congratulations to Shen Menglu and Ma for becoming Princess Mu! I hope her life will be smooth in the future! Yan yiyi somehow some melancholy in my heart.
When Yan Yi went away, Shen Menglu adjusted his expression and said clearly, "When are you going to eavesdrop, Lord Mu?"
Shen Menglu’s voice just fell and Zhu Yinzhen came out from the dark.
"Call Shiro!" Zhu Yinzhen snorted and walked over to Shen Menglu and put her in his arms. "How do you know Wang?"
"It’s shameful to eavesdrop on people’s talk." Shen Menglu didn’t refuse Zhu Yinzhen’s hug or answer Zhu Yinzhen’s question. Instead, she evoked a clever smile at her mouth and teased, "I didn’t expect you to listen to people in the corner besides being jealous. If you go out, it would be more embarrassing to throw Muwangfu noodles." How can you find that he has to ask Shen Menglu’s nose? She is too familiar with Zhu Yinzhen’s Long Xianxiang taste.
"Hum! Princess Mu had a private meeting with a man, and Wang Cai was humiliated. She warned Shen Menglu not to meet Yan Yiyi, but she didn’t listen and talked to people for so long. It’s really a shame! Zhu Yinzhen’s heart is not 179. Everything is ready. I owe my marriage (Wan Geng)
"Hum! Princess Mu had a private meeting with a man, and Wang Cai was humiliated. She warned Shen Menglu not to meet Yan Yiyi, but she didn’t listen and talked to people for so long. It’s really a shame! Zhu Yinzhen is not happy!
But Zhu Yinzhen now understands what Shen Menglu has repeatedly stressed the consequences of Yan Qingluo’s incident to Dezong’s ears. Those words are more for Yan Yiyi than for him. This Shen Menglu is afraid that someone will stab last night’s incident to Dezong’s ears!
"Speak with my conscience, you are the king of Mu, and see which one dares to chew my tongue without fear of death." It’s really ugly to talk privately! She must have heard Zhu Yinzhen clearly in Yan Yiyi’s conversation and even said such a thing! Shen Menglu shook his head funny. How can this man be as sexual as a child when he is jealous?
"Who dares to chew his tongue and cut the root of his tongue with Wang!" Zhu Yinzhen promised that Shen Menglu was bent on protecting Yan Men. Naturally, he would take her side.
Smell speech Shen Menglu secretly relieved.
"Well, this is from Yan Gong. Do you want to check it to see if it is a love letter?" Shen Menglu handed the prescription given to her by Yan Yi to Zhu Yinzhen in a happy mood.
Zhu Yinzhen glanced at the prescription and you’re welcome to earn money in his arms. "I’ll let you go this time with a good attitude towards your mistake." If there is another hum, see what the king will do to you! "
"The Lun family is so scared. How does Mu Wangye want to clean up the Lun family?" Shen Menglu stretched out his hand and hooked Zhu Yinzhen’s neck and blinked and smiled charming.
Zhu Yinzhen’s abdomen was tight and his eyes were dark. He bowed his head and stopped Shen Menglu’s red lips and vaguely spit out four words: "Difficult to destroy flowers!"
I should have asked my father for an early marriage! Zhu Yinzhen can’t wait to spend time in spring night with Shen Menglu!
Yan ruyi and mo language enough to retreat to the camp will be left to two people.
Yan Ru is naturally happy at the sight of the former master finally holding the clouds and holding the beauty back. Compared with Mo language, the mood is more complicated. Seeing Shen Menglu is no longer as depressed as he was a few days ago. Mo language is of course the heart, but the thought of Zhu Yin and Qi Mo language is somewhat uncomfortable.
Mo language used to be Zhu Yinqi’s personal dark guard. Zhu Yinqi knew Shen Menglu’s mind clearly, and she had seen Zhu Yinqi with her own eyes. Now Shen Menglu, Zhu Yinzhen, two of a kind, endured the pain of Xuan Cao. That means Zhu Yinqi is bound to feel dejected.
Zhu Yinqi didn’t have a good life, and I think Mo Yan won’t have a good life. It’s also sad to think that Mo Yan loves Mo Yu for Zhu Yinqi.
I heard that after Zhu Yinqi returned to the palace, his temperament changed greatly, and he was totally honest. He indulged himself in singing every night and at the same time recruited Taifei Mo Yan to sleep.
I’m not interested in knowing how Wei-Da-Yi is, but she knows that in the face of Zhu Yinqi, I’m afraid Mo’s heart will break into pieces …