However, the spirit will of Guqing has gone deep into every corner of Long Mai, Dihuang, and it is almost a subtle pulse. Even Tang Zhengqing, the original owner of Long Mai, Dihuang, can’t defeat this self-defeating Long Mai force for a while!

While Dihuang and Long Mai won the precious for themselves, the spiritual will of Guqing’s offering to refine the stars "Xuangeng" suddenly soared into the sky and entered the star world. When the distance crossed, it pulled the vast star power in the sixth-class star "Xuangeng" and suddenly came to him!
"Power belongs to the law, and the power of stars also belongs to the law. The fluctuation root of a sixth-class star power is not something that can be resisted by the overflow from a node in your district!"
Accompanied by Guqing’s low drinking and mysterious star power fluctuation, this piece of imprisoned space suddenly exploded violently, and this star power impacted Guqing’s body immediately. The two stars’ star power fields overlapped, and the vast mysterious star fluctuations constantly spread from his body, impacting and imprisoning the fluctuations around his body, breaking up into a series of ripples visible to the naked eye. Several breaths have been scattered!
After rushing out of the fluctuation, Gu Qing suddenly took a step towards Tai Chi, and directed two extreme forces of birth and death at Tang Zhengqing, which contained the will to smash his body in one fell swoop, and the blow was blown away for dozens of miles!
"How is it possible to mobilize the power through the ages? Although it is limited, it is definitely not that you are a double peak of Shinto. You haven’t even touched the edge of the law. Even if you can crack it, it takes a lot of energy and time!"
"Nothing is impossible!"
Guqing drinks a lot of stars and records directly, but it condenses out of the virtual reality, and goes directly to those two stocks that are in fierce confrontation. Dihuang and Long Mai rushed to get these stars and records, and refining power supplemented the Dihuang and Long Mai gas that originally belonged to Guqing. Suddenly, the power was great, and the trend of being suppressed just now suddenly hit by the Long Mai gas in Dihuang, which was controlled by the eternal exile array, and the Dihuang Ridge masters were directly sacrificed and refined, and the will was violently shocked!
Eyes swept away GuQing has aimed at the moment Dihuang Long Mai gas key contains the will of heaven Shinto sword every sacrifice suddenly cut that a piece of Dihuang Long Mai will this piece of gas cut to at the same time, longevity mugen spread from the phoenix tears of blood bracelet and deeply plunge into this was cut out of Long Mai, Dihuang!
"Dihuang and Long Mai, who have not yet become gods, still dare to resist my will and give me immediate surrender." Gu Qing drank a long life of wood power and constantly urged crazy absorption and refining to cut off Dihuang and Long Mai to "minister or annihilation!"
This cut is cut off, and the Long Mai gas is constantly changing into several forms. It seems that it wants to get rid of the refining of the immortal wood, but if it is against the power of the immortal wood, it will always stick with it, and its body will continue to draw strength!
After struggling for a long time, it seems that it is impossible for it to get rid of the control of longevity wood. When it no longer struggles, the fierce force against Gu Qing gradually subsided.
Seeing this scene, Guqing directly typed a star symbol record to control it slightly, and then pulled it in one fell swoop. In the Long Mai controlled by him, Long Mai’s gas would be swallowed up. Long Mai’s force added that Long Mai’s power suddenly climbed a piece, which belonged to the eternal position.
"Damn it, Long Mai, these belong to me. No one in Dihuang Ridge Long Mai can get their hands on them!"
Seeing Guqing subdue the power of Dihuang and Long Mai inch by inch, refining and refining Tang Zhengqing’s eyes with a single hand, the whole Dihuang and Long Mai trembled violently, and Guqing controlled the Long Mai bombardment to retreat. At the same time, his mouth suddenly spit out a jingxie and drew a symbol directly into all sides of the wall. At that time, when Guqing first entered the underground world, he saw those spell lines appear at the same time. Although the number was not as good as before, the mighty force still made people tremble!
"The great curse of God’s blood will fade away!"
Accompanied by Tang Zhengqing’s big curse of depicting the blood around the precipice, a dazzling lotus flower shines at the same time. These lotus flowers shine on the five elements of the ancient green body, and the body exercises seem to be broken down, which violently shocks and has to be quickly defended. The spiritual will that is controlling Long Mai’s strength is also like exposing the hot sun and melting snow quickly!
"Dragon Trapped Shoal Dihuang’s Magic Killing Tactics!"
While Dihuang Long Mai forces will GuQing suppressed instant Tang Zhengqing once again a big drink god knowledge power surface perfusion into Long Mai, Dihuang!
At that time, this Dihuang Long Mai seemed to incarnate a beautiful python and suddenly entangled with Guqing. The huge strangulation force cooperated with the big curse of the blood of God, and the lotus flower constantly bombarded the five elements of reincarnation to form a defense. Suddenly, the operation of the five elements of reincarnation fell into a crisis!
Dihuang Long Mai, the great curse of blood, the eternal flow of famine, 1000 artifacts, strength!
These five forces are the main sources to suppress the devil, but at the moment, Tang Zhengqing has completely killed Gu Qing, which not only mobilized Dihuang, Long Mai and Heli, but even the most powerful spell of great blood inspired such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be grasped by the magic hand in the furnace tripod!
With the virtual shock than violent force constantly impacting from the furnace tripod, the whole furnace tripod vibrates violently, and a large number of artifacts around the furnace tripod are shaken and inverted, turning a series of powerful streamers into the ground in all directions!
At the same time, the gods of the earth spread directly from the furnace tripod and plunged deeply into it. With those gods’ perception of power, the whole array was directly stirred up into chaos, and the power was disturbed, but it was lost through the ages and dissipated directly in vain.
Seeing this scene, Tang Zhengqing was horrified. "It’s not good to flow through the ages, the great curse of God’s blood, refine the soul and suppress it for me in Long Mai, Dihuang." The light of the great curse of God’s blood suddenly turned around and shone directly to the place where the furnace tripod was located. At the same time, the vigorous gas of Dihuang and Long Mai was infused into the eternal flow and ruin array by him, which made it have a little extinguishing trend. The refined soul and deep fire burned again.
But …
Too late!
The magic master in the cauldron clearly knows that this will be his last chance to get out of trouble. At that time, a force stronger than terrible accumulated in the cauldron, giving off power, which made the whole eternal wasteland array oscillate continuously. Cracks spread continuously, and a large number of rock fragments exploded continuously from the virtual, while the whole underground world suddenly collapsed.
"Stand up to the eternal flow!"
With Tang Zhengqing drinking a big pot of furnace, the accumulated strength has finally reached the limit!
Then a terrible force of the earth suddenly swept out from the huge furnace tripod with a diameter of kilometers, and instantly tore his full hope to pieces with comparable power!
The third volume The stars gather together to fight back to Shinto five times in two hundred and twenty-three
"Ah no!"
The poor forces destroyed the whole ancient famine and shattered hundreds of artifacts around the furnace tripod, and everything in front of this force was as small as ants, and no one could stop it!
"It’s broken, it’s broken, it’s broken, it’s over!"
Looking at that piece, Tang Zhengqing, who was ruined by the eternal famine, looked into the furnace pot with a face of horror.
A vast, sea-like, murderous, horrible magic power has spread from the furnace tripod to the whole underground world, and it contains exhausted power, as if it had evolved into a vast edge of heaven and earth.
The whole underground world of Magic Power is natural, but the shivering creatures in front of this force don’t give birth to a heartfelt awe and fear to this magic power owner. It seems that he is the heaven and the earth who dominate the will. Even if he practices to the double peak of Shinto and integrates the will of Heaven, Gu Qing can still clearly feel the coercion that goes straight to the depths of his soul in this power.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. I can’t believe that I was refined by glass for four thousand years in the eternal famine. After four thousand years of miserable humanitarian tempering, I will see the light of day again!"
I feel the fierce power that the magic statue has come to me. Tang Zhengqing can clearly feel his heart trembling. He is a member of the eternal ruin array. He knows better than the magic statue in front of him.
"Return to one sword clan, return to one sword clan, return to one sword clan, and fall to a thousand realms before anything comes. Otherwise, once he recovers his strength, it will be a more tragic battle than the fairy war four thousand years ago!"
Tang Zhengqing shouted in his heart at this moment how much he hoped that Guijian Zongren could intervene in this matter and stop it from happening before the whole thing deteriorated completely.
"The competitive murder is more powerful and purer than the murder caused by the evil rain. This is the artistic conception of the God-killing mass extinction." Looking at the magic statue Guqing who broke the seal in front of him, he also took a hint of surprise!
"God-killing genocide The whole history of cultivating immortals in the’ Grand Que’ also includes God-killing devil clan patriarch Mo Wen. Then, with this magical power, the Godsworn in the Grand Que can stop people from thinking that people in front of them have such high attainments in this magical power. It seems that when he said that if I kill the devil clan patriarch all day, I can kill the magic clan patriarch and the pure Yang Taoist body, the two magical power words are not groundless … As far as I know, isn’t God-killing devil clan clan patriarch an magical power? The patriarch can’t learn, and the whole day-killing devil clan is founded by Mo Wen, the person who created this magic statue, and it will also kill the mass extinction, and it will also make this magical power into his origin … "
At this time, the magic statue of the strong has been gradually condensed to form a if-if figure. A closer look at it is not a real person, but a Yuan Shen busy.
This kind of Yuan Shen’s doppelganger can only be differentiated by the double practice of Shinto. In normal times, Yuan Shen combines with one another to practice together. If you encounter any important things, you can pin some repairs on it. Some people who practice the earth incarnate thousands of things and are hidden in the world. I don’t know how many times faster the speed of understanding humanity is than that of a leisurely practitioner.
"Ha ha Tang Zhengqing can’t think of it. I still have a broken array. One day, I was trapped by the dream of nine-color colored glass in the night when I stepped on the rain avatar. With the help of your Dihuang Ridge, Dihuang and Long Mai, I suppressed and imprisoned this Yuan Shen busy. I wanted to ask from me all kinds of treasures that killed the devil, and I tried to go beyond the sword and become the first faction in the cultivation of immortals. As a result, I almost let me break the array and escape, and finally I had to consume all my blood to display my god.
Hearing the word "step on the rain at night", Gu Qing’s heart moved slightly "step on the rain at night?" Isn’t that the same level of strength as Taizong of Liuli Xiandao and Guiyi Jianzong’s meteorite and Jiulian’s devil refining? And so on, I remember that day when XuanJianFeng and I met the maid who was surrounded by the evil rain, we heard her sophistry and said that it was a sword case that was too revered to fall into a thousand realms, and there was another battle in Mo Wen. In those days, they were United with the colored glaze fairy island, the colored glaze fairy island’s main avatar, and the nine colored glaze dream was trapped, which made the fallen thousand realms kill the day Mo Wen …… "
It seems that it is proved that Gu Qing guessed that the Yuan God’s busy body was finally completely condensed. At the same time, the magic power emanated from his body finally climbed to the extreme, and the words were full of a kind of law, coercion and bullying. "From now on, I will once again belong to my Mo Wen era, and I will reproduce the glory of my God-killing devil clan, which is bound to make the God-killing devil clan branch spread all over the’ Que’. I want my God-killing devil clan brother to appear in every corner of the’ Que’ cultivation world!"
Tang Zhengqing has always been a taboo for this matter. Mo Shen is full of fear. Every time Mo Wen says a word, the fear in his heart becomes more intense. But now Mo Wen has officially broken through the array, and things in front of him have become a foregone conclusion. Instead, he is no longer so afraid, but there is a tendency to throw caution to the wind!
"Ha, ha, ha, Tian Mo Wen, you didn’t see the whole thing too idealized, did you? Now the cultivation of immortals belongs to the cultivation of immortals by a sword Sect. It says that you have a Yuan Shen member left, and it will take you many years to practice again. Even in its heyday, it will take a sword Sect to launch the’ Jueque’ cultivation of immortals to kill you once, and then you will be able to kill you for the second time. The third time, I told you that it belongs to you. The era of the devil Sect is over!"
"Son of a bitch, although I am a god in two places at once, what powers do you have that a little triple practitioner of Shinto can imagine? Now the first step for Mo Wen to reappear the’ Giant Que’ and cultivate immortals and unify the’ Giant Que’ is from you and your Dihuang Ridge!"
Day Mo Wen in anger a condensed body fierce power moment traction and move from the yuan god sends out a day to kill the mass extinction of murder moment let Tang Zhengqing the Shinto triple peak master such as falling ice cave!
"Run as far as you can to Guiyijianzong!"
Tang Zhengqing’s mind can’t get rid of the idea of rebellion. He is locked by the Mo Wen Qi machine in the day. At the moment, he has been running all over his body and launched the strongest evasive method. He quickly went to Dihuang Ridge through the underground world.
"go? Don’t you think it’s too late to leave now? Fucking ant-like things dare to seal me in the rain at night with Liuli Xiandao! "
In the state of Yuan God, Mo Wen drank a lot of qi in the whole virtual world and instantly moved with it. At the same time, his nine yoshimitsu, which were condensed from the killing of the gods and extermination, went directly to Tang Zhengqing to slay his body, and each yoshimitsu contained the power of god knowledge, which was enough to kill the daylights out of a four-fold master of Shinto.
"God, Mo Wen, this eternal flow and famine array, I, Dihuang Ridge, Dihuang, have all kinds of incredible abilities even if the current array has been broken, and the residual fluctuations of the eternal flow and famine array have not yet dispersed. You can’t kill me without the help of virtual power. I will give my life to righteousness, dharma and Taoism!"