"It was the defeat that forced him to accept our conditions, like Kantevez, and promised him the position of apostle so that he would become our twelfth apostle."

"Are you still qualified to be our twelfth apostle after losing Ji Xinghe?"
"Losing doesn’t mean that you can’t fight the armor-piercing battle. Losing doesn’t mean that you will lose the armor-piercing battle. The era of mecha king is coming. Ji Xinghe’s ability and influence deserve to be the last apostle position."
"It is more worthy of our investment than supporting Kaidilin and Harris to build another independent group and supporting others to build another independent group."
The numbers on the nine-card face once again entered a long-time bright state until the Apostle 1 sounded.
"That’s it, then. If he doesn’t agree to join us, he will be suppressed until he agrees to join us and then give him support to make him the twelfth apostle, the last apostle and the final apostle."
The third apostle asked, "What about Andy? Who will talk to him after he retires? "
The fifth apostle said, "Let’s wait until he really retires. He can’t join us until he retires. Talking to him rashly will expose us and he doesn’t seem to want to retire now."
The seventh apostle woke up and said, "Should the conditions we promised be fulfilled or he would have an excuse not to retire?"
The first apostle once again confirmed, "Well, let those seven people die."
Another apostle should leave this virtual small world in turn.
From the number nine cards, they faded one by one.
However, the first card is not dim, like waiting for something. Perhaps the second card should not light up in the third minute after it is dim, and the tenth card suddenly lights up.
If his apostles saw this scene, they would be shocked, because Apostle No.1 gave the restricted key to enter this virtual small world to others without their consent.
And it wasn’t the plan, Carlos.
The key is not only to enter this virtual small world, but also to mobilize resources.
What they didn’t find or say that Apostle No.1 knew that Apostle No.10 didn’t have the key to mobilize the corresponding resources because the organization key at the top of the tower had a sequence level.
When the ranked apostles want to mobilize the resources owned by the top apostles, the top apostles will be notified and directly refused.
And vice versa.
Apostle No.1 asked, "Is it really possible for Andy on the 10th to agree to join us after he retires?"
No.10 didn’t respond immediately after the question was asked, and his voice didn’t ring until six minutes later.
"I can’t promise."
Apostle No.1 said quietly, "You should guarantee this."
It took another six minutes to wait before the Apostle 10 sounded, "I told you from the beginning that I wouldn’t promise this."
Apostle No.1 didn’t bother with this question again and asked softly, "What about Ji Xinghe? Do you know him well? Do you think he might join us? "
Six minutes later, Apostle No.10 said, "If your goal is to destroy the empire, Ji Xinghe will definitely become eleven apostles or twelve apostles."
"If we can really master the strength of Qi, our goal can indeed be changed, but before that, I can’t promise that you are with us. You should say we."
"We? Then why don’t you dare to let them know that I dare not let me know them? "
"Because you are dangerous."
"Ji Xinghe is more dangerous than me if your goal remains the same."
"So we have to develop him into the twelfth apostle, and Andy is the eleventh apostle, so that we are all in no danger."
"Ha ha, Kantevez, do you really have no supporters?"