Judging from the tone of the circus leader, he certainly has the strength to kill the magician before he was here.

What makes Lu Chen feel that something is wrong is that the magician should know Jker’s situation better than anyone else, but he has not moved further.
Empathy: if you encounter a projection that you can’t defeat the enemy but the other person doesn’t come, you will inevitably have two choices.
One is to kill each other first, finish what you want, and then get out of this world.
The second is to slip away directly, otherwise the enemy projection has already arrived, which is equivalent to determining the world coordinates and the coordinates of the times. It is also a matter of time before the circus leader arrives.
He didn’t know that the magician didn’t run away, but talked about it in Kan Kan.
It’s like … procrastinating.
"Brother Chu, what do you think?"
Liu Chen couldn’t figure it out, so he asked Chuhang frequently. He knew that Chuhang would ruin the square star carrier on the periphery of the city.
"I’m watching."
Chuhang replied
Lu Chen …
"ChuXiong you still have the mood to joke? Shall we go back to modern times first? "
Lu Chen suggested
"No, this virtual hunter has arranged everything. It’s just a game, and the target of the violator is not what we want. Let’s just watch the play."
Chuhang calm tone before the big screen.
The moment Jker appeared, he came to the world to carry out the explorer for nothing. They really don’t have to worry so much.
"You … what the hell is going on?"
Tianhua Lu looked at Liu Chen, who landed beside him, frowning and asked, "Too many strange things happened today, which made him confused about the top strength in this final situation."
"Elder and younger generation will explain it to you after it ends."
Lu Chengong respects that the illegal cholera world quality is a shock to the indigenous people, and the illegal people are even more destructive to the world stability.
I’m afraid that after the farce ended, most of them went on normally.
In order to correct this huge loophole, some measures may be taken to let the explorers return first.
Otherwise, so many indigenous people have heard about it today, which will have a far-reaching impact on the world.
"What is the morning elder brother? Pioneer? "
After all, Olivia is a child’s mind. When she hears something that doesn’t understand nouns, she can’t resist curiosity and asks directly.
Lu Chen was silent. Although the world had been cholera by violators at this time, he could not explain these things to the indigenous people because it was a clear violation.
He touched Xiao Lu’s head. "Just be a pioneer and be a strong man."
Xiao Lu didn’t quite understand. He didn’t know that the man who crossed the river was strong enough to go against the sky was going to kill several elder brothers in the morning, but his target seemed to be really strong and the strongest tianjiao.
After listening to Lu Chen’s vague explanation, he was a little excited and curious. "Then I will become a pioneer in the future."
Liu Chen’s eyes flashed for a moment, surprised that he suddenly felt that he was shrouded in some huge shadow.
The shadow suppressed the suffocating fate.
Because he knew that the eleven-year-old boy would really be a pioneer in the future, he was an indigenous person in his hometown world and couldn’t get along with him.
The confrontation between two peerless strong men made it difficult for the residents of Buried God Star to breathe 2.
Because these two people can destroy the star of the gods with one blow, even the ancient ones in the original mine are silent at this time.
Those ancient people who feel that they have lived for a long time at this time, the world outlook has collapsed, and there will be other heaven and earth that can come to the real height and turn a blind eye to all this?
"Why don’t you wear a black suit when you are still such a magician?"
Many people accidentally saw that the circus leader did not start work and actually reminisced with the magician.
"Are you still so arrogant that you think you can control everything and wait for arrival when you want to delay?"
The magician smiled sarcastically at the corner of his mouth. "Can you stop me from killing people now?"
His eyes glanced at the five pioneers. "You also took it with you, didn’t you? What punishment will you get if I kill them all? "
He is also a person of the ninth order, and he knows everything about the origin and secrets like the back of his hand.
He was sure that Jker came with a temporary reward, mostly a protective reward, which might not be very good, but the punishment was disgusting.
"You’re right. You can try if you want to kill someone."
With a cynical smile, Jker doesn’t seem to care that he is a projection. "It’s surprising that you are still in the mood to chat with me as soon as I say I’m here to take your life."
The conversation between the two bosses made the pioneers feel the hair stand on end.
Listen to the sound, what "virtual hunters" arrived in the battlefield, and they also settled down. As a result, it took a long time. Is this actually a projection of the big boss? The body has not arrived?
The magician’s confident tone made them unable to doubt that he was in the wind at this time. If he really started to kill people, then none of the five pioneers would be lucky.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….."
The magician suddenly gave a burst of laughter. "Jker, you are too arrogant. You must be very proud now, right?"
"I’m not very proud, but I like your smile very much, just as I remember it to be less serious …"
JKer looked at the magician’s face lightly. "You will look attractive when you smile, and you usually look too gloomy."
"Don’t play emotional cards with me. I won’t go back with you, you narcissist."
The magician said coldly, "You have everything under your own control? Take me by the nose? "
"Isn’t it?"
Jker pulled out a cigar and a box of matches from the small iron box on his chest. He took a long sip in the retro way, which seemed to remember the past and realize life.
"Don’t, I don’t know. The person who sent me the letter to evacuate me was you. My circus did have the old headquarters, but they didn’t give me the information."
The magician grinned at the corner of his mouth. "You and I have been counted in this world. You have been counted in this world. You gave a low-grade small suit button a long time ago. Even the animal trainer may not know that you plan to win the game at this moment."
"Isn’t it?"
Jker repeated the words just now, and his face still smiled with that kind of ponder.
"But have you ever thought that I know these things and still choose to go to the urn?"